On July 31, 1846 the Ship Brooklyn labored through the fog of the Golden Gate and docked at San Francisco). Aboard were a group of Mormons who had set sail from New Jersey six month before. This party had left Nauvoo, Illinois to sail around the Cape, leave a small landing party in Hawaii and then finish the passage to Northern California. They're leaving of Nauvoo coincided with Brigham Young's march from Nauvoo to Salt Lake City.

According to some local accounts of the time their coming was part of a "Mormon scheme" to colonize northern California as a Mormon settlement. However, they arrived just in time to see California claim independence from Mexico as a dependency of the United States, thus de-railing their purported plans. They were, however, an industrious and hard working group of people and had brought with them a shipload of farm tools to help them prepare for their future.

Many walked to Salt Lake City to join Brigham Young. But some stayed and left behind them pioneer names that are still large throughout our township. John Horner is among the largest, he is known as the Father of Union City and "California's First Farmer." He was also instrumental in the beginnings of Centerville and Irvington.

Others that settled in the township area from the Ship Brooklyn were John Joyce, Earl Marshall, Simeon Stivers, and Barton and Origin Mowry.