Anthony E. Vargas Dies:

There wasn’t a finer man in Alvarado than A.E. Vargas. Tony was interested in his hometown, Alvarado, practically his whole life. His passing is a hard blow to an equally fine citizen, his good wife, Mrs. Nora Vargas. There was a love match if ever there was one, and in recent years when both had sieges of illness, there was that devotion that we call 100 percent.

We went to that home weekly, and it was a happy home, too. Tony had been conducting business in this city and later became a fruit buyer for a large fruit concern. His smile and cheery ways were known in fraternal orders like the Eagles, and by his large number of friends all over Alameda County.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 3, 1943

Anthony J Vargas:

We didn’t know that Anthony J. Vargas had such a fine hobby of thoroughbred canaries until the other day, when we had the opportunity to see them. We met Tony Vargas at his father-in-law’s store, A.A. (Tony) Lee. Well we got to talking about these birds and Tony invited us to see some 75 birds, all with a pedigree. He has a record of each one. Right now he is getting ready to exhibit some of birds at a big show.

The big event is the Oakland International Roller Canary Club exhibition to be held in the Pacific Building at 16th & Jefferson Streets in Oakland.

His Rollers are registered birds, which means they have pedigreed records. This will be Mr. Vargas’ first entry in competition. He belongs to the International Oakland Roller Canary Club, which is sponsoring the exhibit of best birds in the West.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 3, 1943

News Notes:

The Washington Township Christmas Seal Drive will be headed by Miss Mildred Nauert, Mrs. August May and Mrs. W.S. Robie in Alvarado.

Tony Paredes, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Paredes of the Alvarado Hotel, is home on furlough from his camp in Florida.

Mrs. Walter Robie received the shocking news that her grandson, Tom Muller of Davis Cal., had been shot by the accidental discharge of a .22 rifle. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The firemen of the Alvarado Fire Dept. have been receiving lessons in the use of the resuscitator machine, which is a first aid means of often time saving lives. The Fire Commissioners deserve credit for buying this up-to-date apparatus. It cost some $400.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 3, 1943

Beet Harvester:

Ranchers of Washington Township and from surrounding territories will witness the second local demonstration of the new automated sugar beet harvester, which is expected to revolutionize the industry from a labor standpoint. The first demonstration was given two weeks ago when local beet growers saw the machine dig, top, pile, and load beets all in one operation.

Twenty of these machines and as many men can replace 500 hand-harvesters, according to Andrew Logan, agriculturist for the Holly Sugar Corporation at Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, December 5, 1943

Lawrence Rose Dies:

Lawrence Rose, 38, a native of Alvarado passed away on December 7, 1943. Husband of Delphine Rose, father to Lawrence LeRoy Rose, brother of Mrs. Mabel Rogers, Mrs. Aldena Andrade, and Manuel L. Rose, all of Alvarado. Lawrence was a native of Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, December 7, 1943

Disturber of the Peace:

Jose Aranda, 38, father of eight children with a ninth expected, was found guilty of disturbing the peace after a hearing at the Centerville Justice Court. The trouble arose, according to a sister-in-law’s testimony when Aranda made a disturbance at her home regarding funeral arrangements for his six-month old son, one of the twins born in a barn here last May. Aranda was placed on probation for two months and ordered to provide for his family.

The Oakland Tribune, December 12, 1943

Service Recognition:

In recognition of the 500 hours, which she has donated to the Washington Township Rationing Board, Mrs. Blake Hill of Alvarado recently was presented with an emblematic pin by George C. Roeding Jr., member of the board.

The Oakland Tribune, December 12, 1943

Chamber of Commerce:

Election of officers of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce was held on Thursday evening, December 16th, at the Odd Fellows Hall. Frank Machado, who has done such a wonderful job of single handedly make it what it is today, even collecting 110 memberships a year at $2 each, declined to run for president, and suggested that some young blood be added as leader. Charles Baird nominated Mike Salido, who has shown a wonderful interest in Boy Scouting here as scoutmaster. He was elected the new president.

Charles Baird was elected vice-president. Baird has been a big help in the C of C and is the headman of the Scout Committee. Other officers re-elected were George Oakes, Secretary and John Menezes Treasurer.

Directors elected were John Ralph, D. Diaz, Frank Machado, Manuel Silva Jr., Matt Machado, Joe Priego and Joe Langdon. John Menezes reported that the sum of $121.34 was still in the bank after paying $97.95 in bills at this December meeting.

Flowers have been sent to Mrs. Nora Vargas and a sympathetic letter regarding the passing of her husband, A.E. Vargas.

Station Agent Wilson had a fine report to make regarding the big campaign to have local people cooperate in exterminating rats. Wilson told how the Agricultural inspector furnished poisoned grains free and how it had succeeded in killing many rats. Those who had used it and reported success included J.C. Wasley, Charles Baird, D. Diaz and others.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 17, 1943

News Notes:

Supervisor George Hellwig was instrumental in getting improvements made to roads in Alvarado. The County Surveyor was brought to Alvarado lately to see the condition of the streets after the sewers had been laid down. He thought they needed fixing, and so did other Supervisor, so out local Supervisor has a word of thanks coming from every local resident because Hellwig got a $9,000 street job done. It shows he knows local conditions.

Three more Alvarado boys left for the service this week and were given the usual money belts by the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce. Robert Sanchez joined the Marines and left Monday and Arnold Borges and Manuel Pine joined the Army and left Tuesday. Young Sanchez and Pine were born and raised in Alvarado and Arnold Borges was born in Newark but later moved to Alvarado.

