The Alvarado Merchants suffered their first loss of the season to the UAW team by a score of 8 to 7. The Alvarado line-up consisted of:

  • M. Duarte, Center Field
  • M. Silva, Right Field
  • Berrios, Second Base
  • R. Cabral, First Base
  • L. Kelly, Shortstop
  • T. Castro, Left Field
  • A. Fields, Catcher
  • D. Lapp, Third Base
  • W. Gomes, Pitcher
  • J. Duran, Pitcher

The Daily Review, January 2, 1951

East Shore Freeway:

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution by the county highway department, authorizing the completion of the East Shore Freeway to Beard Street (Alviso District) near Alvarado. The Jackson Street to Beard street leg of the new freeway is not scheduled for completion until 1953.

The Daily Review, January 4, 1951

Alvarado Man Struck by Car:

Joe Hernandez, about 45 of Alvarado was struck by an automobile while he walked along the Mission San Jose – Warm Springs Hiway about one mile south of Mission Jose. His condition at Fairmont Hospital is listed as fair. The driver of the automobile was not cited.

The Daily Review, January 20, 1951

Dog Licensing:

Dog licenses will be available in Alvarado at the library February 1st. All dogs found in unincorporated areas of Alameda County without dog licenses will be picked up and taken to the pound.

The Daily Review, January 27, 1951

New Note:

Manuel Pinto and sons Mervin and Richard attended a birthday party in San Lorenzo hosted by Mrs. Laverne Duarte for her husband.

The Daily Review, January 29, 1951

New Arrival:

Born in Hayward on January 27th to Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Silvey of Alvarado, a son, David Matthew, 8 pounds 13 ounces.

The Daily Review, February 2, 1951

Principals Association:

Dr. Galen M Fisher, authority on Asiatic affairs, will speak before the Alameda County Principal’s Association Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at a dinner meeting to be held at John Muir School. His topic will be “Preventing the Red Conquests of Asia.” Leslie H. Maffey, Principal of Alvarado Grammar School will preside.

The Daily Review, February 16, 1951

Maria Gonsalves Dies:

Maria J. Gonsalves, 94, Widow of the late Manuel R. Gonsalves, died at a local sanatorium Thursday. Mrs. Gonsalves had lived the last 43 years on “A” Street in Hayward, but had also resided in Newark and Alvarado. She was a member of SPRSI, No. 21, of Alvarado. She was a native of Pico, The Azores.

The Daily Review, February 17, 1951


A Decoto man is being held by the Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies today for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and another suspect is sought by officers with a stabbing in Alvarado late last week. Victim of the attack, Albert Escandon, 25, of Alvarado was released from Fairmont Hospital late last night after he was treated for a lacerated scalp, and superficial cuts on his shoulder and back. Ruben Montano of Decoto was booked by deputies after he was accused by Escandon, whom officers found lying on the floor of an Alvarado bar with his blood stained shirt next to him.

A waitress at the Alvarado bar told officers Escandon had been drinking in the place early in the evening when he became involved in an argument with Montano and another unidentified man. The argument was broken up, she asserted, and the three men went outside. Later Escandon came staggering back with several stab wounds. The officers later arrested Montano who was covered with blood.

The Daily Review, February 26, 1951

VFW Auxiliary:

Members of the Paul Rivers Auxiliary 7906 of Alvarado and Vallejo Mills Auxiliary 8293 of Niles held a joint meeting Thursday in the Niles Veterans Memorial Building.

The Daily Review, March 5, 1951

New Arrival:

Born in Hayward March 11th to Mr. & Mrs. Anastasio Oropeza of Alvarado, a son, Jerry Phillip, 9 pounds 13 ounces.

The Daily Review, April 2, 1951

Birthday Party:

Last Tuesday evening Mr. & Mrs. John Ratekin of Alvarado entertained in honor of N. T. Lewis on the occasion of his birthday.

The Daily Review, April 6, 1951


Numerous guests from the East Bay chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star attended the annual Line Officers parry of the Hayward Chapter 331 at the Masonic Temple.

