Silver Dollar Burglary:

Frank De Salles, of Niles, reported a break-in and burglary at the Silver Dollar Café in Alvarado. He told police that a window had been pried open at the café and the coin boxes of a jukebox; two pinball machines and a snooker table had been rifled. Also taken were between 75 and 100 pennies from the cash register.

The Daily Review, September 1, 1949

New Notes:

Thirty-three books were added to the Alvarado Branch of the Alameda County Library in the consignment for September.

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie H. Maffey are vacationing in Lake Tahoe. They left last Thursday and are expected back either Saturday or Sunday. Mr. Maffey is the popular principal of the Alvarado Grammar School. (Mr. Maffey teaches his students that the “principal” is spelled with “pal” for obvious reasons. Oh yeah?). Mrs. Maffey is associated with the City of San Jose schools.

Enjoying a day at Linda Vista in Mission San Jose recently for a picnic were a group of Alvarado people. Swimming, dancing and a large lunch and having a wonderful time were: Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rocha, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goularte, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Machado and sons, Mr. & Mrs. George Santos, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Silva and Helen.

Mr. Anastacio Regalado and Mrs. Emily Sacramento, both of Alvarado, Mr. & Mrs. Omalza, Mr. E. Homerez, both of Centerville attended the banquet at Veterans Hall, Hollister, last August 27th, given by the Filipino Organization in honor of the founder, Domingo Couse and his son and daughter, who just arrived from Manila.

Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Loyola and their two daughters, Lou and Judy, attended a christening party of their friends last Sunday, August 28th, in Pleasanton. They enjoyed a nice lunch in the afternoon, sandwiches in the evening, with soft drinks, coffee and dancing.

Visiting the Wedgewood and Leslie Salt Plants in Newark were Mr. & Mrs. George Santos, Mrs. Helen Goularte, Aldina Andrade, Mrs. Anna Hendricks and Mrs. Madeline Rocha. They enjoyed a tour thought the plant and coffee and sandwiches on the way out. Over at the Leslie Salty Plant Angie Vargas took them and showed them how they make cartons and fill them with salt, then Clarence Flores took them up in the warehouse and explained to them how salt was made. All in all this was most enjoyable and profitable afternoon.

Little Zenaida Lou Loyola of Alvarado celebrated her second birthday last Saturday night, August 27th. Lou is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Loyola, proprietors of the Automotive Service Garage at Levee Street here.

Mr. & Mrs. George Lucas are building a home near the Ellsworth Tract in Niles and plan to be moved into it in the very near future. Mrs. Lucas is the 5th Grade teacher at the Alvarado Elementary School.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 2, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Mrs. Manuel Pinto has returned to her duties as Alvarado Librarian after a vacation partly spent at Yosemite Park with her family.

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Wayland and family have moved to Hayward where they have purchased a home.

Mr. & Mrs. George Apodaca are moving into the home formerly occupied by the Wayland’s.

Mr. & Mrs. Morris Davilla are leaving this weekend on a five-day vacation to be spent with friends and relatives in Richmond and Sacramento.

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Cordoba, former residents of Alvarado and now living in Oakland are leaving by train for New York on Sunday.

Anthony J. Vargas, the local Fire Chief, is enjoying his annual hunting trip. Let’s hope he brings home a deer.

Mrs. Mary Amaral, who has been quite ill at the Alameda Hospital, has returned home and is feeling much better.

Donald Dutra of Hayward is spending a few days with Mr. & Mrs. George Lucas on Vallejo Street.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Lee and granddaughter Yvonne Vargas attended the Poultry Producer’s Picnic and enjoyed meeting some of their old friends.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Rogers of the Creek Road attended the 2nd birthday of their granddaughter, Gale last week.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson and daughter Ilene have returned from a trip to Canada. Mr. Wilson is our local S.P. Station agent.

Mrs. Amelia Silva and daughter Clarabelle of Whipple Road have been down with tonsillitis and Quincy Throat. They are both recovered now.

Mrs. Nora Vargas, Mrs. Allegre and Mrs. William Avilla are very grateful to Mrs. M.A. Silva for taking them to Mission San Jose to attend the dedication of the convent there. They enjoyed the outing very much.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 2, 1949

Alviso Grammar School Students:

1st Grade: James M. Nunes, Teacher

Student Name: Age: Parent Name:
Miss Tonyia Almeida 7 Raymond & June Casey
Raymond Dickinson Jr. 6 Raymond Dickinson
Miss Mary Lou Garcia 7 Mrs. Pilar Garcia
Allen George 6 Leonard George
Miss Ethel Mae Helsel 6 Clifford Helsel
Miss Carroll Kato 5 Ky Kato
Miss Kathleen Logan 5 Ralph Logan
Rodolfo Martinez Jr. 5 Rodolfo Martinez
Miss Margaret Mata 7 Mrs. Mary Romero
Stephen Orsetti Joseph Orsetti
David Ramirez 5 Mrs. Helen Ramirez
Robert Reina 6 Mrs. Barbara Reina
Dennis Silva 6 George E. Silva
Joe Souza 5 Arfthur Souza
Gary Sudbury 6 Leonard Sudbury
Miss Janice Sudbury 6 Charles Sudbury
Miss Ann Throgmorton 7 Mrs. G. Garcia
Frank Trejo 5 Rumoldo Trejo

