Alvarado Filipino Community:

The Filipino Community of Alvarado and Vicinity met on March 13, 1949 at the Eagles Hall in Alvarado and elected officers. The president elected to guide the destiny of this large organization is the well-known Frank Sacramento, who has taken a big interest in all the big affairs of this organization. Last year he was chairman of entertainment for the big Fourth of July celebration there. His wife, Emily Sacramento, had charge of the Queen contest, and she and her committee raised $3,500. This shows what live wires they are. Frank was elevated from vice-president to president. The other officers elected were:

  • President:  Frank Sacramento
  • Vice-President:  John Dawal
  • Secretary:   Agnes Tacang
  • Ass’t Secretary:  Frank Macahilas
  • Treasurer:  A. Regalado
  • Ass’t Treasurer: G. Sape
  • Auditor:  S. Masinda
  • Sgt-At-Arm:   Dora Regalado and P. Agraviador
  • Advisor: Alex Biete

The Filipino Community aims to promote better understanding among the members of the Community, and the patriotic advancement of both our country and the other great Republic of the Philippines. The consul-General has always commended the local Filipino Community on their fine work of promoting the welfare of the Filipino-Americans in our area, and Mr. Sacramento is carrying on this same understanding and patriotic aims. This Consul-General, who represents the Philippine Republic at San Francisco, recognizes the outstanding leadership in all the aims in the past by members of this organization.

Mr. Sacramento invites the elder Filipino-Americans to join in this organization and to encourage the younger generation to participate in the noble ideals of what the Filipino-Community stands for.

The Community is holding a Fourth of July Celebration at Alvarado, and writes to the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce to co-operate like they did last year. No definite plans have been made as to the type of celebration, but they soon will be announced after a special meeting.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 6, 1949


On Saturday evening at Newark Pavilion the Veterans of Foreign Wars will give their annual dance. This is the Paul Rivers Post of Washington Township with headquarters at Alvarado. Frank Gygax and his orchestra will play.

The committee comprises of Donald Amaral, Manuel Soito and Alfred Lebon of Alviso; Al Leonard of Hayward; Arnold Bassignetti of Centerville, Norman Silveira, Lavern De Vincenzi, William Silva and John Aguiar of Alvarado.

A real fine gift was presented to the Veterans Post by Manuel Soito, proprietor of Silva Service Station at Machado’s Corners at Alviso. This will be on display at the dance Saturday night. This is the second time that Manuel Soito has given a gift to the Post.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 6, 1949


Nine northern California men appeared in Federal Court charged with using bait to lure ducks to their ponds near Alvarado. The nine men who ranged from San Francisco to San Carlos could face fines up to $500. They were charged with baiting their ponds with barley and wheat to lure the ducks toward them.

The Daily Hayward Review, May 10, 1949

Holy Ghost:

Southern Alameda County’s first Holy Ghost festival will be celebrated in Alvarado this weekend. Alvarado’s festival will open with a parade of the queen and her court, along with queens of other neighboring towns, and delegations from other communities. In the evening there will fire works followed by a dance. This year’s queen will be Miss Shirley Mello and her maids will be Miss Marlene Andrade and Joyce Ann Caldeira. Officers of the celebration are: Frank Goularte, Matt Machado, John Menezes, M. P. Goularte, Martin Phillips, Joe Avila and Manuel Martin Jr.

The Oakland Tribune, May 12, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Frank Goularte Jr., of Watkins Street, won a radio at the recent VFW Dance held in Newark.

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Gardetto, who have been living in Centerville until their home was made ready, moved into the house formerly occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Best and daughter Marjorie.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto and family went Mother’s Day in San Mateo visiting with Mrs. Gardetto’s mother, Mrs. B. Colombo.

Darryl Spurlock underwent a tonsillectomy at Alameda Hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Silveira entertained their family at dinner on Mother’s Day. Those attending were Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hernandez and family, Mr. & Mrs. William Silva and daughter, all of Alvarado, Mr. & Mrs. H. Ramm of Berkeley, and Mr. & Mrs. Norman Silveira of Newark.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 13, 1949

Joe E. Dutra Hosts Barbecue:

Joe E. Dutra, owner of the Bear Cat Club in Centerville, was host to members of the Shuffle Board Team and their wives at a barbecue along the San Joaquin River on Sunday May 1st. For Joe played with the Leslie Salt team and for years he has been regular third baseman for the Native Sons baseball team, which has won several championships in the Washington Township Softball League.

Mr. Dutra resides at Alvarado, which has always been home to him. His wife is postmaster of Alvarado, and a few years ago was president of the Alameda County Postmasters Association. They have a son (Robert David) about 9 years old who loves his baseball, and should be ready for delivery to the Yankees American League Baseball Team in New York in about 9 years.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 13, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Miss Florice De Vincenzi, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Laverne De Vincenzi of Fair Ranch Road, announced her engagement on May 7th. Laverne De Vincenzi, is driving a new Mercury convertible.

Dismal weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of participants and onlookers at the Holy Ghost Festival on last Sunday as hundreds of people from all parts of the country gathered to watch the parade and enjoy the events following. Shirley Mello, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mello of the Alviso district reigned as queen of the occasion and was attended by Joyce Ann Caldeira of Granger Street and Marlene Andrade of Fair Ranch Road. The VFW Drill Team did such a beautiful job of marching in the parade that they have received an invitation to participate in the Mountain View Holy Ghost Festival on May 29th and in the Newark festival later in the summer.

