Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Mr. & Mrs. William LeFevre and daughter Noel, had as a Thanksgiving guest Mr. LaFevre’s sister, Miss Anne Goich of Oakland. Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Best and daughter Marjorie had Thanksgiving guests from and Oakland and also Mr. & Mrs. Frank Best of Alvarado.

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Spurlock, Beverly and Darryl, were the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Robert McDaniel and sons of Oakland on Thanksgiving.

The nurse and doctors for this week at the school is Beverly Davilla and Cornelius Contreras.  

Arnold Gardetto and Frank Corrales are the new captains for the boy’s athletic teams. Arnold has dubbed his team the Stanford Indians while Frank calls his the California Cubs. Frank’s cubs are winning by a total of 20 points. Their total scores are the “Indians” 324 and the “Cubs” 344.  

Mr. & Mrs. Elvin Rose entertained at dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Besides their sons, Danny, Dicky and Stanley; Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pinto, LeRoy, Elaine and Loren; Mrs. Rose Silva and Mrs. Minnie Rose, all of Alvarado. A few days later they celebrated Stanley’s second birthday with the same group with the addition of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Fields and children Linda & Stephen.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 2, 1949

Large Winter Pear:

A winter pear weighing 2¼ pounds and measuring 14½ inches in circumference and 9½ inches in length was harvested recently in a pear orchard at the Joe Balthazar Ranch in Alvarado.

The Daily Review, December 3, 1949  

News Note:

F.H. Wiegman of Alvarado has received mention in the Oakland Tribune for a $5.00 contribution to the newspaper for benefit of vets in the Alameda County Veteran’s Hospital at Christmastime.

The Oakland Tribune, December 4, 1949  

News Notes:

Joseph Martin Jr. of the Whipple Road has purchased the package goods liquor store of Manuel Silva next to the Central Bank of Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 9, 1949  

Isabel Loyola’s Alvarado News:

Mr. Elmer Andrade was godfather to little S. Anthony Buda of San Lorenzo.

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rocha were both off of work last week with a case of Poison Oak while cleaning their creek. 

Mr. Ambrose Loyola of Alvarado a mechanic and proprietor of Automotive Service had his 40th birthday party on December 7th. He is very happy and said thanks to our Lord. He is a veteran of World War II; he was in overseas duty for a year in New Guinea and a half-year in the Philippine Islands where he met his wife. He has two little children, Lou and Judy.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 9, 1949  

Judy Hill to Marry:

Julia (Judy) Helen Hill of Alvarado will marry William Butterfield Decker Saturday in Palo Alto. The reception will be held at the Menlo Country Club where several hundred guests are expected. Judy Hill is the daughter Mr. & Mrs. Alexander B. Hill of Alvarado. Mr. Decker, son of Mr. & Mrs. William E. Decker from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, is currently completing his education at Stanford. Judy Hill attended Radcliffe and has graduated from Stanford University.

The Oakland Tribune, December 15, 1949  

Isabel Loyola’s Alvarado News:

Mr. Oakey of Central Bank Branch Alvarado worked a week at his home instead of resting. He stated that he loves to work at his home on his vacation days.

Madeline & Tony Rocha of Alvarado enjoyed a chicken dinner with Hazel Caldeira of Newark.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sacramento of Alvarado are very proud of their nephew, Pvt. Manuel Balcita, 20, of Centerville, of Company C, 806th Engineer Air Borne at Eglin AFB in Florida.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 16, 1949  

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News Notes:

Marlene Andrade, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Andrade of Fair Ranch Road, celebrated her 13th birthday on December 5th. The guests included young people of Marlene’s age and relatives of the family. All enjoyed dancing and playing games. Those present besides the hosts were: Mrs. Ida Flowers, Mrs. Violet Andrade, Dick Andrade, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Andrade and friends of Marlene: “Pimmi” Pimentel, Elaine Hocking, Mervin Pinto, Beverly Davilla, Marjorie Best, Frank Velarde, Shirley Mello, Stanley Anderson, Rodney Hendricks, Sadako Kurotori, Arnold Gardetto, Joyce Caldeira, Johnny Perry, Beverly Spurlock, Kenneth Mello, Jr., Darryl Spurlock and Johnny Gualco.  

