News Notes:

D. Lezand, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lezand, is at Camp White in Oregon.

Frank Lewis went to Farragut, Idaho, being in the Navy.

Named to attend the Eagles Convention in San Francisco on June 19th & 20th are James Wasley, Joe S. Martin and Charles Baird. The alternates are Joe Lewis and John Menezes.

Jimmy Perry has been working in the Richmond Shipyard and is living in Richmond. His father expects that Jimmy may be in the Army before long.

The young son of Mr. & Mrs. William Harper (nee Winifred Santos) has been named William Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry and child reside on Mrs. Laurence’s home on lower V Street for some nine months. He works at the shipyards.

There are 114 connections to the Alvarado Sanitary District; we are informed by Frank Machado, inspector of the district.

William Geminez is in the Army at Seattle, Washington. He is an Alvarado boy. His father is Lupe Geminez.

Norman Silveira is in the army Medical Corps at Camp McCall in North Carolina.

Stanley Roderick was in Alvarado with his charming young wife (a Newark Miss) on Saturday. Stanley is on a Navy Repair ship, and is a First Class Electricians Mate.

The Alvarado Vegetable Growers shipped about 6 cars of mixed vegetables to Portland the first week in May.

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Spurlock, who reside in one of Varni’s cottages, have a visitor from Kansas. The guest is Mrs. Spurlock’s grandmother, who at 79 years made the trip all alone.

A baby girl was born to Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pinto (nee Antoinette Rose) on May 8th.

Ms. Dutra, formerly of Granger Ave., of Alvarado, has undergone an operation the past week at Peralta Hospital. She is now back home and we hope she continues to improve.

Isabel Rodriguez is back form a vacation in Mexico. Our local Alvarado beauty shop operator, Isabel Rodriguez, returned to Alvarado where she is especially well liked. An example of this was shown by the fact that Mrs. August May and Mrs. Charles Baird met her when she got off the Greyhound Buss at Hayward and brought her home by motor car to Alvarado.

George Lucas is able to come home at stated intervals to visit his home here from his work in the Navy See-Bees at Livermore. His wife, Mrs. Isabel Ferry Lucas is the well-known teacher of our 6th and 7th grades at Alvarado Grammar School

D. Carrillo, who has had the New Manila Pool Hall for over a year, has added another business. It is the former Half Way House sandwich eating place, which he now call the New Manila Café. He serves beer.

Edward Martinez is in the Navy. So is his brother Eugene. Another brother, William Martinez was the heavyweight-boxing champ at Camp Farragut, Idaho. He battles at 205 pounds.

The California Conserving Company has purchased the Riverside Hotel in Alvarado last year. They have been able to house some of their workers, newcomers from Missouri and some from Arkansas. Two of the young men from the town of Steel, Missouri, seem headed for the Army as Bob Michie and Eugene Doran take their physical exam on May 18th.

Matt Machado of Smith Street has been a long time member of the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce, and has always done his best to help Alvarado grow. He has built an addition to his liquor store, which is very bright, and would be a fine location for a barbershop. Matt has wines, which his customers claim are the best.

Evelyn Naharro has announced her engagement to Joseph Sanchez of Decoto. Mr. Sanchez is on furlough from Camp White in Oregon. The engagement was announced three days ago with a party at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Mike Salido. Mrs. Mary Salido is a sister of Evelyn.

Mrs. Joseph Priego is much improved after her operation a few weeks ago at San Jose Hospital. She is now home and gaining her former strength. Her sons David and Manuel worked hard at the store meanwhile. You have to give a lot of credit to Joseph Priego who goes daily to work at the shipyards because of the great shortage in labor. And he can “take it” too! Good luck Joe.

The Alvarado pioneer, May 7, 1943

Farm Home Dept:

Mrs. Leda Santos has been chosen chairman of the Alvarado Home Farm Department and will be installed in Pleasanton. Other new officers are: Mrs. Mary Gastelum, Vice Chairman; Mrs. Lena Bettencourt, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mrs. Mary L. S. George, Publicity. The next regular meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Jesse Perry in Decoto on May 18th.