The Alvarado Chamber of Commerce entertained some sixty members at a wonderful turkey dinner held on December 16th. Joe Lewis acted as toastmaster of the even. After dinner the guests repaired to the Lodge room where Joe Lewis introduced that Irish tenor deluxe, Ray Hansen. Say but he was good, he sang popular songs, Irish ballads and told of jokes that sure made them laugh. He lives in Newark and is the Southern Pacific man who is in charge of signal maintenance between Newark and Oakland. He was the hit of the evening, and years ago sang over the leading radio programs.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 17, 1943

Alvarado Chamber of Commerce:

Just for about 30 minutes after the banquet of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce on Thursday evening, December 16th, at Odd Fellows Hall, a short business meeting was held. Frank Machado, who has done such wonderful work to single handedly make it what it was, even collecting 110 memberships in one year @ $2.00 each; declined to run for re-election as president, and suggested that some young blood be added as leader. Charles Baird nominated Mike Salido, who has shown a wonderful interest in Boy Scouting here as scoutmaster. He was elected the new president.

The Oakland Tribune, December 23, 1943

News Notes:

Joseph E. Dutra of Alvarado welcomed home his brother, Cpl. John Dutra, who is at Oak Knoll Hospital recuperating from wounds received at the battle of Tarawa. The corporal will soon be awarded the Purple Heart.

Around $1,000 has been raised in Alvarado by Joseph Lewis and his committee. The goal was the sum of $2,000, but it was thought that it was a pretty fine showing. Some of the outstanding checks received in Alvarado were from:

Holly Sugar Co. $50
Leslie Salt Co. 50
Eagles  25
Chamber of Commerce 10
UPEC 2.50
IDES 2.50
Rebekahs 2.50

The Alvarado Pioneers, December 24, 1943

News Notes:

William Avila, of Smith Street who works at the Caterpillar Tractor Co., had the misfortune to injure his arm lately.

Bobby Rodgers of the U.S. Navy has been visiting his folks Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rodgers of the Creek Road.

Joe S. Goularte, Jr., is remodeling his home on the Creek Road. He bought it recently for renting purposes.

Pvt. Ernest Foster of the U.S. Army, stationed in North Africa, was the news received by his wife, the former Carmen Vargas.

Manuel Cardoza Silveira of V Street who is the Army, visited here recently.

Walter Fasolis, of the Navy, was visiting his folks, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto.

Hubert Jacinto of the Sea Bees arrived Friday evening in Alvarado on a visit to his wife and parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse (Joseph Sr.) Jacinto.

The charming Miss Eleanor Silver of the Creek Road was married last Sunday at St. Anne’s Church in Alvarado to Edward Perry of Irvington.

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Goularte and daughter Jeanette, and Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re enjoyed New Year’s Eve as party guests of Mr. & Mrs. Serafin Noia. Another party the Goularte’s and the Re’s attended recently was in Oakland as guests of Mr. & Mrs. Elois Binek, formerly of Alvarado. Mrs. Binek is a sister of John Brugge here.

Alvarado pupils will again be back in classes at Washington Union High School on Monday, January 3rd. Among those from the business district are Jesse (Joseph Jr.) Jacinto, Joaquin Naharro, Stanley Lewis, David Priego, Andrew Gardetto, Laverne Diangson, Placido Paredes, Doris Martinez, Cecilia Martinez, Dorothy Eudy, Norma Bettencourt and Adrian Silva.

Mrs. Manuel Maciel of Creek Road is staying with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lewis of Alvarado while her husband is undergoing treatment at the San Jose Hospital. Among the visitors Mrs. Maciel had on Sunday were her son and her daughter-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Maciel Jr.

Mr. And Mrs. Fred Wolff called on Mrs. Nora Vargas Sunday and they were glad to find her feeling so well. The Wolffs also called on Fred’s mother here, who we are sorry to hear has been sick. Mrs. Vargas has borne up wonderfully well since the sad death of her husband. Such fine neighbors as Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Goularte help make this possible as well as kindly visits by her son Edward Vargas of Hayward.

The Alvarado Pioneer, December 31, 1943

Alvarado Road Improvements for War’s End:

Alvarado will receive two road enhancement projects at the conclusion of the war.

The first project is for improvements on Marsh Road south of Alvarado, which connects Alvarado with Newark and the Dumbarton Bridge.

The second project is improvement of five miles of highway of the Alvarado-Niles Road.

The Oakland Tribune, December 31, 1943

New East Shore Freeway Route Close to Being Set:

(Editor's Note:  The East Shore Freeway, A.K.A.: New Hiway 17, and the Nimitz Freeway is today’s I-880.)

Speculation has been rife the past several years as to the final routing of the proposed East Shore highway to run from Oakland to San Jose. Traffic is so congested in normal times that Oakland complains bitterly that its traffic cannot not get through bottlenecks to the south.

The fear in Hayward has been that the roadway would be so far west, in the mud flats, that traffic would by-pass Hayward entirely. However it is definitely indicated that final plans calls for location of the freeway to run through the western edge of Hayward, a half mile east of the pickle factory (Hunts Bros. Cannery between “A” and Winton Sts.) and east of the present Hesperian Boulevard.

Surveyors have been busy locating the new route and getting everything in readiness for post-war building, to give idle men work. The new speedway will be six-lanes, 200 feet wide, with underpasses. It will not use the present right-of-way of Hesperian Boulevard and will join that roadway just south of Alvarado near Beard Road in the Alviso District.

The Hayward Review, December 31, 1943