News Note:

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flores were hosted by Mrs. Flores’ sister Mrs. Larry Soares in Hayward, Mrs. Flores’ other sister, Mrs. Anthony Rogers and family from Campbell were also at the gathering.

The Daily Hayward Review, February 2, 1949

Alvarado School News:

Student Body candidates for election:

President: George Cicairos    
Vice-President: Antoine Rigmaiden  Raul Villareal  
Secretary: Angie Preciado  Natalie Cicairos Anne Wada
Treasurer: Sadako Kurotori Marlene Andrade  
News Reporter: Yoshio Kamiji Beverly Spurlock Marlene Andrade
Sgt-At-Arms: Raul Villareal Melvin Pimentel Julio Moreno
Clerk: Henry Contreras Gloria Apodaca Rosa Barrera
Judge: Raul Villareal Natalie Cicairos Frank Corrales
Ass’t District Attorney Andrew Pimentel Cornelio Contreras Conrad Preciado
Athletic Monitor: Frank Velarde Frank Corrales Maas Hisaoka
Parliamentarian: Salvador Barrera Natalie Cicairos Louis Burns
4TH Grade Rep Patricia Noia Bobby Jones Leroy Salido
5TH Grade Rep Grace Gellerman Irene Silva Ellen Louie
  Arnold Hernandez    
6TH Grade Rep: Conrad Preciado Sonny Hernandez John Corrales
7TH Grade Rep: Natalie Cicairos Sadako Kurotori Eugene Concha
8TH Grade Rep: Yoshio Kamiji Dolores Silva Eddie Mateo

5th & 6th Grade Room Officers:

  • President:   Irene Silva
  • Vice-President:  Bert Bounds
  • Secretary:  Rita Cicairos
  • Treasurer:   Ellen Louie
  • Sgt-At-Arms: Rosalie Cicairos
  • Parliamentarian:  Geraldine Silva
  • Judge:  Conrad Preciado
  • Clerk:  Leonard Barrera
  • Enternament:  Grace Gellerman
  • News Reporter:  Mercedes Rigmaiden
  • District Attorney:  Willie Hernandez
  • Ass’t District Attorney: Tony Bueno

5th & 6th Grade Committees:

Covered Wagon:

Rita Cicairos (Chairman) Leonard Barrera Jerry Aguilar  Irene Silva
Grace Gellerman      

Mural Committee:

Grace Gellerman (Chair) Leonard Barrera Joan Bounds Robert Dutra
Isabel Hendrickson      


Naomi Muela (Chairman)  Margaret Pfau Virginia Araya Sonny Muela
Jerry Aguilar      


Ellen Louis (Chairman) Helen Villalobos Geraldine Silva Bert Bounds
Grace Gellerman  Daniel Rosendez Tino Rangel  

Stories:   Conrad Preciado

Pictures:  Irene Silva

Plays:  Ellen Louie

8th Grade Room Nominates Officers:

President: Raul Villareal George Cicairos Eddie Mateo
Vice-President: Antwine Rigmaiden Eddie Mateo Angie Preciado
Sexretary: Elizabeth Lancaster Anne Wada  
Treasurer Dolores Silva Masaharu Hisaoka Yoshio Kamiji
News Reporter: Melvin Pimentel Yoshio Kamiji Anne Wada
Parliamentarian: Rodney Hendricks    
Sgt-At-Arms: Masaharu Hisaoka  Raul Villareal Julio Moreno
Desk Monitor: Elizabeth Lancaster Masaharu Hisaoka Angie Preciado
Health Clerk: Angie Preciado Raul Villareal Eddie Mateo

Alvarado School Boys Club:

The Boys Club of the Alvarado Grammar School chose new officers on January 18th. They are as follows:

  • President:  George Cicairos
  • Vice-President: Antoine Rigmaiden
  • Secretary:  Rodney Hendricks
  • Treasurer:  Wito Villareal
  • News Reporter:  Yoshio Kamiji
  • Sgt-At-Arms:  Frank Corrales
  • Game Manager:  Arnold Gardetto
  • Ass’t Game Manager:   Wito Villareal

They will take office in the early part of February and hold office until the summer vacation.

