Mrs. Anne Forbes Dies:

Mrs. Anne Augusta Forbes, 80, Alvarado Librarian, died yesterday at her home in Alvarado. A native of Alabama, Mrs. Forbes had been a resident of Alvarado for nearly 30 years. Mrs. Forbes was the sister of Mrs. Frances Robie of Alvarado.

The Daily Hayward Review, March 1, 1949

Carol Hocking’s Alvarado News:

On Tuesday, February 22nd, the Alvarado Folk Dancing Group had a party. They will elect officers soon.

A new streetlight has been put up on the corner of Alquire Road and Alvarado-Niles Road (the old Creek Road).

For February, Miss Wespeiser’s 6th & 7th Grades at the Alvarado Grammar School won the $1.00 prize of having the most mothers present at the meeting.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 4, 1949

News Notes:

On February 18th the Alvarado School Mother’s Club had a meeting. Their card party was held on Friday, February 25th. The committee is Mr. Borges, Mrs. Winnie Harper, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Evelyn Silva, Mrs. Eugene Best and Mrs. Emily Noia. The Mother’s Club is hold a bazaar on May 1st on the school grounds. The Mother’s Club is also sponsoring a kite contest with prizes for both girls and boys. The refreshment committee for this meeting was Mrs. Eugene Best, Mrs. Gladys Best and Mrs. Andy Anderson. The refreshment committee for the next meeting is Mrs. Caldeira, Mrs. Emily Noia, Mrs. Alvina Brune and Mrs. Carlson.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 4, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Mr. Manuel Pinto of Alquire Road, who is in the San Jose Hospital, is reported to be improving and it is hoped that he will soon be able to come home.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto and sons, Walter (Fasolis), Andy and Arnold, spent Tuesday with Mrs. B. Colombo, Mrs. Gardetto’s mother who lives in San Mateo.

Alvarado School News:

The students of the upper grades of the Alvarado Grammar School presented an Amateur Hour Program for the Student Body on last Friday, which was much enjoyed. Prizes of $1.00, 75¢ and 50¢ were enjoyed by the winners. The program was as follows:

  • Ronny Aranda sang a Mexican song.
  • Ralph Labrado and John Corrales sang “Far Away Places.”
  • Beverly Spurlock did a tap dance.
  • Eugene Concha sang “Address Unknown.”
  • Marlene Andrade and Joyce Ann Caldeira sang “A Little Bird Told Me So.”
  • Natalie Cicairos, Amalia Concha and Esther Muela sang, “Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes.”
  • Pearl Labrado Sang, “A Tree in the Meadow.”
  • Frances Araya sang, “My Happiness.”
  • Arnold Gardetto sang, “On a Slow Boat to China.”
  • Beverly Spurlock playing “Curious Story.”
  • Mervin Pinto, Bob White, and Andrew Pimentel singing “On a Slow Boat to China.”
  • Antoine Rigmaiden playing a boogie.

First prize of one dollar when to Pearl Labrado for singing “A Tree in a Meadow,” second prize went to Beverly Spurlock for her tap dance and third prize went to Antoine Rigmaiden for the playing the Boogie. The entertainment chairman was Marjorie Best and assistant is Marlene Andrade.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades were taken to San Francisco on Monday, February 28th to visit the University of California Dental Clinic to learn how to care for their teeth. Each child’s teeth were cleaned and appointments could be made for further that they might need. Mr. Tony Alexander drove the bus and Mr. Maffey and Mr. Bond each took a carload of children.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 4, 1949

Classified Ad:


Wallet with valuable paper, permits, licenses, etc.

Alvarado 55-809

The Daily Hayward Review, March 5, 1949

Alameda County Fair:

Alameda County history in review will be the theme of the giant cavalcade to be presented at the 1949 county fair at Pleasanton. The Alameda County Farm Bureau board of directors has undertaken to sponsor and promote this gigantic show.

The Alameda County Farm Bureau Board of Directors has chosen a committee under the chairmanship of Joe Rose from Pleasanton, and has drawn from persons throughout the county to help in the project. Manuel Abreu was chosen to represent Alvarado on the committee.

The Daily Hayward Review, March 7, 1949

News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Mello have moved into their new home over at Beard Road in Alviso. They formerly lived in Newark.

Mr. & Mrs. Italo Orsetti have moved into their new home in the Alviso district next to the Alviso School.

At 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning the Alvarado Grammar School put on a program in memory of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 11, 1949

State Route Widened:

Clements and Company of Hayward have bid $157,724 for widening and surfacing the 5.4 miles of State Hiway between Alvarado and San Leandro.

The Oakland Tribune, March 13, 1949

Parole Denied:

Parole has been denied to W. C. (Larry) Fitzgerald, member of the “thirty strong” gang and confessed robber of the Bank of Alvarado in 1921 in which Bank President August May was shot. Fitzgerald drove the get away car and is currently serving a life term. He is being transferred to the Stockton State Hospital.

The Oakland Tribune, March 14, 1949

“Sab” Carabello:

Sabio “Sab” Carabello, a native of Alvarado will play an important part in the Opening of Smith’s Clothing for Men & Boys on the corner of Foothill and A Streets in downtown Hayward.

Sab served in the U.S. Navy during the war and worked for several clothing stores in the Hayward area.

The Daily Hayward Review, March 16, 1949

News Note:

Mrs. Frances Bowersox of Alvarado has terminated her association with the Hayward Farm credit Association on March 15th.

