Flood Control:

A countywide flood control and water conservation district for Alameda County was authorized today, and the State Legislature was asked to give its stamp of approval. The Board of Supervisors late yesterday approved an act creating the district and memorialized the legislature to give its sanction.

The Supervisors ordered the act last summer when the county’s water table around Newark, Centerville, Alvarado, Pleasanton and Livermore dropped to an alarming low. The act calls for:

  1. The sale of bonds, levying of and collecton of taxes and assessments on land within the district.
  2. Management and control of the area, with officers and the supervisors acting in that capacity.
  3. The right of eminent domain in the district.
  4. Measurement and study of the water supply and rights within the territory.
  5. Planning and operation of a system of parks, playgrounds, benches, on land required for the district’s uses.

The Oakland Tribune, January 5, 1949

Unincorporated Areas:

The city of Oakland has estimated that 45,000 persons live in unincorporated areas of Alameda County. Oakland names these towns and districts as “unincorporated areas:”

Alvarado, Alviso, Centerville, Decoto, Green, Independent, Inman, Irvington, May, Mission San Jose, Mt. Eden, Mountain House, Murray, Newark, Niles, Palomares, Pleasanton, Redwood, Russell City, Summit, Sunol Glen, Tennyson, Valle Vista, Warm Springs and many of the areas outside of Hayward such as Fairview, Alta Vista, (El Rancho Verde, Fairway Park, Hillview Crest), etc.

The Hayward Daily Review, January 6, 1949

Sachi Kamiji to Marry:

It will be quite a home wedding when Miss Sachi Kamiji of Alvarado becomes the bride of Takeo Fudenna of Warm Springs on Sunday, January 23rd. Miss Kamiji attended the Alvarado Grammar School and Washington Union High School, while Takeo, who is farming in Alvarado, attended the Warm Springs Grammar School and Washington Union High School.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 7, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Mrs. Mabel Rick and three and one half year old son, Roger, are guests in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Seraphine Caldeira and daughter Joyce Ann.

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Spurlock and Beverly motored to Chico California on Friday, December 31st to spend New Years Day with Mrs. Spurlock's sister and family.

We are pleased to have the following news of Pigeon Club as submitted by Jeanette Lagomarsino, daughter of Mrs. Ed Vargas of Smith Street. The Alvarado Homing Pigeon Club has signed four new members for their 1949 racing season. Elvin Rose, Vernon Perry and the Sanchez brothers are expected to give plenty of competition. Veteran members of the club: Will Machado, Ed Vargas, Melvin Silva, George Vargas, Anthony Vargas, Joe Perez, Frank & Tony George, and Manuel Silva are looking forward to an exciting 1949 racing season.

Miss Wespeiser, the 6th & 7th Grade teacher spent Christmas with her family in Burlingame and New Years in Stockton and Sacramento visiting friends. Miss Wespeiser lives in San Jose but is moving in the very near future to Alvarado to be closer to her work.

Mercedes Rigmaiden of Lake Charles, LA. is a new pupil in the 6th Grade. She is living with relatives at the Riverside Hotel at 1050 Granger Road. Mrs. Estelle Rigmaiden and daughter Selina have recently returned form a trip to Lake Charles where they visited with relatives.

The new building being put up on Smith Street by M.A. Silva is nearing completion and is going to be modern in design. The building is to be occupied by Mr. Silva’s son, Lloyd, who will conduct a business to be known as “Lloyds Electric.” As yet an opening date hasn’t been set.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 7, 1949

Tennyson Fire:

A blaze in a three-story tank house in the Tennyson area brought responses from the Tennyson, Alvarado and Fairview Fire Departments. Damage to the structure was estimated at $2,500. A newsboy delivering newspapers noticed the fire and notified the Fire Department.

The Daily Hayward Review, January 8, 1949

Alvarado Chamber of Commerce:

Election of officers of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce will be held at the Eagles Hall in Alvarado on January 20th. A meeting of the Chamber will be called to order at 8 p.m. by retiring president, William Martinez. In the future, meeting of the membership will be held only on call, but directors will meet on the third Thursday of each month. Directors elected at the last meeting and who will choose the officers are: Leslie Maffey, Eliseo Naharro, John Ralph, Domaso Dias, Charles Baird, Frank George, Manuel Borges and Walter Oakey.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 14, 1949

Alvarado Mother’s Club:

The Alvarado Mother’s Club is doing a fine job of having our students eyes examined. All five days of last week they examined the eyes of 250 students and found 18 defective eye cases, which will be taken care of.

Mrs. Alvina Brune, head of the Mother’s Club, is doing a fine job of this eye testing. She was assisted by members who were: Teresa Carlson, Emily Noia, Annie Flores, Bernice Manuel, Pauline Silva, Winifred Harper, Mary Santos, Marian Hocking and Mary Spurlock.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 14, 1949

News Notes:

A ventriloquist and magician has been arranged for Friday, January 28th by the student body President, George Cicairos. The magician is E. Carl Burgess.

The following employees of the Leslie Salt Co. attended the News Year’s Eve dance given by the Alvarado Eagles: Francis Mello, Clara Aguilar, Jeanette Goularte, Annie Martin, George Goularte, Clarence Silva, Louis Silva, Bill Silva and Frank Caldeira.

While the school was closed on Wednesday, the teachers improved their time by visiting Irvington and San Jose schools. John Bond and Dorothy Wespeiser visited Irvington. Going to San Jose schools were Shirley Everett, Betty Culbertson, Charlotte Jug, Shirley Pearson, Hilda Widdop and Isabel Lucas.