Alvarado School Christmas Program: The Alvarado School is presenting their Christmas program on Thursday evening, December 16th at 7:30. The welcome will be given by Jeany Cheng, announcer.  

What they want for Christmas and songs.

1st & 2nd Grade:  
Rhythm Band led by Billie Harper, Ann Ugale sings “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” accompanied by Elaine Pinto on the Bells. The group goes on to visit Toyland.

Third Grade:
The play: “Dear Old Father Santa.”

Fourth Grade:
The play: “What is Christmas?”

Fifth Grade:                       
The play: “The Three Wisemen.”  

6th & 7th Grade:              
The play: “Safety is Our Defense.”
Cast of Characters:

  • Father, Mr. Rogers:  Mervin Pinto
  • Mother, Mrs. Rogers:  Rita Cicairos
  • Ellis, 15 year-old son:   Eddie Vierra
  • Johnny, 10 year-old son:  Johnny Gualco
  • Geraldine:  Geraldine Silva
  • Leader of Carolers:  Ellen Louie  

8th Grade:                         
The play: “Wildcat Willie Plays Santa”

  • Cast of Characters:
  • Wildcat Willie: Arnold Gardetto
  • Gladys, his Sister:  Beverly Spurlock
  • Mrs. Wilkins, his Mother:  Rosa Barrera
  • Joe, his pal:  Frank Corrales
  • Kathie, Joe’s Sister:  Sadako Kurotori

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 16, 1949

Parole Hearing:

Larry Fitzgerald, a member of the “Thirty Strong” gang, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for first-degree robbery under an old California law. He was involved in the sensational bank robbery of an Alvarado bank in October of 1920, in which a large amount of cash was taken and the bank president was shot. It has been announced that he will go before a parole board hearing in March to obtain his freedom.

The Oakland Tribune, December 19, 1949  

Fireman Party:

Chief Anthony Vargas was toastmaster at the annual Christmas turkey dinner for the Alvarado Volunteer Fire Department. Firemen’s families and the commissioners were the guests.

The Oakland Tribune, December 20, 1949  

Isabel Loyola’s Alvarado News:

Elmer Andrade and Gilbert Cicairos of Alvarado enjoyed working instead of vacationing at the Chevron Station and Grocery Store of Manuel Andrade.  

Mr. & Mrs. John Ahern and Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Silva (Mrs. Silva is the Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ahern) and daughters Dolores, Kathleen and Wilma, attended the funeral of Ahern’s sister Mrs. Julia Duddy, 83, who died on Thursday, December 15th. She is known by many in Alvarado of the older generation.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 23, 1949  

Alvarado Holiday Doings:

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ralph will have their Christmas dinner at home. Their guests will be Mrs. Ralph’s mother and brothers.

Mr. & Mrs. L.E. Bailey will have their Christmas dinner at home with Mrs. Bailey’s mother and sister.

At the Shell Station, Samuel Duran reported, “I plan to be working on Christmas Day.” His brother Daniel added, “I guess I’ll be here too.”

On the corner, at the El Progresso Market, Mrs. Ray Alvarez said that she and her husband “haven’t planned anything yet.”

Mae Santos, who was basking in the sun shining through the window at the Cleaners next door said, “I haven’t made any plans so far. We may go out to dinner, that’s all.”

The owner of the Alvarado Liquor Store, Joe Martin, pointed out, “I plan to stay open on Christmas Day.”

Mrs. Walter Robie, formerly of Alvarado but now of Newark, will gather her children and grand children to the number of 20 for their Christmas dinner at the Hotel Shattuck in Berkeley.  

Mr. & Mrs. George Harvey will have a family Christmas dinner. Their only guests will be Mrs. Harvey’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Joyce, her brother and family Mr. & Mrs. Fred Joyce Jr., and Pamela, and Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey.  

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Harvey will have their Christmas celebration at home with the Christmas tree in the morning and dinner in the afternoon. They will have Mr. Harvey’s mother, Mrs. F.C. Harvey and Miss Josephine Ingemussen from Napa as guests.  

