Filipino Independence Day Celebration:

Joint celebration of Independence Day for the Philippine Islands and the United States will be observed in Alvarado tomorrow. Filipinos of the Alvarado area are planning a picnic, dancing and games.

The Oakland Tribune, July 3, 1949

Newark Holy Ghost:

The Holy Ghost fiesta season in Washington Township will close with the annual celebration at Newark July 9th & 10th. This is the fourth observance in the township this year of the old-country custom introduced from Portugal into the United States over 60 years ago.

The first fiesta ever held was at Mission San Jose in 1889, but in recent years the Alvarado celebration opens the fiesta season in Southern Alameda County. Other fiestas have been held at neighboring Centerville and in neighboring communities in Alameda County and throughout California where more than 150 Portuguese fraternal societies are organized. The state convention of the I.D.E.S. Lodge, which alone has approximately 130 councils, will be held at Mission San Jose this fall.

The Oakland Tribune, July 3, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Beverly & Darryl Spurlock returned Sunday, July 3rd from a vacation trip to Chico.

Shirley and Silvia Gaylor of Los Alamitos, CA., twin granddaughters of Mr. & Mrs. Jess Lancaster of Smith Street are spending a month’s vacation with relatives here.

Jess Lancaster Jr. and a friend visited Mr. & Mrs. Jess Lancaster on Saturday & Sunday. Jess and his friend are in the Marines stationed near Reno.

Mr. Patrick Wayland is in Los Angeles on business. He expects to be joined there in a couple of weeks by Mrs. Wayland and the children.

Carol & Elaine Hocking returned last Friday from a week’s vacation in Concord, California.

The regular monthly meeting of the Folk Dancing Group in Alvarado, the Rhythm Winders, who meet on the first Saturday of each month, was postponed to Saturday July 16th.

Jess Jacinto Jr., 22, who plays for the Clovis Pioneers of the West Texas-New Mexico League has been selected to play on the Northern All-Star Team. The game will be played in Albuquerque on July 2nd against the Southern All-Stars. His friends wish him the very best of luck and are betting on him. Jess’ batting average is .342.

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 8, 1949

Irene Souza to Wed:

On Sunday, July 24th, Irene Frances Souza will become the bride of Edward Mendonca at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Alvarado. Irene is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Manuel D. Souza.

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 8, 1949

New Bridge:

Washington Township gets its second bridge within the year, according to the Office of the County Surveyor, Wallace Boggs. A 260-foot concrete bridge, costing approximately $136,000, with construction beginning in August, will take care of floodwaters at the Patterson Slough on Marsh Road.

The Daily Review, July 12, 1949

News Note:

There is speculation that the Alvarado Presbyterian Church may be re-activated and hold regular services again. Regular church services are not being conducted in Alvarado although the Church is used for local religious education classes during the school term. The Ladies Aid Society is still active in Alvarado and hold regular monthly meetings.

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 15, 1949

Alvarado Vegetable Growers:

Starting in 1928 with four employees as a cooperative group of farmers, the Alvarado Vegetable Growers have now grown into a full-scale business with 50 employees. The group, which formerly shipped 30 cars a season, now sends off some 750 cars every season to various parts of the United States and Canada.

President for the growers is W. B. Emery, who has been with the group since 1928, and A. Caeton is General Manager. Although they grow all varieties of vegetables, the Alvarado group specializes in cauliflower and endive, which is used for interstate shipments.

The Daily Review, July 16, 1949

Commercial Ad:


Alvarado, California

Alvarado Grown Cauliflower and Lettuce

Shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Contact: Al Caeton

Alvarado 55-722

The Daily Review, July 16, 1949

New Arrival:

In Hayward, July 8th to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tetsuharu Yuhara, 1228 Alvarado Street, Alvarado, a son, Gary Teruyuki, 6 pounds 11 ounces.

The Daily Review, July 16, 1949

Alvarado School:

A three-room addition has been added this year to the Alvarado School.

The Daily Review, July 16, 1949

New Arrival:

In Hayward, July 13th, born to Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Reyes Rios, Alvarado, a son Robert Rodriguez, 8 pounds 12 ounce.

The Daily Review, July 19, 1949

Mrs. Eldora Benites Dies:

Mrs. Eldora G. Benites of Alvarado passed away on July 19th. She leaves her husband, Manuel Benites and children Cando, Jess and Victoria Benites, Mrs. Emily Sacramento and Mrs. Matilda Martinez all of Alvarado. Mrs. Benites was a native of Portugal.

The Oakland Tribune, July 21, 1949

News Notes:

General Petroleum Corp. has a distributor whose office is at Alvarado, who has something free for you. When you take to the highways this summer on your vacation trip, why not see the very latest highway guide map available, in panel form, which instantly opens to the panel, by letter and number, pointing the exact way in any of the four Western States. It is a honey. See Frank P. George at his main office at Alvarado, he will gladly give you one free.

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 22, 1949

Yoshio Hisaoka:

Yoshio Hisaoka of Alvarado has been elected Vice-President of the Washington Union High School student Government. Serving with him are: Don Pine, President; Jim Griffin, Representative; Elsie Horat, Secretary; and Emily Tacchella, Treasurer.

The Oakland Tribune, July 24, 1949


Ashland Athletic Club defeated the Alvarado Merchants 1-0 to take the championship in the 15 and under Daily Review League. The Alvarado line up consisted of:

  • Carvhalo, Short Stop
  • Cervantes, Third Base
  • Sabe, Pitcher
  • Ray, Catcher
  • Labrado, Second Base
  • Duran, Left Field
  • Sanchez, First Base
  • Pete, Center Field
  • Ybarra, Right Field
  • Anderson, Left Field

The Daily Review, July 25, 1949

Bridge Tea Party:

The public is invited to a bridge tea at the home of Mrs. L. E. Bailey on Beard Road (Alviso District), Friday at 1 p.m., for the benefit of St. James Episcopal Church. Reservations should not be made later than Wednesday with Mrs. Bailey or Mrs. Edna Tyson at Niles.

The Oakland Tribune, July 26, 1949

Liquor Application:

Frank and Mary De Mello have applied for an “On Sale” beer license for the premises located at 1457 Smith Street, Alvarado.

The Daily Review, July 26, 1949

New Arrivals:

To Mr. & Mrs. Ben Matsumoto of Alvarado, on June 26th, a girl, Kathleen Marie

To Mr. & Mrs. Charles Yuhora of Alvarado, on July 8th, a boy, Gary Teruyuki

Reported By:  Grace Matsumoto, Correspondent of JACL

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 22, 1949

Southern Alameda County:

This year marks some big changes coming in the future for Southern Alameda County. The first is the flood control and water conservation law. It will enable us to make full use of the land that previously has had either too much water or too little. It gives us the opportunity to control our Southern Alameda County land areas.

The other is the new freeway. True, to date it is only completed but a short distance in Oakland. But plans call for it being brought out to West 150th Avenue in the near future. From there it will move on to Alvarado, and eventually San Jose.

The freeway is important to us now because work on it finally has been started. Many years of working and planning preceded the start of construction. Now that work on the freeway has begun, the roadway seems just around the corner.

The Daily Review, July 30, 1949

Electrical Storm:

A spectacular electrical storm brought lightning and thunder to the East Bay. Many East Bay communities were left without electricity including Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, July 31 1949