Lloyd Silva, son of the popular Blacksmith, Manuel Silva, Jr., is a progressive young man. His long experience with a large Electric Store in Hayward has fitted him to handle heating of the most intricate type for your homes and stores. The building of a $10,000 store building on Smith Street, opposite Alvarado Grammar School, well stock with famous heaters, makes him able to give just as high class service, he believes, as anyone in Southern Alameda County. Lloyd’s store phone is ALvarado 55-774. It is at 1546 Smith Street.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 14, 1949

Postmasters Meet:

Mrs. Genevieve Dutra of Alvarado, past president of the Alameda County Postmasters Association, will be the hostess at a dinner meeting of the group at the International Kitchen in Niles today at 7:00 p.m.

The Oakland Tribune, January 19, 1949

Beverly Spurlock’s Alvarado News:

Fire Chief Tony Vargas is recovering from surgery done at the Alameda Hospital. He expects to be able to return home the middle of next week.

Several Alvarado folks attended and enjoyed the Folk Dance Festival at the Civic Auditorium in Oakland on Sunday, January 16th.  The next festival will be held on February 13th at Fort Ord in Monterey. People who attended the festival in Oakland were: Mrs. Manuel Goularte, Jeanette Goularte, Marjorie Re, Mrs. Mary Silva, and Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Spurlock and children Beverly and Darryl.

Troop 67 of the Girl Scouts in Alvarado are working on a Photographic Badge as their new project. Several girls have been taking pictures representing community life such as the fire department at work or the school Boy’s Patrol at work. Several good pictures should be gotten and the girls learn how to take better pictures.

Several Alvarado girls who attend Washing Union High School have organized a Girls Club for the girls’ entertainment during the vacation and promote friendship among the girls. The president is Selina Rigmaiden, the vice-president is Marie Jardine and secretary-treasurer is Ruth Togamie.

Little Linda Click of Centerville is recovering from a tonsil operation in the Highland Hospital in Oakland. Mr. Click was a dinner guest of Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Spurlock on Tuesday while Linda and Mrs. Click were away form home. Mr. Click was the 6th & 7th Grade teacher in Alvarado last year and lived on Granger Ave.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 21, 1949

News Notes:

Holly Sugar has installed filters for the plant’s new liquid sugar unit. The new units were installed by chief millwright Fred Joyce and master mechanic E.M. Bauhard.

Addie Kelly, well-known business Alvarado businesswoman, and owner of Kelly’s Place in Alvarado surprised all her friends when she married Mr. Felix Bonilla of Alvarado. The witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. Lupe Saucedo, well-known owners of the Halfway House, on Levee Street in Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 21, 1949

Courteous Paperboy:

(A letter to the editor of the Oakland Tribune)

Editor: I feel very grateful to your paperboy, one Archie Delao Jr., and think you should know of his courtesy and thoughtfulness. I have been ill, and since then he gets off of his bike and carries the paper in and quite a number of steps up to my door.

I’ve been taking the paper since 1941 and this is the first time this type of courtesy has been shown.

Elaine S. Sallee, Alvarado

The Oakland Tribune, January 21, 1949

Classified Ad:


Regina, upright vacuum cleaner with all attachments included, scarcely used, a buy.

Phone ALvarado 55-772

The Daily Hayward Review, January 25, 1949

Alvarado Guard Flag:

A method of preserving a pre-civil war flag is being sought by the members of the Sycamore Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 129, of Hayward. The old 32 star flag, was made and presented by the ladies of Alvarado to the old Alvarado Guard, who were stationed at Alvarado before and during the Civil War. At the combining of the Alvarado Guard with the new National Guard, the silk flag was presented to the Crusade Lodge of the Odd Fellows, No. 93, of Alvarado, which has since merged with Sycamore Lodge No. 129.

Though carried through the Civil War the flag is in fairly good condition, said George Reinking, chairman of the flag display, and the lodge would like to put it in a case for public display.

The Daily Review, January 27, 1949

Mrs. Amelia Brown Dies:

Mrs. Amelia Brown, 77, wife of the late Joseph Brown, sister to Mary Leboe of Alvarado, died January 23rd in Alvarado. She was a native of the Azores Islands.

The Oakland Tribune, January 27, 1949

Alvarado Hundred Battle Flag:

(A letter to the editor of the Oakland Tribune)

(Note: Sycamore Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 129, has an American Flag made by the ladies of Alvarado, and presented to the Alvarado Hundred, who went off to battle in the Civil War with MAssachusetts Cavalry. This flag has 34 stars and is made of silk.)

It is reported that the Alvarado Guard carried this flag through the Civil War. It was presented to Crusade Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 93 of Alvarado when the Alvarado Guard was absorbed in the new National Guard. Crusade Lodge No. 93 IOOF has since consolidated with Sycamore Lodge, No. 129, bringing the flag with them.

The flag is in pretty fair condition and Sycamore Lodge would like to find a preservative or some firm that is in the business of preserving valuable banners and flags of the type named above, so that we may put it in a case for public display. Sycamore Lodge would be grateful to anyone who would furnish us with the information and any additional information they may have in regard to the Flag.

Write all communications to Sycamore Lodge No. 129, IOOF, 952 B Street, Hayward, California. Phone LU 1-1343.

George J. Reinking, Hayward

The Oakland Tribune, January 27, 1949