People living along the Alvarado-Niles Road are waiting with some anticipation the outcome of the hearing to be held this week over widening the road in connection with making it a feeder to the new East shore Freeway (a.k.a. “New State Highway 17,” “The Nimitz Freeway,” and today’s “I-880”). At present the plans are to widen it from the north side of the road from the Decoto Road into Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 20, 1949

News Note:

Recent dinner guest at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flores of Alvarado were Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Soares and children from San Lorenzo Village.

The Daily Hayward Review, May 21, 1949

Alvarado School Trustee Election:

George H. Hocking of Alvarado was elected to the position of trustee of Alvarado Grammar School with a total of 28 votes received. He was running unopposed.

The Oakland Tribune, May 21, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

The Alvarado Pigeon Club raced their pigeons from Klamath Falls, Oregon, on Sunday May 22nd. Frank George’s pigeon came in first.

CORRECTION: Last week it was reported that the VFW Drill team marched in the Holy Ghost Parade. The VFW has no drill team and the one that marched is made up of Alvarado girls who formed a team and have no connection with the VFW or any other organization. I’m sorry for the error.

Carol Burns, daughter of Mrs. Ted Harvey, received a painful and serious injury at school on Thursday, May 19th, when struck in the mouth by a baseball bat thrown by another pupil of the Alvarado Elementary School. Carol’s upper lip was cut quite badly and two teeth were broken off. The full extent of the damage cannot be determined at this time.

Several people from Alvarado attended the wedding in Centerville at one o’clock on Sunday of Mary Homan and John Ponciano. The Gardetto Bros. Orchestra played for the reception. Attending from Alvarado were: Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto and sons Walter and Arnold; Mr. & Mrs. Frank Silveira, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hernandez and son, Mr. & Mrs. John Aguilar, and Mr. & Mrs. H. Delgado.

The Alvarado Folk Dancing class and those from the new class formed at Mission San Jose and the Irvington class did several numbers at the I Am An American Day program at the High School gym on Thursday evening.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 27, 1949

News Notes:

Mrs. Walter Robie had the misfortune recently to have the railing on her porch give way and gave her a bad fall. She is recovering nicely at the Herrick Memorial Hospital in Oakland, and the latest news is that she is able to sit up and will probably be home before this item is printed.

Local school trustee elections: George H. Hocking was re-elected for the Alvarado district, he was running unopposed. In the Alviso District election Frank Faria Jr. was returned, he was also running unopposed.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 27, 1949

Alvarado School News:

6th & 7th Grade Officers:

  • President:  Natalie Cicairos
  • Vice-President: Frank Corrales
  • Secretary:  Jeany Cheng
  • Treasurer:  Elaine Hocking
  • News Reporter:  Mervin Pinto
  • Sgt-At-Arms:  Cornelio Contreras and Frances Wayland
  • Clerk: Marlene Andrade
  • Librarian:  Beverly Utile
  • Entertainment Chair: Joyce Caldeira
  • Desk Inspector: John Corrales
  • Sgt-At-Arms Ass’ts: Archie Delao and Anita Apodaca                  

Alvarado Girls Club:

The Girls Club had to have money for their blocks. So the figured out a way to earn money. They sell punch and cookies after lunch in school. The way is one big cookie and a cup of punch for five cents, or 3 small cookies or two large cookies, or 2 small cookie and one cup of punch. One cup of punch goes go 3¢. They plan to continue with their bake sale.

BY:  Ellen Louie, Girls Club Reporter

New Teams:

The new teams of the Girls Club are as follows:

Team 1-A:

Natalie Cicairos Anne Wada Angie Preciado Sadako Kurotori
Dolores Silva Frances Wayland Antonia Melina Gloria Apodaca
Josephine Villegas      

Team 2-A:

Rosara Barrera  Lupe Bueno Esther Muela Amalia Concha
Marjorie Best Anita Apodaca Lupe Melina Elizabeth Lancaster
Mercedes Rigmaiden      

Team 1B:

Rita Cicairos  Irene Silva Marlene Andrade Ellen Louie
Grace Gellerman Beverly Spurlock Rosalie Cicairos Yakeo Togami
Geraldine Silva Pearl Labrado Jessie Ramirez Naomi Muela

Team 2B:

Vera Dominguez  Lupe Ramirez Lupe Moreno Jeany Cheng
Isabel Hendrickson Ampara Sanchez Margaret Pfau Sally Sanchez
Helen Villalobos Elaine Hocking Joyce Caldeira Beverly Utile
Virginia Araya      

5th & 6th Grades:

Mr. Maffey bought the 6th & 7th Grades a new map. It shows how high the mountains are and how low the valleys are. We got the thrift banner this week for the highest percentage. We are going to the public museum on Thursday. We are having a writing contest and if we write a good story we get a postcard.

Miss Wespiser let us use some pictures of great singers and composers in full color. Our teacher is Mrs. Lucas.

BY:  Mercedes Rigmaiden

The 8th Grade:

The 8th Grade class of the Alvarado Elementary School decided to have “A Scream in the Dark” as their graduation play. The Characters are as follows:

  • Marfie Warren:  Anne Wada
  • Hal Warren:  Melvin Pimentel
  • Millie: Dolores Silva
  • Mrs. Warren:  Elizabeth Lancaster
  • Edgar Milton: Rodney Hendricks
  • Harriet Penrose: Angie Preciado
  • Bobby Warren:  George Cicairos
  • Boy:  Antoine Rigmaiden

Also, they have decided on their graduation clothes.           

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 27, 1949


The Ashland Athletic Club and the Alvarado Merchant’s played to a 2-2 tie at the end of the time limit in their first game in the Daily Review 15 and under league.

The Daily Hayward Review, May 31, 1949