Just Bought A Television Set?:

Here is your broadcast line up for the weekend Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th:


  •  6:40 p.m.                           TV Hobby Parade – Ben Sweetland
  •  6:55 p.m.                           Missing Persons – S.F. Police Department
  •  7:00 p.m.                           NBC – Kukla, Fran, and Ollie
  •  7:30 p.m.                           Club TV
  •  7:45 p.m.                           NBC – Broadway Revue
  •  9:00 p.m.                           NBC – You Show Time
  •  9:30 p.m.                           Newsreel
  •  9:40 p.m.                           Sign-off


  •  2:00 p.m.                           San Francisco Seals vs. Oakland Oaks
  •  6:15 p.m.                           Test Pattern & Announcements
  •  6:30 p.m.                           NBC – Howdy Doody
  •  7:00 p.m.                           Kukla, Fran & Ollie
  •  7:30 p.m.                           Flight Log
  •  7:50 p.m.                           Newsreel
  •  8:00 p.m.                           KPIX – Kactus Theater
  •  9:00 p.m.                           Newsreel
  •  9:10 p.m.                           Sign-off


  •  6:45 p.m.                           Test Pattern & Announcements
  •  7:00 p.m.                           Family Vespers
  •  7:15 p.m.                           An American Heritage
  •  7:30 p.m.                           NBC – Who Said That
  •  8:00 p.m.                           Share-A-Charade
  •  8:45 p.m.                           Design on Living – Sid Crockett
  •  9:00 p.m.                           CBS – Fred Waring Show
  • 10:00 p.m.                          William Winter and the News
  • 10:15 p.m.                          Sign-off

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 3, 1949

News Notes:

“Chick” Vargas is pleased to have won the Pigeon Race from Crescent Lake, Oregon this weekend.

Mr. & Mrs. James Damon of Vallejo were overnight guests of Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Best and daughter Marjorie on May 29th. Mrs. Damon and Mrs. Best are sisters.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Best of Alvarado are retiring from business and expect to take an extended trip first to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to visit relatives and friends.

Bobby Harvey celebrated his 8th birthday at his home on the Alvarado-Centerville Highway with 21 of his little friends to help him on May 28th.

Little Edward Manuel, son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Manuel of Alvarado, was the toast of dinner given by his parents on the occasion of his 1st Holy Communion at St. Anne’s in Alvarado.

A group of friends gathered at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Silva on Sunday and enjoyed a picnic and an afternoon of folk dancing. Those attending were Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Silva and Helen, Mr. & Mrs. George Hocking, Carol and Elaine; Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Spurlock, Beverly and Darryl; and Mr. & Mrs. Ed Mara, Wanda Rae and Deana.

Mr. & Mrs. George Hocking and daughters, Carol and Elaine, entertained in honor of Mr. Lester Hiller of Gardenia on Friday night. Mr. Hiller is a former resident of Alvarado and Irvington and is here on business in connection with Frieden Calculator Company in San Leandro.

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Maffey, Mr. & Mrs. George Hocking and Mr. Manuel Goularte represented the Alvarado Elementary School at the trustees; barbecue at the Livermore Air Base last week. The Pleasanton and Livermore Elementary and High Schools were hosts to all the trustees of the county.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 3, 1949

Alvarado Eagles New Officers:

The Alvarado Eagles and their ladies auxiliary will install new officers on June 4th at 8 o’clock. The new officers are:

  • President: Arthur Soito
  • Vice-President:  Raymond Cunha
  • Chaplain:  Ed Silva
  • Treasurer:  Charley Baird
  • Conductor: Ernest Quadros
  • Guards: Maurice Leal and Ervin Williams
  • Physician:  Dr. McWhirter
  • Trustee:   Joe Lewis

The Auxiliary officers are:

  • President: Mrs. Joe Lewis
  • Vice-President:  Mrs. Adeline Quadros
  • Chaplain:  Mrs. Alvina Leal
  • Cconductress:  Mrs. Josephine Delgado
  • Secretary:  Mrs. Susie Davis
  • Treasurer:  Mrs. Alice Menezes
  • Inside Guard:  Mrs. Constance Holland
  • Outisde Guard:  Mrs. Evelyn Silvestri
  • Trustees:  Mrs. Esther Gardetto, Mrs. Mamie Silva, Mrs. Ruby Gordon

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 3, 1949

Farm Home Department:

Mrs. Martha Faria of Alvarado has been elected to the post of Chairman of the Alameda County Farm Home Department.

The Daily Hayward Review, June 4, 1949

F.C. Harvey Estate:

An appraisal of the estate of Frederick C. Harvey, 75, retired Alvarado rancher who died December 5, 1948 was valued at $230,789. It consists mainly of ranch property around Alvarado.

