Area Produce:

Southern Alameda County is certainly a point from which much produce and goods are shipped to various sections of the nation. It ought to be a highly prosperous community, and fact it is. Consider these figures:

Newark’s two salt companies shipped 41 carloads of salt east last week.

The Alvarado Vegetable Growers Association ships a carload of peas and lettuce to the Northwest (Portland) every other day.

Hayward sends out carloads of canned goods from its canneries each week.

The Centerville cannery will pack 5,000 cases of turkeys for the government this summer.

Harry Rowell takes his rodeo stock, including horses and Brahma bulls to rodeos from San Francisco to Madison Square Garden New York.

If all this material was shipped out from here were trade marked, Hayward/Southern Alameda County, it would become a national by-word, known favorably for its great productions of things the nation uses.

Editor’s Note: This article is from a Hayward newspaper, hence the reference to the “Hayward/Southern Alameda County” trademark.

The Hayward Review, June 1, 1943

Postmaster Conference:

Local Postmasters Mrs. Genevieve Dutra of Alvarado and Mrs. Mary Janeiro of Decoto will attend a three-day conference to be held at Hoberg’s south of Clear Lake. An official from the United States Post office Department, Washington D.C., will address the audience.

The Hayward Review, June 3, 1943


The Holly Sugar Mill in Alvarado will not process beets this year in Alvarado. The beets will be shipped to their Tracy mill for processing. The reason given is that late rains delayed planting of the crop and only 50% of the normal beet acreage was planted this year.

The Hayward Review, June 8, 1943

News Note:

Mr. & Mrs. Philbert Quintal and Mrs. Lucille Vierra of Hayward, were guests at a recent family gathering at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Dutra at Alvarado.

The Hayward Review, June 10, 1943


Definite announcement that the Holly Sugar Corporation’s plant at Alvarado will not process this year’s crop of sugar beets, because of the small acreage being raised in this area, was made Monday by company officials. Local beets, about 50 percent of the usual acreage planted will be processed at the Tracy plant. The Holly Sugar Corporation maintains plants also at Hamilton City and Santa Ana and at eight or ten other locations outside California.

Reduced acreage this year is said to be due to the late rains in the spring, which delayed the planting, also there was anticipated difficulty in obtaining harvesters and the tardiness of announcement of Federal bonuses to offset increased cost of production.

Failure to open the Alvarado plant this fall will release about 3,000 processors and 300 harvesters from the list of laborers needed in Washington and Eden Township during the fall of the year. The plant usually begins work on the season’s crop during September and runs full force through December. The maintenance staff at the plant, it was explained, will be absorbed into other Holly plants or will transfer to other industries.

The Alvarado mill is the oldest sugar processing plant in the United States. It was established in 1869 and was taken over by the Holly Corporation in 1927. It average annual output of sugar is from 500,000 to 600,000 100-pound bags, processed from about 200,000 tons of beets. Ben Koontz is the superintendent of the Alvarado sugar mill.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 11, 1943

News Notes:

Walter Fasolis is in the Navy at Camp Hill and is still in the boot camp for beginners says his brother Andy Gardetto.

Albert Borges of the Creek Road left New York for overseas, the Government notified his folks. He is a Master Sergeant.

George Oakes of Hayward and Lloyd Bailey of Alvarado, classmates of Robert Sproul in the 1913 class at UC Berkeley expect to attend the class reunion on June 20th.

Joe Abreu is at Camp Cook at Santa Maria. He lives on V Street.

Manuel Silveira of V. Street is in the Army at Camp Haan near Riverside Calif.

Norman Silveira of Granger Lane is in the Glider Corps, located in North Carolina.

Manuel Borges of V Street is proud of his nephews in the Armed Forces.

Sergeant Warren Silva is in the 16th Bomb Operations Training Wing in Arizona. Warren’s father is Frank Silva of V Street.

Corporal Leonard Silva of V Street is in the Medical Corps in Hawaii.

Melvin Allegre went to the Marines at San Diego training station recently. He lives on the Creek road.

Sergeant Joe Allegre of the Creek Road is in Africa where there is big sighting. He left Palm Sunday for Fort Ord.

The Editor admired the flower garden of Mrs. Frank Machado at her home on Smith Street. And besides the flowers, her victory vegetable garden showed fine results of her gardening.

Mencho Paredes leaves on the 15th of June for the armed Forces. He is the son of Mrs. And Mrs. F. Paredes of the Alvarado Hotel.

Ernie Machado, brilliant student at Washington Union High School, goes into the Service on June 20th. He is the son of public-spirited Matt Machado.

