Downtown Alvarado - 1899


This is the basic configuration of downtown Alvarado. All the streets and roads seen here could still be found with the exception of: The two roads shown heading north from "V" Street (today's Horner Street) and the one road going west from the end of Benson Street.

The road above the label "V Street" eventually lost its status as a county road but may have continued as a gravel road for local residents.

The two heading off into the marshes lost their status as county roads and may have still existed in 1959 as Leslie Salt Company private roads.

Downtown Alvarado - 1959


This is the configuration of Alvarado in 1959. There is virtually no change in the street layout with the exception of three roads mentioned in the previous map and the addition of the Hall Ranch Road and the addition of Fair Ranch Road and Granger Avenue near Alvarado School. The sugar mill is shown in greater detail. Note the change in the Alameda Creek, in 1899 the creek came within several yards of Maiden Lane, in 1959 it bypasses downtown altogether and is only seen at the west end of town.

Note that the map shows the addition of the I-880 Freeway (noted as the “Nimitz” on this map). The dogleg on Whipple Road has been straightened out as a freeway on ramp. South Alquire Road was closed at the freeway and picks up again as Industrial Avenue on the other side of I-880. At one time South Alquire Road ran from the west end of Smith Street outside of downtown Alvarado to Mission Boulevard in Hayward at the old Holiday Bowl.