News Notes:

Arthur Silveria, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Silveria of V Street, writes to the folks that all is well with him at Camp Roberts.

Miss Roseline Daviner, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Seraphin Daviner of V Street, Alvarado, announced her engagement on graduation day.

The much-hated State Sales Tax will drop, but will not be dropped. Starting July 1st the State Sales Tax will fall from 3% to 2.5%.

Lorraine Perry of V Street Alvarado was tendered a lovely party on graduation day of Washington Union High School at her folks home of V Street.

Frank Lewis of Watkins Street is home on furlough from Camp Walden, Farragut, Idaho. His brother Adam Lewis is still at Buckley Field, Denver, CO.

Manuel Silveria of V Street was home Sunday. He is located at an Army Camp near Los Angeles. His folks are Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Silveria.

Joseph Silver of V Street, who is recuperating at his home since his operation on injured nerves says he expects to go back to work in about a month from now. He was asked to work at Holly’s Tracy plant, but is undecided whether to work there as he would rather work closer to home.

The Alvarado Sanitary District Commissioners are desirous of making the local system a great success. And so they invite the property owners to help them to see that all homes ARE CONNECTED WITH THE SEWER, as required by law. The cooperation of those who have already signed has been appreciated. The eyes of the rest of the county are on the progress of the Alvarado Sanitary District, as it is know to be one of the most modern. So let us keep up the work and see EVERY HOME IS CONNECTED WITH THE SEWER. Permits for signing up for service may be secured from Frank Machado, Inspector of the District.

Wilma Martin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martin of the Whipple Road at Alvarado, is employed at the Oakland Post Office. We are proud of Wilma, who is a graduate of Washington High in 1941, as she has the honor of selling U.S. Defense Stamps at one of the prominent windows at the Oakland Post Office. Another daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Martin is Mildred, who will graduate from Washington High in June 1944. Joseph Martin has always been one of Alvarado’s finest citizens, and has made a good school trustee. He is a prominent worker to help St. Anne’s Church, and is a prominent member of the Eagles.

Manuel Perry, son of Mrs. Mary Perry of the Creek Road, will be home on a furlough next month for about a weeks stay. He is located at an Army camp in Alaska. Manuel’s brother, Ernest Perry, also lives on the Creek Road.

Ramiro Machado, our popular barber at Alvarado, will move his barbershop location to the new shop built by Matt Machado next to his famous wine depot. This town social center for many men makes his location right across from the Grammar School. At present he is adjoining the former Tony Mello Café. For about 20 years Ramiro has had a steady business here.

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 2, 1943

Summer Classes:

Four Washington Township young people leave today for Berkeley, to enroll in summer semester classes. Jacquelyn Burtch of Newark will return as a high freshman. Henry Borghi of Decoto as a sophomore in the Naval Reserve. Margaret Williamson of Niles and Linda Hellwig of Alvarado as seniors in the Department of Political Science classes.

The Oakland Tribune, July 4, 1943

Hawaiian Shirt:

Winifred Santos Harper has received many interesting presents, which are typical of the Hawaiian Islands, where her husband William Harper is stationed in the Army.

Her husband sent her a complete dancer’s outfit consisting of a dance skirt, halter-top and leis. Also included were a cocoanut ukulele, necklaces and silver charm bracelets.

The Hayward Review, July 6, 1943

Help Needed on Observation Post:

Alvarado has put out a call for patriotic citizens to help man the Air Raid Observation Post at the Grammar School.

The following are the names of Alvarado people who are being so faithful to our Observation Post. The people of Alvarado should be proud to know that they are serving our country in a worthwhile cause:



06 am to 08 am: Ruth Hellwig
08 am to 10 am: C.M. Anderson
10 am to 02 pm: Annie Baird
02 pm to 04 pm: Mary Silva
04 pm to 06 pm: Hilda Hughes and Mervin Perry


06 pm to 08 pm: M.C. Lemos and Bobby Lemos
10 pm to 02 am: Joseph A. Rose and John Silva
02 am to 06 am: Emilio and Marjorie Re



06 am to 10 am: Victoria Henry
10 am to 02 pm: Emily Noia and Marjorie Re
02 pm to 04 pm: Vernon Perry and Vernie Perry
04 pm to 06 pm: Eileen Wilson


06 pm to 10 pm: Stanley Lewis and A.J. Vargas
10 pm to 02 am: John Aguiar
02 am to 06 am: Manuel Machado and Manuel Benites Jr.