The Oakland Tribune, May 9, 1943

Baby Born in a Barn:

Doctors at Highland Hospital today cared for a “manger baby,” born early today on a bare barn floor at Alvarado and joined more than an hour later by a twin at the hospital. The first infant, a girl, born unattended to Mrs. Amelia Aranda, 31, in an unheated barn and by light of a kerosene lamp.

Dr. G. S. Holeman, of Centerville, called to the place by the father, Jose Aranda, 36, found the child unconscious. While two deputies held flashlights for him, Dr. Holeman wrapped the baby in a piece of blanket and laid it between two of the seven other children in the family for warmth.

There were only three beds in the one-room barn home and the seven youngsters filled them. There were only a few ragged blankets for the whole family, and a dog lay among the youngsters on one bed, calmly sleeping through the entire proceeding.

Fearful that the mother might have difficulty if the second child were delivered there, the doctor summoned an ambulance from Hayward and had her taken to Highland Hospital, where the twin boy arrived a few minutes later.

Deputy sheriffs Glen Davidson and Ernest Sabina, who aided the doctor, said the family had been living in the barn for about four months. The father, they said, worked at the General Metals Corporation plant in Oakland. Part of the barn has a wooden floor, but the rest is earthen.

Dr. Holeman said he had never been consulted by the mother before the father came to him at 11:30 last night for help. By the time he had arrived at the barn, the first child had been born.

The Oakland Tribune, May 11, 1943

News Notes:

Observation Post Chief Joseph Jacinto has three chief assistants in Miss Flora McKeown, Mrs. Corinne Munger and Mrs. Isabelle Martin.

William Silva of Granger Avenue is leaving for the Army Tuesday. He is the husband of the former Lorraine Silveira.

Al Smith, of the Holly Sugar Company, will make a trip down to the valley for the company.

We neglected to record the birth some seven months ago of Claire Joanne Pimentel, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Pimentel who resides in one of the Varni cottages.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pimentel were host and hostess at a reception given in honor of Leonard Taormina, who was baptized on Sunday May 2nd.

Beginning his recruit training this week at the Farragut Naval Training Station at Farragut, Idaho, is Frank A. Lewis, son of Mrs. M.S. Dutra, 940 Watkins Street, Alvarado California.

Ray Diaz and wife (the former Bernice Lezand) expect to come from Arizona to visit relatives the last of this month.

Frank Vargas’ birthday will be honored on Sunday at a birthday party, when relatives will gather at the Vargas home.

On May 26th, in San Francisco, Delphino Ledesma will take his physical examination for the U.S. Army Service. He is the son of Mrs. Ledesma of Alvarado.

One of the busiest mechanics in Alvarado is Manuel Benites who is assisting at his father’s garage, known s the Manuel Benites Machado Garage. They do a big business in wrecking cars and in selling used parts to the public.

Adam Lewis looked fine in his Army uniform last Sunday. He dropped in to surprise his mother, Mrs. Dutra of Watkins Street.

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Dinsmore were visitors at the home of his parents, Sam & Viola Dinsmore, in Alvarado week ago Sunday. Clifford is a busy man at the shipyards. His brother Sam is still feeling fine at his post with Navy down at the Canal.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 14, 1943

Classified Ad:


Pony, gentle, for small child.

Post Office Box 195, Alvarado Calif.

The Oakland Tribune, May 15, 1943

News Note:

Joel H. Langdon of Alvarado has signed a complaint against Marcus Allen, now is San Quentin prison, for a forged check that Mr. Langdon cashed for Mr. Allen.