The property was put in trust with the income to be divided equally between his widow, Bessie A. Harvey, and a son, Theodore P. Harvey of Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, June 5, 1949

Alvarado School Graduation:

Tuesday, June 14th - 8:00 P.M.

Orchestra Selections:

  • “Legend of Spring”
  • “Father of Victory”
  • “Little Annie Rooney”
  • “Caissons Go Rolling Along”

Orchestra Members:

  • Antoine Rigmaiden:  Clarinet
  • Archie Delao:  Clarinet
  • Rita Cicairos:   Clarinet
  • Arnold Gardetto:  Trumpet
  • Beverly Spurlock:  Trumpet
  • Frank Velarde:  Trumpet
  • Naomi Muela:  Bells
  • Natalie Cicairos:  Trumpet
  • Margaret Pfau:  Saxophone
  • Elaine Hocking:  Saxophone
  • Marjorie Best:  Saxophone
  • Ellen Louie:  Violin
  • Jeany Cheng:  Bass Drum
  • Mervin Pinto:  Snare Drum
  • Marlene Andrade:  Piano
  • Bernard Callery:   Director

A Mystery Comedy in Two Acts:

“A Scream in the Dark”

  • Marie Warren:  Anne Wada
  • Hal Warren:  Mervin Pimentel
  • Millie: Dolores Silva
  • Mr. Warren:  George Cicairos
  • Mrs. Warren:  Elizabeth Lancaster
  • Edgar Milton:  Rodney Hendricks
  • Harriet Penrose:  Angelita Preciado
  • Bobby:  Eddie Mateo
  • Boy:  Antoine Rigmaiden
  • Prompter:  Yoshio Kamiji
  • Curtain Boy: Julio Moreno

A comedy in One Act – By Anne Coulter Martens:

Wildcat Willie Gets Brain Fever”

  • Willie:  Arnold Gardetto
  • Gladys:  Natalie Cicairos
  • Mrs. Wilkins:  Sadako Kurotori
  • Joe: Andrew Pimentel
  • Kathie:  Jeany Cheng
  • Vernon:  Tony Mata
  • Celia:  Frances Wayland
  • Miss Bond:  Marlene Andrade

Eighth Grade Graduates:

Salvador Barrera Louis Burns George Cicairos Rodney Hendricks
Masaharu Hisaoka Yoshio Kamiji Elizabeth Lancaster Mike Leon
Eddie Mateo Lupe Melina Julio Moreno Melvin Pimentel
Angelita Preciado Antoine Rigmaiden Dolores Silva Raul Villareal
Anne Wada      

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 10, 1949


Richard Andrade, Anita Bailey, Jimmie Bettencourt, Howard Bigbey, Piero Cerruti, Michael Logan, Walter Luiz, Shirley Mello, Kenneth Mello, Frank Murakami, Anne Pederson, Jerry Pimentel Wynemia Sudbury.

The Township Register, Niles California, June 10, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

The Alvarado Mother’s Club held an election of officers. The officers are:

  • President:  Alvina Brune
  • Vice-President:  Lorraine Silva
  • Secretary:  Marian Hocking
  • Treasurer:  Winifred Harper
  • Publicity Chairman:  Esther Gardetto
  • Sunshine Chairman:  Emily Noia

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Brune and sons, Donald and David motored to San Francisco Friday evening to witness the San Francisco Seals game.

Tony Santos of the Silver Dollar is recuperating at his home from an illness, which sent him to the Alameda Hospital for a week.

Joe Dutra of the Bear Cat at Centerville is recuperating from an operation performed at the Alameda Hospital on May 26th.

Mr. & Mrs. Seraphine Caldeira and daughter, Joyce Ann attended the midget auto races at the Oakland Stadium on Friday evening.

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Dutra motored to Santa Clara on Sunday where they met Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto and all attended the Santa Clara Holy Ghost Festival being held there.

Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re are driving a new Oldsmobile, which they received on June 7th.

Alvarado children featured in the Valdez & Peggy Dance Revue on Sunday at the Bret Harte School auditorium in Hayward were, Billie Harper, Myrna Jean Dutra and Beverly Spurlock.

Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Amaral, and son Arlen, of Alvarado-Niles Road spent the weekend in Yosemite. It was a lovely trip and beautiful weather.

Troop 67 Alvarado Girl Scouts surprised their leaders with a farewell party for the year on Wednesday, June 1st. Refreshments were served and games played. Assisting the girls were the principal, Mr. Maffey, and 6th & 7th Grade teacher Miss Wespeiser. They made large scout insignias thanking each leader, Marian Hocking and Mary Spurlock for their efforts during the year. Girls participating were Aurora Sanchez, Virginia Araya, Marlene Andrade, Marjorie Best, Joyce Ann Caldeira, Elaine Hocking, Beverly Utile, Jeany Cheng, Ellen Louie, Margaret Pfau, Francis Wayland and Beverly Spurlock.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 10, 1949

Alvarado School News:

5th & 6th Grades

The 5th & 6th Grades had a sale and Margaret Pfau has a rug for her efforts of 71¢.

