Lunds Celebrate Fiftieth:

Mr. & Mrs. Anton Lund of Hayward will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary on November 11th in the afternoon with an open house. Mr. & Mrs. Lund were both born in Denmark, having resided in Alvarado and Hayward for the past fifty-two years. He is a retired blacksmith.

The Hayward Review, November 2, 1943

New Arrival:

To Mr. & Mrs. Clarence W. Eddy of Alvarado, a son, 7 pounds 2½ ounces, born on November 2nd.

The Hayward Review, November 2, 1943

War Chest Drive:

The drive for the War Chest for the needy resulting from the war, as well as for men in the service, will start this Monday November 8th in the Alvarado area. Joseph Lewis has been appointed by Postmaster Enos from Niles as the Alvarado chairman. Some $17,000 is to be raised in the Township and Alvarado is asked to do its share of around $2,000. Joe Lewis has gone to work in an earnest manner and has a fine committee of dependable workers from various parts of Alvarado.

Mr. Lewis has named the committees as follows:

SAM DINSMORE: In charge of fraternal organization and civic bodies.

GENEVIEVE DUTRA: (Postmistress) In charge of the Business District collections.

Mrs. Joe Flores Mrs. Ethel Borges Mrs. Helen Alameda
Mike Salido Miss Mamie Silveira Mrs. Aurora Lewis
Mrs. Marjorie Re Miss Amelia Silva Mrs. Melvin Peterson
Mrs. Harvey Granger Manuel Amaral George Hocking
Mrs. Felix Diangson Jesus Martinez Joseph Rose
John A. Silva    

 JAMES C. WASLEY: In charge of distributing educational material.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

News Notes:

This past summer Miss Hughes of Watkins Street visited up in the mountains of Mokelumne Hill, near San Andreas.

Patricia Vargas, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vargas (nee Mary Diaz), celebrated her third birthday.

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Davis of Smith Street are parents of another baby daughter named Charleene. They have another daughter, Miss Marleene.

The Alvarado Service Club soon to be unfurled testament to the Alvarado fighting boys in the war was made possible by the work of John Ralph, who served on the committee of the Chamber body. He reports that he received cooperation from Morris Davilla for painting the frame. Also Tony Pine who fashioned the frame moulding at the planing mill, and from Miss Perry of the Grammar School staff of teacher who wrote in the names.

Mr. D. Diaz of the Union Meat Market brought up his sons and daughter here and they have married and stayed in this vicinity. Here they are:

Sig Diaz: Married Antoinette Torquemada some years ago, and they reside on the Creek Road. He  works at Moore Shipyard.

Cip Diaz: He and his wife (nee Erma Machado) live on V Street.

Ray Diaz: He and his wife (Bernice Lezand) are at Phoenix, Arizona at which point he in the service.

Mary (Diaz) Vargas: Frank & Mary Vargas, live in a nice cottage near the Meat Market.

Ray Diaz, who is with the Medical Corps at the air base at Williams Field, Arizona, made a trip with his wife and another couple to the Roosevelt Dam, 100 miles away. Ray played on the championship service baseball team, starring in center filed.

We hear reports on the Union City Duck Club members getting their limit on ducks. Surely this is one of the best clubs around here. Among those getting their limits lately were Nick Lewis, Al Searle (from Decoto), Joe Dutra, Clarence Flores and William Buchen.

We want to compliment Mrs. Frank Machado, head gardener at the Machado home on Smith Street for her lovely garden, Right now the wonderful begonias of various colors of red, pink and lemon color are truly beautiful. They are planted in front of the house.

E. Naharro, of the Alvarado Theater, show real up-to-ate film features. For next Sunday here are two top-notches:

“WE’VE NEVER BEEN LICKED,” an aviation romance.

“SALUDOS AMIGOS,” a Walt Disney feature length.

Two interior county men made history last week. Judge Lincoln Church (born in Alvarado) who recently retired from the Alameda County Superior Court at Oakland was succeeded by the popular Ezra Decoto Jr., who was born in Decoto. Mr. Decoto is the brother of Mrs. Janet Decoto May of and Alvarado and Peter L. Decoto of Decoto.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

Machado Garage:

Mr. Machado of Machado’s Garage (across from the Alvarado Theater) has many used cars for sale. Also he has good buys in auto tires and batteries and auto parts. Buy here at home; you will be surprised at his big stock. You can save money we are told.

This garage is trying to give the town of Alvarado auto repair service, so why not patronize them. Their mechanic does a fine job, we are informed. Mr. Machado’s son is assisting him.

He believes in backing up the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce and he and his son attended the last meeting in October at the school. They sell Texaco gas and oils.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

William Diangson:

William Diangson of Alvarado has been making a fine record at the Brown Military academy at Pacific Beach, San Diego, California. This is the news the Academy wrote to us this week:

“On Tuesday, October 19th, Cadet Diangson was awarded the Commandant’s Ribbon for conduct in the Brown Military Chapel.”

His folks are very fine citizens, very patriotic and their son William comes by this wonderful leadership naturally. His parents are Mr. & Mrs. Felix Diangson, who are in business on Smith Street. They belong to the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Diangson is collecting funds from local Filipinos and even before the War Chest Drive had started here, she has collected over $100 already. She is a real fine woman and Mr. Diangson is a fine man.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

New Owner of Gas Station:

The gas station known as the “La Entrada” at the entrance to Alvarado from Mt. Eden where they formerly sold Richfield gas has been reopened by Mr. Machado of Machado’s Garage.

They are selling Golden Eagle gas, and they claim to save car users money. Trucks can save 1 cent a gallon, and many are using it they say. Mr. Machado has the sole agency of Golden Eagle gas for Alvarado, and his daughter Sacramento has personal charge of the station.