The Alvarado Pioneer, February 4, 1949

News Note:

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Wayland and children, Richard, Charles, Frances and Lorraine of Oakland are newcomers to Alvarado. They have recently purchased one of the Varni homes at 2075 Smith Street and moved into it over the weekend. All Alvarado wishes to extend a hearty welcome to the Wayland family.

The Alvarado Pioneer, February 4, 1949

New Nurse:

The public health nursing staff of Alameda County is now at its full allotment with the naming of Madelyn A. Woodard of Alvarado. A native of Alvarado, Mrs. Woodard attended Alvarado School and Washington Union High School. Later she was graduated from Providence School of Nursing and the University of California. While her husband was overseas during the war she lived with her parents in Alvarado, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Avila.

The Daily Hayward Review, February 5, 1949

Classified Ad:


1939 Buick, $600

Phone: ALvarado 55-979 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The Daily Hayward Review, February 10, 1949

Mrs. Hana Wada Dies:

Mrs. Hana Wada, 54 years of age, passed away at her home on 1517 Smith Street Alvarado. She was a native of Japan and a widow.

The Alvarado Pioneer, February 11, 1949

Pioneer Woman Dies:

Private funeral services will be held Monday for Mrs. Belle Owen Crandall, widow of the late Edward A. Crandall and member of a pioneer Alameda County family. Mrs. Crandall was a native of Alvarado and had lived her entire life in this area. Her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Owen were early day residents of the Alvarado section.

The Oakland Tribune, February 13, 1949

Newspaper Racks Stolen:

Six metal newspaper racks were stolen from street corners in Decoto, Newark, Centerville and Alvarado sometime between Saturday night and Monday morning. The thefts of the racks, which contain coin boxes, were reported by James P. Gallagher, District Manager for the Oakland Tribune.

The Daily Hayward Review, February 16, 1949

Chamber of Commerce Meeting:

Supervisor Chester Stanley and Don Follett, security manager of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce will address members of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce tonight at Alvarado Elementary School.

The Daily Hayward Review, February 17, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News Notes:

Mrs. Mike Gardetto celebrated her birthday on February 4th with her family at a dinner at their home. Mrs. Gardetto neglected to tell us her age.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto of Granger Ave. attended a PTA party at the Bret Harte School in Hayward and were chosen as the second best waltz couple in a contest.

Carol Perry of Niles has announced her engagement to Ernest Andrade of Alvarado. Ernie is the son of Mrs. & Mrs. Henry Andrade of Fair Ranch Road.

Mrs. Elsie Machado of Smith Street has been confined to her home with the mumps. Her little son, Dennis has just recovered from them.

Little Carol Noia, the four-year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Seraphine Noia of Granger Street has been quite ill, but is recovering.

The Alvarado School is very proud of their new custodian, Mr. Tony Alexander. They now have two full-time custodians to take care of the school and grounds.

Little Janelle Silva, 8-month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Silva, has been ill with a bad cold.

Sam Dinsmore Jr. and wife and son Sammy III, have been vacationing at Isleton, California.

Miss Shirley Davis, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Davis of the Creek Road has announced her engagement to Dick Faria of the Creek Road.

Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Spurlock, Beverly Anne and Darryl were Sunday dinner guests of the Barton’s in Pittsburgh.

Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re of Smith Street Alvarado, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hansen, and Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bettencourt of Newark visited nightspots in San Francisco Saturday night. They saw the lady in the fish bowl that was recently written up in Life Magazine. All report a lovely time and enjoyed the display immensely.

The Alvarado Veterans of Foreign Wars entertained the Auxiliary at a spaghetti dinner Wednesday evening. Thirty people were present to enjoy the sumptuous dinner prepared by Walter Fasolis, Jesse Jacinto Jr., and William Silva. Bill Silva of the Shell Oil Station is a new candidate to the VFW.