We are going to have a party June 15th. Mrs. Lucas is going to help us with our party and that’s nice of her because she doesn’t have to pay any money if she doesn’t want to.

When we went to the Museum she said that we were so good that she was going to show us some of her pets. She showed us a snake. One boy asked her if she would give him the snakeskin and she said she would. She showed us a mouse and a skunk.

Some children in the 5th & 6th Grades made some maps of California. They are physical maps of California by Irene Silva, and California Missions by Ellen Louie, and a California map by Pearl Labrado and Rita Cicairos.

Mrs. Lucas’ room had a good attendance last month and a few were ill. Mrs. Lucas made some tickets for the children who talk in the room (too much?). And they will get tickets if they talk.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 10, 1949

Mother’s Club:

A public card party will be held by the Mother’s Club of the Alvarado Elementary School at the school on June 24th at 2:00 p.m., it has been announced today by Mrs. Esther Gardetto. In charge of the arrangements are the new president, Mrs. Alvina Brune assisted by Mrs. Lorraine Silva, Mrs. Mary Silva and Mrs. Ethel Borges. The club will hold a picnic for members and their children at Alum Rock Park on June 28th. Mrs. Emily Noia has been elected Sunshine Chairman for the year.

The Oakland Tribune, June 12, 1949

News Notes:

An auspicious showing was made by the residents of Washington Township in the Livermore Annual Rodeo. Irvington & Alvarado won 1st & 2nd place in the Jr. Traffic Patrol.

The Wedgewood Coaster Derby will be held at Hidden Valley Dude Ranch on Sunday June 19th. Entrants from Alvarado are: Arnold Hernandez, sponsored by Rose Hernandez; Eddie Mateo, sponsored by Teresa Mateo; Eugene Concha, sponsored by F. Concha; Andrew Pimentel, sponsored by Lloyd’s Electric; and Michael Logan, sponsored by J.M. Logan.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Best have recently left the Gun Club in Alvarado after being employed there for over 18 years. They left Monday morning for National City to visit their son, Lloyd Best for a week. Then they will head for a visit in Idaho.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Falkowski and daughter Diana Lee have moved to the Alvarado Gun Club where the Frank Best’s were employed for a period of 18 years. The Falkowski’s are from Spokane, Washington, and he was recently in the service spending a considerable time overseas.

Mr. & Mrs. Alton Best and sons, baby Dennis and Eddie, left for Spokane suddenly as they received word Mrs. Best’s father had passed away. Little Dennis was born the 31st of March and Eddie recently celebrated his 3rd birthday.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 17, 1949

Washington High School FFA:

Eighteen Future Farmers of Washington Township will exhibit livestock, poultry and crops at the Alameda County Fair at Pleasanton June 29th through July 9th. Taking part from Alvarado will be Tom Gualco.

The Oakland Tribune, June 19, 1949

Japanese to Hold Dance:

The Southern Alameda County Japanese American Citizens will hold a dance at the Washington Union High School gymnasium on June 25th, according to Misaya Matsumoto of Alvarado, social chairman. The league has enrolled 85 members and holds monthly meetings under the direction of Kazo Shikano, President. The dance at Centerville is open to members and their guests.

The Oakland Tribune, June 19, 1949

Mother’s Club:

The public is invited to attend a card party at the Alvarado Elementary School at 2 p.m. tomorrow. The affair is sponsored by the Mother’s Club with the following people in charge: Mrs. Alvina Brune, President, Mrs. Lorraine Silva, Mrs. Mary Silva and Mrs. Ethel Borges.

The Oakland Tribune, June 23, 1949

Stanford Grad:

Julia Helene Hill of Alvarado graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology under the faculty of Humanities and Sciences from Stanford University. 

The Daily Hayward Review, June 23, 1949

Filipino Community News:

Several times now the Filipino Community of Alvarado, and its vicinities have been celebrating the Independence Day of the newly formed Philippine Republic by giving the most entertaining and unusual program to the public running to several thousands of dollars. One year ago there was a big barbecue, queen contest and radio broadcast.

This year there will be a magnificent exhibition of art works, a delicious picnic, and dancing the whole day. The organization is new but very active with good and broad ideals and they ask quite a bit of time and money on those activities from its members. It is the trend of new enterprise even true especially in the commercial world. But now days of big spending of money are over! We are a grown up organization now; we are already an established enterprise. So, through mistakes we have learned to avoid, and misunderstanding we intend to patch up, and through unselfish devotion and undying cooperation this Filipino Community will be the best-conducted, well-liked and strongest Filipino Organization in the Nation.