Alviso School Class Listing, Sep 5, 1949

Alvarado School:

No increase over last year has been announced by Leslie H. Maffey, principal of the Alvarado Elementary School, as 230 children will enroll. Unless an unexpected number of pupils enroll this fall the new building added last will be sufficient for the number of pupils. On the teaching staff are:

  • 8TH Grade:                                        Mr. John Bond
  • 6TH & 7TH Grade:                           Mrs. Isabel Lucas
  • 5TH Grade:                                        Miss Patricia Renz
  • 4TH Grade:                                        Miss Shirley Pearson
  • 3RD Grade:                                       Mrs. Hilda Widdop
  • 2ND Grade:                                       Miss Charlotte Jung
  • 1ST Grade:                                        Miss Betty Culbertson
  • Kindergarten:                                    Miss Shirley Everett

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 9, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Silva and children, Myrna Jean and Melvin; Mr. & Mrs. George Vargas, and Mrs. Allegre spent the weekend holidays at Tulle Lake. They drove Melvin’s new Cadillac.

Mrs. Mae Silva was a Sunday visitor at the State Fair. She accompanied friends from Livermore.

Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re spent Labor Day in Petaluma visiting friends there.

Mr. Andrew Logan is spending a few days’ deer hunting near Elko, Nevada.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wiegman visited the State Fair at Sacramento on the opening day and report a very enjoyable time. Mr. Wiegman especially enjoyed the agriculture exhibits and Mrs. Wiegman spent quite a little time in the fancy work department.

Jess Jacinto, second baseman of the Clovis Pioneers, of Clovis, New Mexico, was presented with the “Most Valuable Player Trophy” on August 31st. The secretary-manager of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce made the presentation for the Clovis Chronicle, sponsor of the contest. A total of 825 votes were polled by the popular second baseman in the contest in which more than 2,000 ballots were cast. It was not a close race as the next players to Jess had 450 votes. Jess is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jess Jacinto of Alvarado.

The Alvarado pioneer, September 9, 1949

Mrs. Isabel Loyola’s Alvarado News:

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel J. Andrade and their sons, Elmer, Ronald and LeRoy, spent Friday afternoon at Santa Cruz. Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Shestack and son Randy, arrived back in Alvarado Tuesday, there were happy to be back home again.

Anastacio Regalado attended the christening of Dennis Segundle, son of Mr. & Mrs. Sid Segundle of Irvington.

Miss Dolores Silva of Hesperian Boulevard, Alvarado, returned home from her two-week vacation where she spent at one of her aunts at San Bruno, Calif. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Silva. She will enroll at Washington High in Centerville.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 9, 1949

Classified Ad:


AVON REPRESENTATIVES earn big money supplying Avon Cosmetics Christmas gifts. Inquire now, start early. We train you. Representatives needed in Castro Valley, Hayward, Alvarado, Irvington, Centerville and Decoto.


Avon District Manager,
Mrs. Mabel Kimsey
Box 150
San Mateo, California

The Daily Review, September 15, 1949

Classified Ad:


Cauliflower cart with two wheels, rubber tires. Perfect condition.

Call Decoto 5026 or see Tony Rocha after 6 p.m.

FRD Box 390, Alvarado-Niles Road

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 16, 1949

Safe Driving Campaign:

The safe driving campaign to save lives was made possible through the support of the following public-spirited citizens:

Levee St., Alvarado; Phone: Alvarado 55-701

1548 Smith St., Alvarado; Phone: Alvarado 55-774

General Delivery, Alvarado

1636 Smith St., Alvarado

P.O. Box 35, Alvarado, Phone: Alvarado 55-791

Excavating – Land Leveling
½ Mile NE of Alvarado on Whipple Road
P.O. Box 178 Alvarado, Phone: Alvarado 55-878

Alvarado, California

1045 Levee, Alvarado; Phone: 55-837

Smith Street, Alvarado; Phone 55-771

P.O. Box 1080
Stockton, California

Alvarado, California

1003 Levee St., Alvarado; Phone: 55-787

1537 Smith St., Alvarado; Phone: 55-977

Under New Management
Vallejo & Horner Sts., Alvarado; Phone 55-873

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 16, 1949

News Notes:

Robert David Dutra, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Dutra celebrated his eleventh birthday with his guests at a swimming party in Alum Rock Park on Saturday, September 10th. Mrs. Dutra acted as chauffeur for the boys and transported them all in the Dutra’s new “BEAR CAT” Kaiser Traveler. Those who attended from Alvarado were Vernon Perry, Stanley Anderson, Mervin Pinto, and Richard Pinto. In the evening Robert was host to a number of his relatives and friends at home. He played a number of selections on his new Spinet piano for the entertainment of his guests. Most of the evening was spent in reviewing the gifts, being the son of Joe Dutra, the most treasured was his first pair of “spikes.”