The Oakland Tribune, May 15, 1943

Alvarado Boys in the Service:

At the Chamber of Commerce meeting on Thursday night at the Alvarado Grammar School, the purchase of money belts to give the servicemen was decided upon. The local men had formerly received wallets. This makes a nice variety, and on Friday some fine belts were purchased from Kelly Bros. of Hayward. 43 men have left Alvarado so far for the Armed Forces. 37 of them have received wallets. Six of these have yet to receive a present from the Chamber of Commerce. They will get the money belts, which fasten around the waist.

List of Alvarado Men in the Armed Services:

Oligario Souza Ernest Hermosa Arthur Silveira
Mervin Christiansen Donald Flores Cyril Flores
Leonard Silva Warren Silva Norman Silveira
Bill Silva Richard Mateo Paul Rivers
Mr. Paniagua Mr. Paniagua (2 Bros) Joseph Brune
Bunny Joyce Joe Lewis Jr. Albert Borges
Bob Rodgers Sam Dinsmore Anthony Pine
Edward Martinez Eugene Martinez Stanley Roderick
John Silva Louis Silva Elliott Jardine
Julian Yabut Frank Macahilas George Lucas
Frank Lewis Adam Lewis Alexander Borges
Tony Fields Everett Alameda Jessie Benites
Marion Cordoba Raymond Diaz Albert Martin
Joe Allegre Lawrence Roderick Anthony Paredes
Richard Munger    

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 21, 1943

News Notes:

Reelected to the Board of Washington Union High School was Andrew Logan

Reelected to the board of Alvarado Grammar School was Mrs. Walter Robie who has served in that capacity since 1912.

A case of necessity takes Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Anderson and son Stanley to visit Mrs. Anderson’s sister, Mrs. Snead in Modesto.

Mrs. Munger of Watkins street has a guest in her granddaughter, Janet Lynd Munger of Hayward.

Mrs. Anthony Rodgers of the Creek Road, Alvarado, paid a visit to her son in Idaho, where he is attending radio school at the University of Idaho at Moscow for the Navy.

Andrew Anderson has been doing a number of first class painting jobs lately. One was the building housing the rumpus room at Manuel Silva Jr’s; another was the house of Sam Dinsmore and soon he will paint at George Harvey’s. And best of all, Andrew is feeling fine after his heroic pull through a major illness of a year’s duration.

St. Anne’s Church of Alvarado is to keep a record of all her young men in the Armed Forces. There will be a new flag and a frame for the Honor Roll at the church. Frank Machado is now collecting the money for this worthy cause.

Leslie Salt Co. is shipping crude salt from the large salt mound at Baumberg at the rate of five carloads a day. The mound will be very nearly all gone when they start to harvest the salt along the Bay Shore in August. Baumberg is between Alvarado and Mt. Eden, adjoining the S.P. tracks. Larry Dutra is foreman there.

Ray Soares, manager of the California Pine Box factory at Alvarado surely gets action. He made 2,869 boxes the other day, which seems a fair average of the steady production of boxes to fill an order for the government. The box factory is next to the Hall Station.

There will be an installation of officers in June at the SPRSI Lodge in Alvarado as follows:

Mrs. Eleanor Azevedo, Pianist Evelyn Silva, Past President
Mamie Roderick, Pres. Mrs. Aurora Lewis, V.P
Mrs. Flora Flores, Secretary Mrs. Clara Martin, Marshl
Mrs. Mabel Rodgers, Trsr Mrs. Angie Vargas, Emcee
Edith Mello, Director Anna Amaral, Director
Nora Vargas, Director Mrs. Mary Amaral, Guard

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rodgers entertained for Anthony’s niece’s husband, just back from the battle area in the South Pacific. He is Edward Ferreira who is in the U.S. Navy and saw service at New Caledonia, right on the fighting map with the Japs.

At the last meeting of the Chamber of Commerce President Frank Machado favored a tablet or service flag and to have all Alvarado men in the service written on it. This would be placed in some public place, at the Post Office if possible. Named on the committee were Joe Lewis, Charles Baird and Mike Salido.

The Alvarado Pioneer, May 21, 1943