Stories of the East Bay

Alvarado's Fight For Water

This PDF file outlines the Alvarado artesian wells, which supplied the City of Oakland with about 5 million gallons of Niles Cone aquifer water starting in 1895. Also included is the history of the Spring Valley Water Co of San Francisco and their usurpation of the Alameda Creek Watershed, which recharged the Niles Cone aquifer. Also outlined is the birth the Alameda County Water District and the fight to get back Washington Township Water Rights. 33 pages.

Alvarado's Civil War Battle Flag

A PDF file devoted to the Alvarado Battle Flag carried into battle during the Civil War by Capt. Charles S. Eigenbrodt who led a California battalion of troops attached with the Massachusetts Second Cavalry. Capt. Eigenbrodt was killed in battle. 4 pages.

The Holly Sugar Mill

This is a Power Point file converted to PDF, heralding the sugar mill at Alvarado from its founding in 1869 to when its smokestack was demolished in January 1977. There are 84 slides in the presentation. Videos referred to in the slides are not included due to size constraints.

San Francisco Bay Salt Industry

The story of the solar salt industry of the East Bay, which included Newark, Alvarado, Mr. Eden, and Hayward. This work focuses mainly on the salt companies of Alvarado. 68 pages.

The End of Little Tijuana

The story of Alvarado’s Chinatown and how it morphed into the lawless enclave, which became known as “Little Tijuana.” It heralds its downfall and its utter destruction in a fire in 1927. 16 pages

The Lake at Alvarado

The story of the renowned little lake at Alvarado, first mentioned in the 1850s a lake created by Capt. Richard Benson. The lake apparently disappeared by turn of the century. 5 pages.

Union City Incorporation

Fascinating story of the incorporation of Union City from the cities of Alvarado and Decoto in 1959. Drawn principally from Hayward Daily Review articles of the time. 95 pages

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