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 16, 1949

Isabel Loyola’s Alvarado News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Lester Silvey of Alvarado are the proud parents of a new baby boy born on September 8th. His name is Jonathan.

Miss Mary Paniagua, who is employed at Central Bank in Alvarado, took a three-months vacation in Spain, she will be back home some time before December of this year.

The Filipino Fraternal Organization will leave next week for Seattle for a convention. Mr. Anastacio Regalado of Alvarado, Mr. & Mrs. Omalza of Centerville, Mr. & Mrs. Sid Segundle of Irvington, and Mr. Segundo Bacul of Irvington will attend.

Mrs. Aldina Andrade of the Alvarado, who had a successful kidney operation three months ago, said she feels very good now. Mrs. Andrade doesn’t take long to regain her normal weight and health. She enjoys watching the Grocery and Produce Market and Chevron Gas Station at Levee Street here.

Kathleen Silva had her fifth birthday last week on September 9th; she had a nice party at her grandmother and grandfather’s place, Mr. & Mrs. John Ahern of Alvarado, also her two sisters Miss Dolores and Wilma. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Silva of Hesperian Blvd., Alvarado

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 16, 1949

Rigmaiden’s Celebrate Anniversary:

On Monday evening at 8 o’clock p.m. the Rigmaiden children honored their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rigmaiden with a dinner celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. Rigmaiden were Married Sept. 12, 1917 at Lake Charles, LA. They became the parents of 12 children, 7 sons and 5 daughters, eight of which are still living. They are:

David P. Miller, Mr. Charles Q. Rigmaiden, Mr. Richard Rigmaiden Jr., Miss Selina Rigmaiden, Antoine Rigmaiden II, Thomas L. Rigmaiden, Mary N. Rigmaiden, all of Alvarado, and Mrs. Jeff McMillon of Keatchle, LA.

They have six grandchildren and four adopted children: Miss Delphine Rigmaiden, Mr. Sonny D. Rigmaiden, Mr. William M. Rigmaiden and Mercedes Rigmaiden, all of Alvarado. Attending the party from Alvarado were Alvarado School Principal Leslie H. Maffey and Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Spurlock.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 16, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Miss Charlotte Young (Jung), who has taught in the Alvarado Elementary School for many years is quite ill in the Hayward Hospital and was forced to give up her job for this year.

Claudia Aguilar and Frank Caldeira were married in Reno on Sept. 3rd and will make their home for the month of September in Alvarado. Then they will move to Newark.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 1695, are having a food sale Saturday, Sept 17th between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Eagles' Hall in Alvarado. The committee in charge of the bake sale are: Mrs. Helen T. Goularte, Mrs. Tessie Maciel and Mrs. Aurora Lewis, all of which reside on the Creek Road.

The SPRSI No. 21 of Alvarado held a card part on the 2nd and had a wonderful turnout. Those on the committee were: Madeline Rocha, Eleanor Azevedo, Helen Goularte, and Delinda Pimentel. One homemade pie was given to Helen Anderson of Alvarado and one home made apple pie was given to Mrs. Anna Amaral of Alviso.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 16, 1949

Safe Stolen:

Frank Roderick reported to the sheriffs department that he found an opened safe on a private road on the Patterson Ranch about one half mile north of Jarvis Road. From papers strewn about the opened safe it was determined that it belonged to Ben Matsumoto of Alvarado.

Ben Matsumoto says his store had been broken into and the safe dragged outside to a waiting vehicle. Also, his cash register had been pried open and cash and coin removed.

Mr. Matsumoto said there was between $700 and $800 in the safe and about $1,000 in checks and a number of old coins Matsumoto had been saving. About $200 had been taken from the cash register.

The Daily Review, September 21, 1949

Hayward Order of the Eastern Star:

Mrs. Willa Jane Hellwig was an honored guest the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Hayward Order of Eastern Star. Mrs. Hellwig is a Past Grand Matron of California.

The Daily Review, September 26, 1949


Lightning and peals of thunder hit the Bay Area today. A lightning bolt his a PG&E 12,000-volt feeder line, which disrupted local electricity. The lights were out for over an hour in Alvarado.

The Hayward Review, September 27, 1949

Alvarado Suicide:

An Alvarado man committed suicide; meanwhile his wife suffered a stroke worrying about him when he did not return home. Mrs. Lucrezia Luchetti was found on the bedroom floor suffering from a stroke by a Newark couple that had come to buy eggs and check up on the old couple. They called for medical assistance for her and the gentleman went to check on the rabbits they kept. Mr. Anthony Luchetti was found in the shed sitting down with a discharged 12-gauge shotgun pointed at his face. Relatives say they were not in financial difficulty and could not give any reason for the suicide.

The Daily Hayward Review, September 28, 1949