Clarence Pimentel of Alvarado was surprised by a birthday party thrown on his behalf by his wife to celebrate his 29th birthday.

Mrs. Hilda Pinto Allegre of Alvarado has been visiting her husband, Melvin Allegre in Los Angeles. He has been in the Marines several weeks and is stationed there for the time being.

Arrangements are being made for the wedding of Manuel Pine and Angie Borges, both of Alvarado. Manuel works at the Harvey ranch and was born and raised here. Miss Borges is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Borges, who resides at the corner house next to the Post Office.

Anthony E. Vargas, fruit buyer and chicken fancier with a splendid bunch of laying hens, is much improved. He has been gaining back his health gradually since his illness started in January. Tony is one fine fellow, and his wife Nora has been helping him back to health.

Plans for the establishment of a County Farm Labor Recruiting Office, with sub-offices in Centerville and Pleasanton, were outlined at Hayward at an organization meeting of the newly formed Alameda County Production Committee. T.P. Harvey of Alvarado is among the members.

When you want a nice Hamburger or cheese sandwich, the Half Way House at Alvarado invites you to drop in there. The place is across the street from the Central Bank, and is conducted by a young lady by the name of Evelyn C. Miller. She is originally from Seattle and her mother still lives here. Besides hamburgers she serves coffee and beer. She has made many friends and is very friendly and accommodating.

We want to compliment the Alvarado Post Office for having such accommodating people both in Postmaster Genevieve Dutra and her assistant Alice Menezes. They dress in such cheerful looking dresses that they make it a pleasure to do business at this place run by happy people.

Jack Binder, second trick telegraph operator at the Alvarado Southern Pacific depot for the two years, has been called in the draft and will report next Thursday to go to Monterey. He has made his home at the Alvarado Hotel while in this town. He was always very cheerful and efficient. Station agent Wilson will miss him.

Miss Eleanor Silva, charming daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. F. Silva of the Creek Road, has announced her engagement to a prominent young man in Washington Township. We have not yet learned the name of the lucky young man.

St. Anne’s Church is going to get two service flags like other Catholic Churches have in their place of worship. The Alvarado church will also have a roll of honor of their local men printed on a list called a Roll of Honor, which will be enclosed in a wooden case. These patriotic improvements were made possible by the money donated locally by our good people, the sum of $222.50 being raised. Frank Machado collected $181.50 and Matt Machado collected $41.00

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 11, 1943

Graduating From Washington High:

The date of the Washington Union High School’s graduation exercise program will be held Sunday afternoon June 20th. In the graduating class from Alvarado are:

Ernie Machado Lorraine Alameda Jeanette Silveira
Rosalyn Daviner Anita Cabaran Eileen Wilson

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 11, 1943

Alvarado Grammar School Graduation:

Graduation exercises at Alvarado Grammar School will be held Friday evening, June 18th. There are 21 graduates. They are:

Victoria Benites  Alden Chamnes Florence De Vincenzi
Irene Doran James F. Gardetto Dorothy J. Eudy
Sophie E. Hernandez Dolores M. Hernandez Angelina Leon
Edward Michie Jeanette Montalbo Lena Pacheco
Placido Paredes David Priego Leo Ramirez
Anthony J. Roderick Lawrence Samarron Esperanza Saucedo
Betty Jane Silva Manuel Villareal Glenn E. Wallace

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 11, 1943

Alvarado Sewage System:

The model new sewage system at Alvarado might well be inspected by officials from various cities located on low ground, where the problems are identical with those in Alvarado. The pumps there shove the sewage along to the modern disposal plant.

The Hayward Review, June 15, 1943

Alvarado Soldier Killed in Attu:

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Allegre of Alvarado-Niles Road received a telegram that their son, Sgt. Joseph Allegre, 39, was killed in action of the Island of Attu in the Alaskan Aleutians. A telegram from the War Department was received by Sergeant Allegre’s widow in Berkeley.

He was inducted in April 1941, and returned home for a furlough last April. His brother, Melvin Anthony, was inducted a few weeks ago.

He was the brother of Angie Vargas and Pauline Dutra.

The Hayward Review, June 22, 1943

Girl Scouts:

A public investiture service and court of awards was held by the Lone Troop Girl Scouts of Alvarado at the Alvarado Grammar School last week by Mrs. Anelda Hulse, leader in charge. Twelve girls were raised to second-class rank. Betty Ann Jacinto, Margarette Hulse, Joyce Layton, Joel Andrada, Sherry Davis, Claribel Silva, Delores Santos, Barbara Diangson, Eleanor Rose, Janet Layton, Betty Jane Silva and Madeline Hernandez. Dorothy Endy received her tenderfoot badge.