Others honored in addition to Line Officers, were Mrs. Willa Jane Hellwig, Past Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter, from Alvarado and Kathryn Farwell of Alameda who is also a Past Grand Matron.

The Daily Review, April 18, 1951

New Arrival:

Born in Hayward on April 5th to Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Espinosa, V & 10th Sts., Alvarado, a daughter, Joyce 7 pounds 10 ounces.

The Daily Review, April 18, 1951


Holly Sugar Corporation’s factory at Alvarado, the first successful beet sugar factory in the United States, will end its 91st sugar making campaign Saturday with the largest production in its history. This factory, first established in 1870, will produce 1,100,000 100-pound bags of granulated sugar during the current production season, which started July 15th.

The Daily Review, April 18, 1951

Barber Tools Stolen:

Barber tools valued at $237 were stolen from the Alvarado shop of Anastasio Regalado, 60, Wednesday night, according to a report filed by the victim with Hayward sheriff deputies. Burglars, who allegedly entered through a pool hall that houses the shop, were said to have been thwarted in their efforts to open a cash register drawer containing $50 in coin.

The Daily Review, April 20, 1951

Edna Williams Dies:

Edna Williams, beloved wife of Raymond Williams, died April 25th in Hayward at the age of 56 years. A native of Alvarado, she leaves a brother and two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Andersen and Miss Mary K. Jensen and a brother James P. Jensen.

The Daily Review, April 26, 1951

Pre-Dawn Crash:

A man and two women, all in their 20’s died in a pre-dawn crash today as their automobile and an oil truck met head on. A married couple from Centerville and a lady from Livermore died in the crash. The accident on Hiway 17 near Lowry Road two miles south of Alvarado so mangled the victim’s bodies that it took several hours to identify them. One woman who drove by the accident scene suffered a heart attack when she caught a glimpse of a headless corpse. Paramedics later revived her.

The Times, San Mateo California, May 1, 1951

The Daily Review, May 1, 1951

News Note:

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bettencourt of Alvarado were Saturday dinner guests at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fraga of Hayward.

The Daily Review, May 8, 1951

Alvarado Women Hosted at Potluck:

A potluck dinner and bingo party was held for members of the UPPEC Lodge, 131, of Alvarado Saturday night at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Hansen, Hayward.

Present from Alvarado were Mrs. Nora Vargas, Miss Alice Menezes, Mrs. Isabel Menezes, Miss Mynra Dutra, Melvin Silva Jr., Melvin Silva Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rodgers, Mr. & Mrs. George Vargas, and Mr. & Mrs. Tony Borges.

The Daily Review, May 10, 1951


Conferences will be held between the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District and the Holly Sugar Corporation to discus disposal methods of the mills liquid wastes so that mosquito production will be minimized in the Alvarado area. The company just completed a belated 1950 production run at the Alvarado plant.

The Daily Review, May 14, 1951

Classified Ad:


Tractor, small Caterpillar, good for small acreage, perfect motor, sacrifice.

Phone: ALvarado 55-937

The Daily Review, May 19, 1951

Auto Accident:

Carlos C. Carces, 31, of Alvarado was cited by the highway patrol after an accident on Alquire Road 10:d0 p.m. Saturday night.

The Daily Review, May 28, 1951


Mrs. Rosie M. Cacho, a 24 year-old victim of a slugging and robbery in Alvarado, identified a man at Fairmont Hospital early this morning as her assailant as freak circumstances led to apprehension. Mrs. Cacho had been taken to the hospital for treatment of superficial head wounds after being unconscious in the yard of an unfinished Alvarado home; the suspect, Richardo Navarette, 23, of Fourth Street, Decoto, had been rushed to Fairmont Hospital by the Highway Patrol after his auto crashed into a steel bridge. Navarette is being held for questioning on the robbery. The victim’s purse was found in Mr. Navarette’s car.

The Daily Review, May 31, 1951