06 am to 08 am: Corinne Munger
08 am to 10 am: Clara Flores and Viola Dinsmore
10 am to 02 pm: Isabel Martin and Ruby Harvey
02 pm to 06 pm: Vivian Logan and Sally Logan


06 pm to 10 pm: Blake Hill and Judy Hill
10 pm to 02 am: Joseph Jacinto Jr.
02 am to 06 am: Matt Machado



06 am to 08 am: Elaine Sallee
08 am to 10 am: Helen Alameda
10 am to 02 pm: Marion Hocking and Angie Vargas
02 pm to 06 pm: Aurora Lewis and Helen Goularte


06 pm to 10 pm: Helen and Stanley Anderson and Rose Lee
10 pm to 02 am: Aurora Lewis and Joe Lewis
02 am to 06 am: Manuel P. Rose and Weston Emery



06 am to 08 am: Helen Roderick and Andy Gardetto
08 am to 10 am: Esther Gardetto and Mary Silveria
10 am to 02 pm: Mabel Rodgers and Mary Borges
02 pm to 04 pm: Mary Silva
04 pm to 06 pm: Isabel Martin


06 pm to 10 pm: Manuel Silva Jr. and William Machado
10 pm to 02 am: Tony Roderick and Bobby Lemos
02 am to 06 am: Vacant at present



06 am to 10 am: Corinne Munger
10 am to 02 pm: Pearl Peterson and Teddy Peterson
02 pm to 04 pm: Muriel Jacinto and Rose Perry
04 pm to 06 pm: Charlotte Jung


06 pm to 10 pm: Charles Baird
10 pm to 02 am: Frank Pinto and Clifford Rogers
02 am to 06 am: Floyd Russell



06 am to 10 am: Glenn Wallace
10 am to 02 pm: Betty, Clara and Joseph Jacinto Sr.
02 pm to 06 pm: Bob Wasley


06 pm to 10 pm: J.C. and Edith Wasley
10 pm to 02 am: Beck Garcia and Ramiro Machado
02 am to 06 am: Elvin Rose and Peter Pinto

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 9, 1943

News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jacinto and son and daughter visited relatives over the Fourth of July.

Miss Alberta Menezes arrived home from Brookdale Saturday where she enjoyed a few weeks of vacationing in Santa Cruz.

Delegates to the SPRSI convention in Fresno were Mrs. Clara Flores, Evelyn Silva and Mamie Roderick. Mrs. Mary Borges of the Creek Road attended as a visitor.

15-year old Frank Pinto has been awarded the pin for 500 hours service on the Air Raid Observation post. No other person on the post has served as long.

Manuel Silveria Cardoza of V Street was home on a furlough lately. He surprised his folks as they did not expect him.

James Wasley Jr., is making a name for himself with the Navy. And is now a regulation cadet in the Naval Service.

Mrs. Nora Vargas has been ill in bed but is much improved and is up and around again.

Mrs. Helen Roderick of Creek Road has her father visiting her. He is from Decoto and has been quite ill. He is 75 years old.

Tony Perry of V Street has been busy right along at General Engineering in Alameda for about a year. Tony is going to take a couple of weeks vacation soon.

Mrs. Mary Goularte of the Fair Ranch Road was shopping in Oakland on Friday.

Having a boy of her own in the service and knowing how they live from one letter to another in their lonely stations of Army and Navy, caused Mrs. Mabel Rodgers to take on the big job of writing to 19 young men in the service. Her visit to the Navy camp at Idaho where her son Robert was stationed brought her in touch with many lonely hearts far away from home. Well, if Mabel with her jolly remarks can't drive the blues away form the boys we don’t know who can.

One of the most efficient workers in defense work among the young ladies in the East Bay is Miss Lucille Slaviero, who is employed at the Radich & Brown Navy Construction plant at San Leandro. Her fiancé is Robert Rodgers of Alvarado, who is in the Navy studying radio work at a big Navy base near Los Angeles. This weekend Miss Slaviero enjoyed the sparkling hospitality of Robert’s parents and brother on the Creek Road.

The Alvarado Pioneer, July 9, 1943


Holly Sugar workers are finding work at other industries in the area and many have been transferred to work in Tracy, where Holly will be processing beets that should have been destined for Alvarado. Ben Koontz, Superintendent for the Alvarado mill is working for California Conserving Co. in Hayward, helping them with some building plans. Tom Patterson of Valle Vista is working for the Pacific Bridge Co. in Alameda and Walter Jorgensen is working around his house doing many improvements he hadn’t been able to get to.

The Oakland Tribune, July 15, 1943

Promotion at Alvarado Bank Branch:

Walter M. Oakey, who has been employed by Central Bank since 1928 was recently promoted to the official title of Assistant Cashier at the Central Bank Branch at Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, July 16, 1943

Clifford Rogers:

Clifford Rogers of Alvarado is working in Hayward at the California Conserving Company with his father. Cliff will be a junior at high school when he goes back next term.

The Hayward Review, July 22, 1943

New Arrival:

A son was born July 20th to the wife of Tony Carlos, 981 W Street, Alvarado. He weighed 9 pounds and was given the name Richard.

The Hayward Review, July 27, 1943