The Daily Hayward Review, March 17, 1949

Junior Traffic Patrol News – By John Gualco:

Election of officers of the California Schools Safety Patrol resulted in the following choice for the Alvarado Grammar School unit:

  • President:   Antoine Rigmaiden
  • Vice-President:  Julio Moreno
  • Secretary:   Rodney Hendricks
  • Treasurer:  Yoshio Kamiji
  • News Reporter:  John Gualco
  • Parliamentarian:  Conrad Preciado
  • Sgt-At-Arms:  Masaharu Hisaoka

There was a Constitution Committee named as follows:

George Cicairos Rodney Hendricks      Yoshio Kamiji  Julio Moreno
John Gualco      

The annual Interior County Junior Traffic Patrol Review will be held this year at Livermore on Saturday, April 23rd, Mr. Bond, one of the teachers, tells us. Mr. Bond has done magnificent work and is in charge of the Alvarado Patrol.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 25, 1949

Yoshio Kamiji’s Alvarado School News:

The 8th Grade won the Red Cross Drive for funds with an average of 11¢ per member for the room. They won the Red Cross Poster Contest also.

The 8th Grade is asking Alvarado Grammar School Principal Leslie Maffey to pick out a graduation play, which they can start on, for presentation in June. On the committee are Anne Wada, Yoshio Kamiji, Rodney Hendricks and Angie Preciado. The 8th Grade graduation pins have arrived.

On Tuesday afternoon of this week the girls had a basketball game with the Decoto School girls at Decoto. Alvarado won 21 to 18. The Alvarado team was comprised of: Captain: Natalie Cicairos, Lt. Anne Wada, Rita Cicairos, Sadako Kurotori, Lupe Ramirez, Angie Preciado and substitutes: Dolores Silva and Vera Dominguez. By: Anne Wada

The 8th Grade will be invited by the High School to visit there on April 29th, along with the graduating classes of other Township schools.

Election of Officers for the 6th Grade resulted as follows:

  • President:  Arnold Gardetto
  • Vice-President:  Andrew Pimentel
  • Secretary:  Jeanie Cheng
  • Treasurer:   Elaine Hocking
  • News Reporter:  Marlene Andrade
  • Clerk:  Sadako Kurotori
  • Judge:   Mervin Pinto
  • District Attorney:  Ralph Labrado
  • Parliamentarian:   John Gualco
  • Sgt-At-Arms:  Natalie Cicairos and Cornelio Contreras
  • Ass’t District Attorney:  Frank Corrales and Amalia Concha
  • Cupboard Monitor:  Beverly Utile
  • Ass’t Librarian:  Marjorie Best

Reported By:  Marlene Andrade

5th & 6th Grades:

The kite contest will be held Thursday, march 2nd for the whole class to compete. Mrs. Lucas’s room has a Broadcast of the News before the “mike” to see what experience in public speaking may do to develop a stage presence and future ease before the public. Reported by: Mercedes Rigmaiden.

Miscellaneous news:

Toussaint, the magician, will give a show at Alvarado School on Friday, May 27th, with the Student Body busy now selling plenty of ticket to realize a nice profit. On the committee are: Antoine Rigmaiden, Paul Villareal, Melvin Pimentel, Rodney Hendricks, Andrew Pimentel, Marlene Andrade, Dolores Silva, Sadako Kurotori, Henry Contreras, and Ellen Louie.

Awards of block letters to: Frank Corrales, Julio Moreno, Marlene Andrade, Natalie Cicairos, Rodney Hendricks and Angelita Preciado.

Award of Stars to: Anne Wada, Antoine Rigmaiden, and George Cicairos (2).

Exchange Stars to: Rita Cicairos, Rose Barrera, Marjorie Best, Anita Apodaca and Dolores Silva.

Students of the 6th & 7th Grades are studying South America and Central America.

Elizabeth Lancaster is secretary to Principal Les Maffey and is doing an excellent job. Another office helper will be mentioned next week.

A special presentation of the play, “Barber of Seville” was performed by:

  • Barber:  Josephine Villegas
  • Doctor:   Sally Sanchez
  • Music Teacher:  Marie Soto
  • Rosina:   Lupe Bueno
  • Count:  Tony Bueno
  • Singers Were:  Marie Soto, Joe Aranda, Ernestine Aranda and Jack Tagan
  • Guard:  Yakeo Tagami
  • Notary:  Marie Soto

Melvin Pimentel is a star actor and his pals figure he will make his mark on the stage because he handles his speaking and acting parts so well. He has a nice size and easy manner that could develop into confidence and success in professional dramatics.


In a basketball game on February 16th, Alvarado beat Niles 40 to 17.

In a game of basketball, Alvarado “A” Team beat Irvington 12 to 5.

The Alvarado “B” Team lost to Irvington 18 to 10.

The Alvarado boys' volleyball team played Alviso February 17th. Alvarado “A” Team beat Alviso two games to nothing.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 25, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Jerry Aguilar, Mrs. Morris Davilla and Marie Jardine were among those on the sick list this past month, and we are happy that it was minor and all are improved now.

Mr. Wilbert Hendricks is recuperating from the flu. Mr. Hendricks is employed by the Leslie Salt Company and also engages in the home appliance and electrical work.

Mrs. Dorothy Vargas, assistant cook at the Alvarado Grammar School Cafeteria in Alvarado tells us that she has a gas range for sale at her home at 1815 Smith Street. Anyone interested can see it there and she assures us that the stove is in good shape.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 25, 1949

Holy Ghost:

The annual Holy Ghost fiesta season will open in Southern Alameda County on May 14th and May 15th at Alvarado. Frank Goularte is chairman of the two-day festival here.

The Oakland Tribune, March 27, 1949

School Trustees:

Washington Union High School Trustees who are up for re-election this year are: A. E. Alameda, Irvington; and Andy K. Logan, Alvarado. The Alvarado Grammar School Trustee up for re-election is George H. Hocking.

The Oakland Tribune, March 27, 1949