News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Silva of Alvarado and their three daughters, Miss Dolores, Kathleen and Wilma, spent Saturday in San Bruno with Mrs. Silva, a sister-in-law.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Goularte of the Creek Road in Alvarado celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the home of Frank Pimentel of Centerville.

Isabel Mondragon of Isabel’s Beauty Salon in Alvarado, wishes to thank her many customers and friends for their many remembrances while she was ill.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 4, 1949  

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re entertained Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hansen and Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bettencourt of Newark on Sunday, October 23rd.  

Mrs. Helen Goularte accompanied by Mrs. Esther Gardetto, Mrs. Mabel Rodgers, Mrs. Tessie Maciel, Mrs. Susie Davis and Mrs. Aurora Lewis, motored to Emeryville on Wednesday to attend the instituting program of the New Eagles' auxiliary there.  

Chief Hallstrom, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian Chief visited the children of the Alvarado Elementary School on Thursday morning. The children were quite impressed as Chief Hallstrom did real Indian dances, sang authentic Indians Songs and told them of many of the customs of the North American Indian.  

The Alvarado Mother’s Club is conducting a membership drive contest in which a valuable gift is to be awarded to the classroom that brings in the most paid up memberships. New members are asked to give their dues to the student who will give it to his teacher, thus making sure that they are given proper credit.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 4, 1949  

Calf Stolen:

A one month-old calf was stolen from a pasture along side Hall Ranch Road in Alvarado between Wednesday and Thursday. Bert C. Martin said the calf was pulled through a hole in the barbed wire fence.

The Daily Review, November 4, 1949  

Flashing Lights in Alvarado:

At a recent meeting of the Hayward area safety improvement committee, Roger Anderson asked for a check of the entrances to Alvarado, making sure that proper signage on the highway is made and to also look into the placement of an amber flashing light on Hiway 17.

The Daily Review, November 5, 1949

Young Girl Dies:

Mr. & Mrs. T. Sesto of Alvarado are mourning the loss of their granddaughter, Tamara Marie Fernandes of Oakland who was 8 years old.

The Daily Review, November 5, 1949  

Chamber of Commerce Dinner:

The annual dinner meeting of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce will be held in the cafeteria on the Alvarado Grammar School at 6:30 p.m. on November 16th. Arrangements are being made by Secretary L. H. Maffey and M. P. Goularte, William Martinez, President will preside. The dinner will be prepared by the school cafeteria staff, Mrs. Mary Gastelum and Mrs. Dorothy Vargas.

The Oakland Tribune, November 6, 1949

Miss Bettencourt to Wed:

San Jose State College student Miss Norma Bettencourt is to wed Everett de Salles of Niles. Miss Bettencourt is the daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Bettencourt of Alvarado. The date has not yet been set.

The Oakland Tribune, November 13, 1949  

Machado’s Corners:

A scrapbook of yellowed newspaper clippings in which he had made headlines a quarter of a century ago is the most prized among the memoirs of George P. “Het” Machado, 78, former blacksmith and harness jockey.   Interviewed recently on the occasion of his 51st wedding anniversary, both Machado and his wife, Annie, are obviously still s interested in the horses as they were when he was making a name for himself and his magic shoes, at Pacific Coast race tracks.  

Macahdo’s Corners, a wide place in the road between Alvarado and Centerville at the intersection of Jarvis Road and the Alvarado-Centerville Highway, was named for Machado’s blacksmith shop, which he operated here for many years.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 18, 1949  

Donna Sacramento’s Birthday:

Donna Sacramento looked so cheerful on her eighth birthday, last Sunday, November 13th. She received lots of gifts from her family, friends and a nice cake from her mom and dad, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sacramento of Alvarado. Gathered around her cake were Aunt & Uncle Mr. & Mrs. George Sacramento and daughters from Oakland, grandfather Mr. Machado, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Ugale, Jr. & Mrs. Jessuietay of San Leandro, Mr. Ray Regalado, Mr. & Mrs. Omalza from Centerville and many more. Everybody is to have a fine time and enjoy the dinner, soft drinks and especially the cake.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 18, 1949  

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Gardetto who lives on Vallejo Street in Alvarado became the parents of a daughter on November 11th. She is little Lynette Darlene.

Another new Armistice Day arrival is little Sharon Lee Mello, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mello of Granger Avenue.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 18, 1949  

Chamber of Commerce:

On Wednesday evening, November 16th, the First Annual Dinner of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce was given at the Alvarado Grammar School Cafeteria. Those what attended the dinner were Dallas Paul, Ed Wilson, R. Machado, Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Maffey, M. Hendricks, Mr. & Mrs. Diangson and children, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baird, Mrs. August May, Peter Decoto, Mr. & Mrs. John Menezes and Alice, Mrs. Peter Pinto, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Flores and girls, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Borges, Warren Silva, Chester Stanley and son, Mr. & Mrs. M.P. Goularte and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re, Mr. & Mrs. Florenz Concha and children, John Ralph, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Perry and son, Stanley Anderson, Louise Machado, William Martinez, Anna Roderick, George Oakes, Domaso Diaz and Mr. A. Regalado.   The dinner was prepared under the direction of Mrs. Mary L. Gastelum, Chief Cook of the Cafeteria, and her very able assistant, Mrs. Dorothy Vargas.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 18, 1949  

Men Convicted of Gambling:

Of the seven men charged with gambling in Alvarado on the night of August 19, 1949, six were convicted by a jury. Only Benny Fong was absolved of guilt. The six that were convicted were: Dalmacio Carrillo, Marty Yip, Eugene Potencion, Ernest Sun, Tommy Yip, and Frank Macahilas. Their attorney, T.L. Foley immediately made a motion to have the verdict set aside on grounds of insufficient evidence.   The charges against the defendants, a violation of Section 330 of the California Penal Code, states that the men did, in the town of Alvarado, did then and there” deal, play, carry on, open and conduct a banking and percentage game played with dominoes for money, checks, credit, and other presentatives of value.”

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 25, 1949  

News Notes:

Stan Clark, son of Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Clark of Alvarado has pledged to Sigma Alpha Sigma fraternity at Lewis & Clark College at Portland Oregon.

Sue Lemos of the Creek Road at Alvarado has charge of Henry Miller Cleaner store adjoining the Niles Theater.

El Progresso Market, 1090 Levee Street, Alvarado will be offering Yuletide Bonus Stamps. See the store for more details.

Yoshio Katsumoto of Alvarado has been elected president of the Washington High freshman class. Other officers from Alvarado are Shirley Mello, secy-treas; and Antoine Rigmaiden, cheer leader.  

A big diesel truck, about 10 tons, loaded with boxes of beer collapsed early in the morning last Tuesday, November 29th at the curve end of Levee Street and Hesperian Boulevard. Boxes and bottles of Ranier beer was scattered in front of the Mohawk Service Station clear up to Frank George’s Store. It took quite a long time to pick up all the bottles and clean the street. The accident happened between 5 and 6 a.m.  

Mervin Pinto was elected president of the Alvarado 4-H Club, an organization recently established at the Alvarado Elementary School under the direction of the Agricultural Extension Department of the University of California. Other officers elected were: Eddie Maldonado, vice-president; and Marjorie Best, secretary. The adult leaders are Manuel Pinto, Mrs. Gladys Best and F.M. Phillips.

The Alvarado Pioneer, November 25, 1949