News Note:

The Bettencourts of Warm Springs spent a delightful evening last week at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Cunha of Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, August 5, 1949

New Arrival:

To the wife of Mr. Percy Ramirez Garcia, General Delivery Alvarado, a daughter, Emilda, August 1, 1949.

The Daily Review, August 9, 1949

Washington Township Grammar School Growth:

(Irvington not reported)

All elementary schools in Washington Township reported increases in attendance during the past year (Irvington did not report).


School 47-48 48-49 Inc - (Dec) Pct.
Alvarado 204  232 28 13.7%
Alviso  71   80 9 12.7%
Centerville 279 298 19 6.8%
Decoto 539 591 52 9.6%
Mission San Jose  65 71 6  9.2%
Newark 280 329 49 17.5%
Niles 445 498 53 11.9%
  1,883 2,099 216 11.5%

The Alvarado Pioneer, August 12, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Jess Jacinto Jr., son of Mr. & Mrs. Jess Jacinto of Alvarado was united in marriage with Miss Billie Cline of Lamesa Texas on August 6th.

The Alvarado Pioneer, August 12, 1949

Mrs. Lupe Solis Dies:

Rudolph Solis of Alvarado is mourning the loss of his mother, Mrs. Lupe Solis of Hayward who passed away recently at the age of 56.

The Daily Review, August 13, 1949


The next ball game for Hayward’s P&H team will be a team from Alvarado. The Alvarado team is composed of employees from the local sugar mill and it is said that some of the players used to play with professional teams so a lively game is expected.

The Daily Review, August 13, 1949

Alvarado Market Sold:

Victor Molina, Russell City, intends to sell the Alvarado Market, 1090 Levee Street, Alvarado, to Ray E. and Lucille P. Alvarez, of Newark. The sale will be completed on August 22nd.

The Daily Review, August 17, 1949

Alvarado Raided:

Twenty deputy sheriffs raided two establishments in Alvarado simultaneously at 8:30 p.m. The deputies raided the New Manila Pool hall, 1055 Levee Street and the Luneta Café, on Smith Street several blocks away. In the two establishments were more than 100 persons gambling, but only the dealers, cashiers and operators were arrested. A total of fifteen people were taken to jail. Among those taken in were Felix Diangson, 43, of 1437 Smith Street, Alvarado, identified as the operator of the Luneta Café and Frank Machalis of 1045 Levee Street.

The deputies seized all gambling equipment and all of the money on the tables, which could amount to $2,000.

The Oakland Tribune, August 20, 1949

Man Beaten and Robbed:

A Woodland man was kidnapped, beaten and robbed early today by three men who accosted him near an Alvarado tavern. Benny T. Fong, 40, told sheriff deputies he lost money and other valuables worth $1,680.

Fong left the bar at closing time. When the robbers approached one of them pushed a gun into his side and ordered him to get into his own car. The gunman and two accomplices jumped in the car with him. A fourth followed in another automobile. Fong was forced to drive to the foot of Benson Road, a mile southwest of Alvarado. There Fong was beaten on the head and robbed of $100, a $1,500 diamond ring, his wristwatch, a pen and pencil set, and his cigarette lighter.

Fong was taken to Fairmont Hospital for a checkup and then released. Fong has been at liberty on $500 bail on a gambling charge since his arrest in a raid conducted by sheriff’s deputies Friday night in Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, August 23, 1949

Sisters of the Holy Family:

The historical Palmdale Estate in Mission San Jose will be the new home to the Sisters of Holy Names Family. Part of the old Mission San Jose grounds, Father Junipero Serra used to pray in the shade of the majestic palms, and Archbishop Joseph Alemany of San Francisco was a regular visitor. The sisters are well known throughout the township having taught the catechism to students at Hayward, Niles, Decoto, Centerville and Alvarado.

The Daily Review, August 26, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Best and daughter Marjorie are at Half Moon Bay for a vacation.

Mr. & Mrs. William Avilla entertained Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Telles of San Leandro the past week.

Mrs. Mary Amaral, who has been quite ill at the Alameda Hospital, is expected to be home soon.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wolfe, recently of San Jose, spent Sunday with Mrs. Nora Vargas. Mr. & Mrs. Wolfe have recently sold their home in San Jose and are looking for a location in this vicinity.

Dorothy Vargas and Jeanette spent the day Wednesday visiting friends and relatives in San Leandro.

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Borges of the Creek Road are remodeling their home on the inside.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Lewis of Granger Avenue are enjoying the presence of Linda Jean in their home.

Miss Betty Anne Jacinto and Mr. & Mrs. Antone Santos returned last week from a trip to Clovis, New Mexico, where they witnessed the wedding of Jess Jacinto Jr. to Miss Billie Cline. Mr. & Mrs. Jess Jacinto Sr. are planning to remain in New Mexico until Jess Jr.’ season is over.

Mr. & Mrs. Morris Davilla, and children Beverly and Joe, returned Sunday from a trip to Sacramento where they stopped to visit relatives. From there they continued on to Yosemite, then to Santa Barbara and returned home covering over a thousand miles on the trip.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Dutra will take their usual jaunt to Livingston on September 1st for the opening of the dove season. Their son Robert will accompany them and probably contribute to the limits taken as he did last year. From Livingston they plan to visit the State Fair at Sacramento and then go on to Reno.

Mr. & Mrs. William LeFevre are the proud parents of a baby daughter born at the Permanente Hospital in Oakland on Sunday, August 21st. Mrs. LeFevre and the baby returned to their home on Smith Street in Alvarado on Wednesday.

Among the people attending the Farm Bureau Picnic at Linda Vista Park at Mission San Jose on Sunday, August 21st were: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Goularte, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Maciel, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Vargas and Jeanette and Nora Vargas; Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Hendricks and Rodney; Mr. & Mrs. Antone Rodgers, and Mrs. Graydon Spurlock and Beverly and Darryl.

The Alvarado Pioneer, August 26, 1949

John M. Scribner Dies:

John M. Scribner, 77, a native Californian, passed away recently. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary E. Scribner, a son, Dr. J. M. Scribner, a dentist from Hayward and a daughter Mrs. Henry May. He was the brother of Mrs. Dora Richmond, Mrs. Lou Winegar, Arthur and Fred Joyce, and the late Alice Lampher.

He was born in Alvarado and was in the grocery business with John Ralph, operating under the name of Ralph and Scribner Grocery, in Alvarado.

The Daily Review, August 29, 1949

Mrs. Mary Duarte Dies:

Mrs. Eldora Pinto of Alvarado is mourning the loss of her mother, Mrs. Mary Duarte of Hayward who passed away last Saturday at the age of 65.

The Daily Review, August 29, 1949

Auto-Pedestrian Accident:

On the “critically injured” list at Highland Hospital this morning from being struck by an automobile as he walked along the Alvarado-Centerville Road late last night is Daniel Espinosa, 33, of the T.P. Harvey Ranch in Alvarado.

The Daily Review, August 29, 1949

Marriage License:

Antonio Hernandez, 26, Alvarado

Eleanor Hernandez, 19, Alvarado

The Oakland Tribune, August 31, 1949