Manuel S. Rodrigues Dies:

Mrs. Helen Goularte and Manuel Perry, both of Alvarado are mourning the passing of their stepfather, Mr. Manuel Rodrigues of Centerville who died on April 4th at the age of 74.

The Oakland Tribune, April 6, 1949

Eagles to Induct Officers:

Arthur A Soito, President, and other new officers of the Alvarado Aerie of Eagles will be installed at ceremonies at Eagles Hall here on June 6th. Walter Texeira is Past President. Others to be seated are: W. Cunha, Vice President; Edward A, Silva, Chaplain; C. W. Baird, Treasurer; Ernest Quadros, Conductor; Maurice Leal, Inside Guard; Ervin Williams, Outside Guard; Dr. W. L. McWhirter, Physician; and J. E. Lewis, Trustee. Delegates to the state convention in San Jose on June 17th through 19th are: John E. Santos, Raymond E. Cunha, J. E. Lewis and J. S. Martin; alternates are Tony Dutra, W. E. Silva, Seraphine Caldeira and M. S. Abreu.

The Oakland Tribune, April 10, 1949


The first annual dance of the Alvarado UPPEC will be held at the Eagles Hall here on April 30th. Arrangements are being made by Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Serpa, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Borges, Mr. & Mrs. Chick Vargas and Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rogers.

The Oakland Tribune, April 15, 1949

Eagles Auxiliary:

The auxiliary of the Alvarado Eagles will elect officers at a meeting at the Eagles Hall at 8:00 p.m. Monday, according to Mrs. Mabel Rogers, president.

The Oakland Tribune, April 15, 1949

Holy Ghost:

The annual Holy Ghost celebration will be held on May 14th and 15th in Alvarado with Shirley Mello as queen with her attendants being Marlene Andrade and Joyce Caldeira. He bar girls will be Loretta Valles, Diane Mendoza, Sharon Alexander and Frances Alvarez. The small queen will be Patricia Noia and here attendants are Janet Perry, and Myrna Jean Dutra. Her bar girls will be Yvonne Vargas, Carol Ann Noia, Kathie Silva and Neldia Emanuel.

The committee for this year is:

  • President:  Frank Goularte
  • Vice-President:  Matt Machado
  • Secretary:  John Menezes
  • Treasurer:  A.A. Lee
  • Directors:  M.P. Goularte, Manuel Martin, and Martin Phillips

The band will be directed by Tony Nunes with fireworks Saturday night with the traditional dancing and parade. Sunday will be a parade with American and Portuguese styles of dancing in the afternoon.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 15, 1949

News Notes:

Mrs. Bernice Diaz is wished a speedy and complete recovery from her operation, which she is to undergo this week.

Friends are glad to hear that Mrs. Angie Avila is feeling better after her recent illness.

Henry Flores of the Creek Road is quite seriously ill in the San José Hospital where he was taken for an appendectomy.

Mrs. Frank Gaspar of U Street in Alvarado is quite ill at her home.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vargas have been driving around town and showing their friends their new black 1949 Styleline Chevrolet. The attended a wedding Saturday evening at San Leandro of their Godchild with Mrs. Vargas’ daughter Jeanette.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 15, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

6th & 7th Grades:

The Alvarado Grammar School 6th & 7th Grades have had tryouts and selected characters for their play for graduation exercises. For the third year in succession a Willie Wildcat play has been put on by that class and is well liked by the audience. This year’s play is entitled, “Willie Wildcat’s Brain Fever.”

  • Willie Wildcat:  Arnold Gardetto
  • Gladys:  Natalie Cicairos
  • Joe:  Andrew Pimentel
  • Kathie: Jeanie Cheng
  • Vernon:  Tony Mata
  • Celia:  Frances Wayland
  • Mrs. Willkins:  Sadako Kurotori
  • Miss Bond:  Marlene Andrade

Miscellaneous News:

Mrs. Graydon Spurlock, Beverly and Darryl accompanied by Mrs. Spurlock’s brother-in-law, Mr. Delmar Pugh of Oakland, motored to Alturas to spend Easter.

Mr. & Mrs. Gardetto entertained guests at a dinner on Easter.

Mr. & Mrs. Silveira of Granger Street accompanied by their daughter Lorraine and her little daughter Janelle spent Easter Sunday in Berkeley.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 22, 1949

News Notes:

George H. Hocking will again run for the position of Alvarado Grammar School Trustee. He is running unopposed.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 22, 1949

Classified Ad:


1½ ton Chevrolet stake, clean. Only 40,000 actual miles. Second house south of Alviso Grammar School on Hiway 17, between Alvarado and Centerville.

The Daily Hayward Review, April 22, 1949

Classified Ad:


Found, 1 sack of chicken feed at the corner of “C” (?) & Watkins Streets, 12 noon.

Alvarado 55-821

The Daily Hayward Review, April 22, 1949

VFW Dance:

The annual public dance of the Paul Rivers Post, VFW, will be held at the Newark Pavilion on May 7th.

The Oakland Tribune, April 25, 1949

Washington High Defeats Los Gatos:

The Washington Huskies of Centerville broke their one-run jinx yesterday afternoon as they defeated hosting Los Gatos High 9-7, in a Santa Clara Valley Athletic League game. Sabe Elizarrey, Husky hurler, notched his fifth league victory as his teammates came through for two runs in the top of the eighth. A fly ball by Ray Berrios, which brought in Joe Bettencourt from third base proved to be the turning point for the Huskies. A single by leftfielder Gil Cicairos brought in catcher George Pagan for the final tally.

The Oakland Tribune, April 29, 1949

News Notes:

Norma Bettencourt, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Bettencourt of 956 V Street, has been pledged to Alpha Chi Omega sorority at San Jose State College. She is a sophomore studying for a general elementary teaching credential.

John Rose Brown, beloved cousin of Mrs. Adeline S. Martin of Alvarado, with whom he lived, passed away recently and funeral services will be held on April 30th. He was a brother to the late Joseph Brown of Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 29, 1949

Japanese-American Club:

Members of the Southern Alameda County JACL and their friends spent a day of relaxation and fun at Pebble Beach, south of Pescadero last Saturday. The group left from James Fudenna’s farm in Alvarado at 8:30 a.m. Refreshments were served by the chapter. There were prizes for the youngsters and adults who participated in games. Later in the afternoon everyone took part in a wiener bake.

The following stores made donations for this occasion: Shell Oil Co., Hayward; B. F. Goodrich Co., Hayward; Sam Dinsmore Store, Alvarado; and The Matsumoto Company, Alvarado. The committee chairman was Tak Fudenna, who was assisted by Charles Yuhara, Kay Maeda, and Tak Murakami.

The Daily Hayward Review, April 30, 1949

Classified Ad:


Bedroom set, walnut, 5 pieces, including box spring and mattress.

Phone: ALvarado 55-924

The Oakland Tribune, April 30, 1949