Eddie Manuel of the Hellwig Meat Co., and wife, Walter Fasolis and fiancé Ernestine Silva of Newark, Andy Gardetto and Carmen Soto of Decoto, attended a chicken dinner given by the Musician’s Union at the Alabam recently. Andy hopes to regain some weight he lost with the mumps in the fall.

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Andrade, who have been making their home with Mr. & Mrs. George Andrade of Fair Ranch Road, have moved to Granger Street. The apartments are very pretty and certainly modern in design as well as in every other way.

The Alvarado Pioneer, February 18, 1949

Student Court:

Disciplinary problems at the Alvarado Grammar School have decreased to a considerable degree since the inauguration of the Student Court, says Leslie Maffey, school principal. “Sliding or loud talk in the hallways, use of native tongue instead of the English language on school grounds, chewing gum” or similar offenses are responsible for the appearance of a dozen or so pupils before Judge Raul Villareal’s weekly Student Court. Students found guilty are meted “lines” as punishments; such as giving to write out “I will not talk loudly in the hall” two hundred times.

The Oakland Tribune, February 24, 1949

Alvarado School News:

6th & 7th Grade:

The 6th & 7th Grades had a “Valentine Party,” it sure was nice. The class Mother donated cookies, punch and one of the Mother’s donated a cake, which was very good. The cookies were designed very pretty in all shapes and colors, with heart shapes, etc. The class, I am sure, will say we had a wonderful time.

Student Body news:

Roses are red, (pardon me), I was just thinking about the Valentine Party. After the room party the 4th and up had a dance, woo, what a pretty decorated heart, which consisted of one big heart painted red with fillers and a boy and a girl on it. The students can think up awfully pretty things to go with a party.

Boys Club:

The are the boys who played for the Alvarado A team:

George Cicairos (Capt)   Julio Moreno Mike Leon Antoine Rigmaiden
Paul Villareal    Salvador Barrera Rodney Hendricks  

Student Body Elects Officers:

The Student Body of the Alvarado School elected new officers as follows:

  • President:  George Cicairos
  • Vice-President:  Antoine Rigmaiden
  • Secretary:  Angelita Preciado
  • Treasurer: Marlene Andrade
  • Reporter:  Yoshio Kamiji
  • Sgt-At-Arms:   Julio Moreno
  • Judge:  Frank Corrales
  • Clerk:  Rosa Barrera
  • District Attorney:  Rodney Hendricks
  • Ass’t District Attorney:  Jimmie Pimentel
  • Athletic Monitor:  Maas Hisaoka
  • Parliamentarian:   Natalie Cicairos
  • 4TH Grade Rep:  Bobby Jones
  • 5TH Grade Rep:   Ellen Louie
  • 6TH Grade Rep:  Johnny Carlson
  • 7TH Grade Rep:  Sadako Kurotori
  • 8TH Grade Rep:  Dolores Silva

Valentine Dance:

The Student Body of the Alvarado School had a Valentine Dance on Monday February 14th. It was very successful and everyone had a wonderful time.

Direction Committee:  Marlene Andrade, Cornelia Contreras, Anita Apodaca,  Rosa Barrera

Committee to Get Records:  Marjorie Best, Archie Delao, Rita Cicairos

The Alvarado Pioneer, February 25, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Mr. Melvin Silva of Alquire Road has been quite ill at his home for the past week and a half. Mr. Silva operates the M.J. Silva Trucking Co.

Another on the sick list is Darryl Spurlock, who has been sick with an ear ailment since Saturday.

Considerable excitement was caused in the 7th Grade room when a bat got in the room. Little did the bat realize that the room has had a Nature Study project all winter and how it is a part of that project with all the thanks going to Arnold Gardetto who captured it.

Mr. Manuel Pinto, also of Alquire Road, lives just across from the Holly Sugar Mill, has been quite ill. Mr. Pinto has the local Shoe Store and Repair Shop. We hope to see Mr. Pinto about again real soon.

The Alvarado Pioneer, February 25, 1949