This year our most outstanding and unsurpassed program includes well-known and well-liked participants. Others are even professionals in their line. Led by Mike Cuevas, well-known Filipino orchestra leader from Oakland, and his merry makers, the program starts at 7 p.m. and is as follows:

  1. Opening Remarks: Mr. Alex Biete, Master of Ceremonies and past President of the Filipino Community.
  2. Selection by Orchestra: Mike Cuevas and his Orchestra.
  3. Dance, “A La Jota Cataiana” Mr. & Mrs. Placido D. Lazaro
  4. Song: Miss Muriel Abrescy, accompanied by the orchestra
  5. Hula Dance: Connie Cipriano
  6. Guest Speaker: Honorable Vice Consul of the Philippines; Honorable Juan Dionisio
  7. Dance, “Carinoza: (Young Folks): Donna Sacramento and Johnny Agraviador
  8. Guest Speaker: By George Oakes Jr., Ass’t Editor Washington News and Deputy in the District Attorney’s office.
  9. Dance, “Carinoza: (Older Folks): Mr. & Mrs. Placido Lazaro
  10. Closing Remarks: Frank Sacramento, President of the Filipino Community of Alvarado

Picnic starts at 12 noon.

Dancing in the afternoon and evening until 1 a.m.

Games for children in the afternoon.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 24, 1949

Alvarado School:

The Alvarado Mother’s Club has announced that Mr. Hayden Cook of Redwood City will act as playground director the Alvarado Elementary School for the summer vacation. Mr. Cook will be at the Alvarado School grounds Saturday morning, June 18th at ten o’clock to meet the children and to start the summer program. The hours each day will be from ten o’clock in the morning to five in the afternoon.

The Alvarado Mother’s Club has been able to secure this teacher for the Alvarado children with the help of the following clubs: the Alvarado Eagles, Paul Rivers Post of the VFW; Alvarado Chamber of Commerce; Alvarado Firemen; Alvarado Chapter of the Farm Bureau; and members of the Rhythm Winders (the Folk Dancing Group). Reported by: Beverly Spurlock.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 24, 1949

News Notes:

Miss Lena Horat has announced her engagement to Clayton George. Clayton is the son of Frank P. George of the General Petroleum Company office in Alvarado.

The Southern Alameda County Japanese-American Citizens League will hold a dance at the Washington Union High School gymnasium on June 25th, according to Misayo Matsumoto of Alvarado, special chairman.

The Washington Township Chapter of the San Francisco Bay Project (the Reber Plan) has recently been formed to further the finding of a source of plentiful cheap water. Representing Alvarado and Alviso, respectively, are T.P. Harvey and Louis Amaral.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 24, 1949

New Arrival:

Born to the wife of Mr. Thomas Garcia Villasano, 408 “V” Street Alvarado, a daughter, Gloria Ida, on June 16, 1949.

The Daily Hayward Review, June 24, 1949

Albino Squirrel:

(50 Years Ago, June 1899)

An albino squirrel owned by J. Barton Rose of Hayward was interred in the Rose Cemetery last Sunday. The deceased was a native of Alvarado and had lived in Hayward only a few months. Suitable ceremonies were held at the interment with Mr. Rose delivering an affecting eulogy over the remains.

The Daily Hayward Review, June 24, 1949

New Arrival:

To the wife of Mr. Vincente Sandoval of Alvarado, a daughter Margarita, June 17, 1949.

The Daily Hayward Review, June 25, 1949

John Honigsman Dies:

John Honigsman, 81, a retired master teamster, died in a nursing home in Oakland Saturday. Honigsman started his career at the Contra Cost Water Company in 1894 at Alvarado. He then went to work for EBMUD until retirement in 1939.

The Oakland Tribune, June 27, 1949

News Note:

Julia “Judy” Helene Hill of Alvarado was graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology under the faculty of humanities and sciences during commencement exercises held over the weekend.

The Oakland Tribune, June 29, 1949

Filipino’s Plan for Joint Celebration:

Filipino’s will observe joint celebration of Independence Day for the Philippine Islands and the United States here on July 4th.

The large-scale celebration, which had been held here during the past several years, has been canceled, but there will be a noon picnic, games and dancing and a program at 7 p.m. at the pavilion.

Alex Biete will be master of ceremonies and guest speakers will be the Vice Consul of the Philippines, Juan Dioniso, and George Oakes Jr., deputy district attorney. Special dances will be given by Mr. & Mrs. Placido D. Lazaro, Miss Connie Cipriano, Donna Sacramento and Johnny Agraviador, Miss Muriel Abresey will sing and Frank Sacramento will make closing remarks.

The Oakland Tribune, June 30, 1949