The Township Register, Niles, Calif., June 25, 1943

Alvarado School Graduation:

Mrs. Walter Robie, oldest Elementary School trustee in point of service in Alameda County presented 21 diplomas to Alvarado Grammar School Graduates. Florice Di Vencenzo was Valedictorian and Placido Paredes gave the welcome address.

No further information on Alvarado and Alviso graduates was found for 1943.

The Township Register, Niles Calif., June 25, 1943

News Notes:

Eileen Wilson of Alvarado passed the Subject 'A' English test at UC Berkeley. She is undecided whether to attend the coming term or not.

Miss Janet Decoto, niece of Mrs. August May, is engaged to a very fine young man in the Navy. She is the daughter of Ezra Decoto Jr.

Saenz Claudio is in the Army overseas and is a brother of Mrs. Fernandez, 1026 Maiden Lane. Mr. Claudio formerly lived in New Mexico.

A birthday party was given in honor of Mrs. Madeline Pimentel of 2025 Smith Street, Alvarado at the former Tony Mello’s place.

Tony Santos, son of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Santos who resides next to the Alviso School, was a seven-day furlough this past week. He is in the Navy.

Joe Sanchez of Decoto, who is in the Army at Camp White, Oregon, will visit Alvarado the latter part of July. He is engaged to our lovely Alvarado girl, Miss Evelyn Naharro.

Anthony Pine of Alvarado has been in the Army about two weeks. He is located at Los Angeles.

Alice Menezes, Assistant Postmaster and sister Elberta are vacationing at Boulder Creek as guests of Dr. and Mrs. John Bettencourt. Elberta will stay three weeks. She will resume her studies in the fall as a sophomore at San Jose State College. Alice will come home on Sunday.

Considering that Frank Gaspar was bedridden for over two years, it is good news to hear that he was so much improved that he was able to walk up town this week. Frank lives on V Street, and for many years superintended the feeding of sugar beet pulp to Owens Packing Co. cattle near the sugar mill.

Victor Naharro, the pioneer shoe store man residing across from the Pioneer office, is much improved after two years illness. He is able to get about very well, although he is far from strong. His many friends are glad to hear of his improved health.

Clayton George, son of Frank George of the General Petroleum distribution agency, has graduated from a Boy Scout to a businessman. He has been hired during the school vacation by his father to drive a truck to deliver gasoline in southern Alameda County, and is doing a good job.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dutra returned Saturday from attending the war conference of Postmasters of California held at Robergs in Lake County, Their son Robert attended also. They went horseback riding everyday and enjoyed swimming. Robert Dutra showed himself quite an expert at softball and large crowds watched him hit the ball for circuits every trip. Mother, father and son were all dressed alike in cowboy sombreros and like shirts and jeans.

Arlo Barton and wife who formerly conducted the Halfway House across from the bank six years ago are now living in Placerville. Mrs. Barton is just recuperating at her home from a serious illness, having lost her newborn baby. This news was reported by Mr. Barton when he visited Alvarado friends Friday. He also called on Lloyd Bailey of Alvarado, one of his many friends.

Believe it or not, Tony George, formerly of the firm of George Bros., distributors of General Petroleum products, drills for the United States army one day a week at Newark. You see, since January 1, 1943 Tony George has been a guard at Westvaco Chlorine Corp. He wanted to help win the war with defense work, so he took a job at Newark.

Manuel Vargas, 835 Watkins Street, brother of Chic Vargas, was seriously injured at the Richmond Shipyard Thursday at 2:30 pm. He stepped on a piece of iron, which gave way and caused him to fall 85 feet. He was lucky to live at all. He was rushed to the Richmond plant field hospital. We are glad to hear they have hopes for his recovery. Mrs. Vargas has suffered a severe shock, but is carrying on well, and she and her son are hopeful for Manuel’s recovery. A few others who have plunged in this manner never lived to tell the story. Manuel Vargas has two brothers, Frank and George, and a sister, Mrs. Mary Goularte.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 25, 1943

Dog Makes Good With U.S. Army:

Frank George got news of his dog “Flash” who was accepted by the “Dogs for Defense: department of the U.S. Army. Our Alvarado distributor of General Petroleum products heard that his dog is being trained for sentry work at San Carlos in San Mateo County.

“Flash” had been sent by Mr. George to police school at San Pablo where they trained Doberman dogs, and the Army appreciated this early training. Thus they decided to continue his development along this line. Many dogs which are not previously trained are put in the sled hauling teamwork. But Frank is happy now that he encouraged “Flash” to become proficient in guard and attack tactics, as well as detective work.

The Alvarado Pioneer, June 25, 1943