Julian Yabut, now in the armed forces, once handled this gas station.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

Alvarado Library:

Books you will enjoy at the Alvarado Library:

Why don’t more people enjoy that up-to-date Alvarado Library, a branch of the Alameda County Library. Mrs. Forbes is a fine librarian, and so accommodating. The Editor asked Mrs. Forbes for a few top-notch books she has, which are also much in demand in bigger cities. She gave us this list:

“An American Doctor’s Odyssey,” by Victor Helser, backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, he has probably more movements to save and prolong life than any other person.

“Keep Your Powder Dry,” by Margaret Mead.

“Forgotten Waters” By Randolph Seigh.

The Moon is Down,” by Steinbeck; the scene of the book is any conquered country in any time. Although the weapons and ideologues may be of the present they are only vehicles for the theme that a free people are unconquerable.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

Girl Scouts:

Girl Scout week the past week was observed by all the girls going to church and attending mass. They wore their uniforms too. In fact they showed their colors all week, most of them wearing it to school too.

Its leader, Mrs. Anelda Hulse, who has three daughters in the troop, gives fine leadership to the Girl Scout Troop.

Among the girls in the troop are: Artis Hulse, Anelda Hulse, Marguerite Hulse, Betty Ann Jacinto, Clarabel Silva, Jolle O’Neil, Betty Silva, Joyce Layton, Janet Layton, Madeline Hernandez, Georgia Davis, Cherry Davis, Elinor Rose, Dorothy Eudey and Barbara Diangson.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 5, 1943

Mrs. Anna D. Pimentel Dies:

Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Anna D. Pimentel, 76, of 1311 “I” St., Decoto, who died there November 5th. She was the wife of the late Enos Pimentel.

Mrs. Pimentel was the mother of Mrs. Mary Nunes and Helen Pimentel of Decoto, Tony L., William and Ernest Pimentel of Hayward, Mrs. Minnie Lawrence and William Rose of Alvarado, and the late Mrs. Margaret Lazarus of San Jose.

The Hayward Daily Review, November 9, 1943

Alvarado Church Bazaar:

On Friday & Saturday nights the annual bazaar was held for the benefit of St. Anne’s Church and over $1,000 was realized. The live-wire committees and all of the parishioners united with all our local people to make it a success. Both nights of November 11th & 12th were well attended.

We heard many expressions of appreciation of the cheerful leadership of Father McLaughlin, of St. Anne’s Church. A tireless worker himself, his table at the bazaar brought in almost $200. Manuel Perry used his smile and cheerful bidding voice to interest local people as well as folks from Alameda and Oakland for his fortune wheel. This was good for between $200 & $300.

Frank Machado handled the tickets for the $25 Bond, and over $100 was realized on this. We understand he sold around 2,000 tickets. He was paid a public compliment for his outstanding work.

Frank Roderick won the calf, and $65 was realized on this. The ladies who took care of the kitchen surely deserve a big vote of thanks for their painstaking labor, and wonderful refreshments. They brought in a fine sum too. Mrs. Mary Rivers, Mrs. Borges and Gertie Machado were the leasers here.

Many well-decorated booths were well patronized. Mrs. Eleanor Azevedo, Mrs. Manuel Borges, Clarence Flores, Joe Dutra, Henry Flores, Joe Goularte and wife, Mrs. Emilio Re, Tony Alexander and Mr. & Mrs. Frank Roderick also were hard-working members of the committee.

We understand that the $1,000 raised by Alvarado was more than the bazaar at Centerville’s Catholic Church made. Both did well, however.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 12, 1943


Alvarado is at the heart of cauliflower growing area in Southern Alameda County, called the “Cauliflower center of the West Coast.” Cauliflower is planted in July and August and is harvested from Thanksgiving in to April. Our biggest market is the East Coast where cauliflower is scarce this time of the year. They are shipped in rail cars from the Hall Station via iced boxcars.

The Oakland Tribune, November 16, 1943

News Notes:

Sgt. Adam Lewis, former secretary of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce, has been visiting his family here after completing basic training as an aerial gunner at Buckingham Field in Florida.

Pvt. Presciliano B. Gurrea, trainee at the Western Signal Corps Training Center in Camp Kohler, Calif., has been awarded the Good Conduct Medal. Before joining the Army Pvt. Gurrea lived in Alvarado, California.

Robert Aranda, aged 6 months, on of the twins born to Jose and Amelia Aranda in Alvarado last May died at an Oakland Hospital and was given final rites in Alvarado Thursday. Services were held at the home of the grandmother, Maria Mercado of 19th Street, Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 19, 1943

News Notes:

Mrs. Marguerite Cadero has been chosen as Associate Matron of the Orient Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Joe Lewis, Chairman of the Alvarado War Chest Drive, reports that Alvarado has about half the local quota and expects more soon.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Silveira, Mr. & Mrs. Seraphine Daviner of V Street, and daughter Rosalyn, who is one Alvarado’s most attractive young ladies, attended the Whist Party given by the Hayward Eagles.

On Wednesday evening, Cpl. Arthur Silveira arrived at his V Street home on a furlough from Camp Ord. Just to show what good time he made coming home, we understand he made the whole distance in about two hours.

Seraphine Daviner Jr., son of Mrs. & Mrs. S. Daviner of V Street has returned home Jackson Lake Hospital in Oakland. He is on the way to recovery after being operated on for appendicitis, which had left him in poor health. He will soon be strong enough to resume his duties at Mare Island Navy Yard where he was a sheet metal worker.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 26, 1943