Mrs. George Hellwig will spend most of her Christmas holiday time with her three sisters and a brother in Whittier. It is quite difficult for them to come to her and it is much easier for her to go to them.  

The Mckeown’s, who were so upset last year by changes being made in their house are this year happy and comfortable in their newly arranged home. They will have their Christmas dinner on Monday with just a few intimate friends as their guests.  

The Logan clan will gather at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Logan for the old time Christmas tree festivities. They will have their dinner with their children on Christmas Day.

The J.M. Logan’s will going the Christmas Eve festivities, but will have their dinner with Mrs. Rebecca Logan and others at a sister’s home in San Leandro, Mrs. Jane Gordon.  

Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Hill Jr., will have their Christmas dinner at home. Mrs. Hill’s mother and brothers will be their guests. Mrs. S.W. Waterhouse will come from Palo Alto and John and Richard and family will come Redwood City.  

The Nauert family, except on brother in the south, will assemble according to old time custom at the old home in Alvarado as they have done all down the years. Those who will be present are Miss Mildred Nauert, Mrs. Henry Heitmuller (nee Oscarna Nauert) of Oakland, Mr. & Mrs. John Boyd of San Francisco, and Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nauert and daughter Rosalyn of Oakland. The tradition of assembling at the home of their father and mother was begun many years ago and is much cherished today.  

Jesse Jacinto Jr., of Jacinto’s Market, has his answer ready when asked what personal plans he had for the Christmas holiday. “We’ll all be home,” he explained, “my wife’s mother is coming up from Texas to spend Christmas with us and my three brothers will be here too.” His brother, Hubert, who was busy putting groceries into a bag for a customer, paused a moment in his work to say, “I am staying at home and have Christmas dinner.”  

At the Silver Dollar, co-owner Frank De Salles was on duty at his position behind the bar, an audience of one for the two patrons who were exchanging a few bits of chatter over a couple of beers. “I’ll be working, De Salles said, “but I’ll knock off for a couple hours to go home for dinner.” De Salles also explained that his partner, Tony Costa, “will be having dinner at home with his family.”  

At the barbershop up the street, John Menezes who was busy with scissors and comb on the hair of customer Charley Baird, “I haven’t made any plans, and I don’t know exactly what I’m going to Sunday and Monday.   The fellow in the barber chair, Charley Baird, who for many years was in the machine shop business at several locations in Alvarado, declared, “We don’t know yet, but we generally go to my sister-in-law’s home in San Francisco.  

At S & N Variety Store, Mike Salido declared, “Christmas Day we will be home for dinner.” Then, after his wife and son joined forces to some high-pressured persuasion, he added with a smile, “And on Monday will go to the museum in San Francisco.”  

John Dobble, at the Hellwig Meat Market, said at first that he did not exactly know what he would be doing on the Christmas holidays. Then, after a moment, he reconsidered and said, "I may go to Clayton Valley for Christmas." His fellow-worker behind the display counter, Andy Gardetto explained, “ We will be going to San Mateo to visit my relatives.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 23, 1949  

Christmas Eve Service:

St. Anne’s Church in Alvarado will hold a high mass at midnight tonight and low mass at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. Christmas Day. Father James J. Concannon will conduct the services.

The Oakland Tribune, December 24, 1949  

John Noia Dies:

Seraphine Noia of Alvarado is mourning the loss of his brother, John Noia of Decoto who was 58 years old.

The Oakland Tribune, December 24, 1949  

News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Guerra White of Alvarado received a Christmas letter from their son. Mr. White is a section foreman for the Southern Pacific.  

Mrs. F. Bonilla, the former Mrs. Kelly, felt very happy and proud when she received a flower and radiogram greeting from Robert M. Perez who was overseas. Her daughter-in-law Mrs. Perez and grandson Donnie were spending a holiday vacation here at Kelly’s Café with Mrs. Bonilla and her sister.

There will be a carnival dance on New Year’s Eve, which will be held at the Kelly’s Café in Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 30, 1949