News Notes:

Tom Gallagher, who was away form Alvarado and working in Oakland for about a year, is now back in Alvarado. He resides over Sam Dinsmore’s Store with his mother, Mrs. Louis Cunha.

Mr. & Mrs. Forbes of Oakland visited Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jacinto recently.

Mr. & Mrs. Rush of Granger Avenue are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Miss Florence Hamby of Oakland, accompanied by Mr. L. Telles, visited Mr. & Mrs. William Avila of Smith Street.

Mrs. Isabel Rodriguez, who operates the Beauty Shop here, tells us that blood donors are urgently needed at Niles.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Martin have moved in town after living at home with her parents for a number of years.

PFC Melvin Allegre visited his wife (nee Hilda Pinto) lately. He is stationed at Norman, Oklahoma where he is with the ground crew in the aviation department of the Marines.

Wilbert Hendricks is working the past five weeks at Hall Station for the Alvarado Vegetable Growers.

Ernie Machado, stationed in S.F. and working to repair ships on the docks, comes home every weekend. He is the son of Matt Machado, distributor of excellent wines.

Ed Martinez of the U.S. Navy his sent news to his family that he will be home soon for a short visit.

Miss Doris Martinez celebrated her 17th birthday last Sunday at her home.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Silva, Mr. Ronald Rose, and Mrs. Joseph Rose visited the A.E. Vargas home on Smith Street.

Mervin Christiansen, former Alvarado boy, visited friends here while on a furlough. He has been stationed in North Carolina by Uncle Sam’s forces.

Rich Munger visited his folks here. He is stationed at Phoenix, Arizona. He is in the Air Corps and flew over Alvarado on purpose a few weeks ago.

Corporal Fred Perry and, Verbonia, were the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re Sunday at Alvarado.

Walter Fasolis is now stationed at Port Hueneme, California. Walter passed through Alvarado aboard a train a few Sundays ago.

Two new gas pumps have arrived at the Shell Gas Station owned and operated here by Mrs. Winifred Harper. The improved and larger tanks Winifred busy. She is assisted by Alberta Menezes.

Leonard Dutra celebrated his birthday Sunday, August 29th at Alma Rock Park in San Jose. There was a linguicia barbecue and a weenie roast. His father, Frank Dutra, was the cook. Attending was Miss Lillian Silva of Hayward, Mr. & Mrs. David Silva of San Leandro, Mr. & Mrs. Philbert Dutra of Alvarado, and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pimentel and son Melvin.

Central Bank today opened a drive to sell $10,000,000 in war bonds, with the Liberty Bell as the theme of the campaign and every officer and staff member of the bank listed as a “salesman for Uncle Sam.”

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Serpa and daughter are now living in the Alvarado Niles Road district. Mrs. Serpa is the former Betty Medeiros. Mr. Serpa is employed at the James Graham Mfg Co. at Newark, and has been working on the victory shift at the Hunt Bros. cannery in Hayward.

The Alvarado pioneer, September 3, 1943


The Alvarado section will begin sending tomatoes to California Conserving Co in two weeks. The plant has been processing tomatoes from the Merced Valley for the past month.

The Hayward Review, September 7, 1943

New Arrival:

A son, named Donald Anthony, was born on August 30, in Hayward Hospital to the wife of Tony Brune of Alvarado.

The Hayward Review, September 9, 1943

Alvarado School:

The Alvarado Grammar School will open on Monday, September 20, according to Mrs. Walter Robie, clerk of the school board of trustees. Principal J. C. Wasley and other members of the faculty will return with the exception of Mrs. Ruth Davis who has resigned. Anticipated decreased enrollment will result in dropping the sixth teacher.

The Oakland Tribune, September 12, 1943

Tent City:

There has been a tent city erected in Alvarado for colored farm helpers, and it has doubled the population, but there seems to be enough work for them.

The Hayward Review, September 15, 1943

News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pimentel of Smith Street visited James Knight who has just got back from overseas, where he served his country for eight months.

Everybody buying a Victory Bond now at the Central Bank in Alvarado, or at the Alvarado Theater from E. Naharro, will be given a ticket, which will admit that person free to the Bond Night Preview on September 28th. A film from Hollywood, which has not been seen here before will be a feature. So the local citizens who make a patriotic sacrifice and in an investment in a bond will be honored by being admitted free. So, we repeat, to enjoy this BIG BOND NITE, you will have to secure a ticket from on of the two places mentioned above, the bank or the show house.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 17, 1943

Washington Township War Dead:

The first gold star to hang in the window of a Niles home is that which replaces one of the five stars on the service flag of Ignacio and Maria Avila, of the Mexican settlement in Old Town. A telegram from the War Department has informed the parents that their son, John, the first born of their 11 children died at the age of 24 in the service in Sicily. Avila has four brothers in the service.

This is the third Washington Township boy to be killed in action, the other are: Pvt. Kenneth Santiago, 31 of Decoto, who died in the South Pacific; and Sgt. Joseph Allegre, 29, of Alvarado who died on the Alaskan Island of Attu.

Of the approximately 1,000 boys enlisted or sent from Draft Board No. 75 (Niles), only four have been listed as missing: PFC Joseph Bernardo, 32, of Centerville, tank corps at Bataan; Paul Rivers of Alvarado, U.S. Army Air Corps in the Solomons; Sgt. James Sinclair 26, of Irvington, Infantry in New Guinea; and Lieut. Douglas Rorabeck of Sunol, bombardier in the European area.

The first casualty from the township was Pvt. Ernest Azevedo of Mission San Jose, who died while in training in the United States.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 17, 1943

Classified Ad:


Motorcycle for sale. Harley Davidson ’31 model.

Opposite the Sugar Mill in Alvarado.

The Hayward Review, September 23 1943

News Notes:

The Alvarado Grammar School was closed the past week, as lack of many children working in the fields made a low attendance. School will reopen Monday, October 4th.

Joe Dutra and four of his companions each brought home a fine buck, a remarkable record for a group of deer hunters. Even Joe Dutra’s son, Robert, has a hunting outfit, but the artillery he uses won’t hurt an of the neighbors yet, still he see how daddy does it, so he is itching to go and do his  stuff.

The Alvarado Pioneer, September 24, 1943

Tent City:

Last year the colored farm workers of Alameda County established a harvest workers camp at Alvarado entirely for Negroes who wished to do farm labor. There were about forty there last year and the camp earned a fine reputation for neatness and the thrifty work done by the colored hands there.

This year the number has doubled but the work has not kept pace with the increase. Last week there were too many idle days at Camp Alvarado.

The Hayward Review, September 28, 1943