News Notes:

Carl Wente, President of Central Bank, has named J. A. Blacow of Alvarado to head the Victory Bond Drive in the northern Washington Township area.

Where it was a matter of several hundred dollars raised for the Red Cross last year it has reached the remarkable sum of $1,200 this year says J.A. Blacow, chairman of the Alvarado drive.

The Southern Pacific reports that 175 carloads of crude salt were shipped from the Baumberg Depot during the month of March.

Christmas Seal sales in the township reached $548 this year. The committee in Alvarado was headed by Miss Mildred Nauert assisted by Mrs. August May and Mrs. W.S. Robie.

The Alvarado Vegetable Growers reported the Hall Station shipped 29 carload of iced cauliflower to Chicago and New York in March. They have also sold their high quality cauliflower to the local S.F. markets.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 2, 1943

Farm Home Women:

A donation to the Red Cross was voted by the Alvarado Farm Home Department at the home of Mrs. Mary Gastelum at Newark. Mrs. Maryetta Holman, county demonstration agent, discussed the pressure cooker, and urged all members to attend the demonstration at the Country Club Building on April 16th. An exchange of plants took place after the meeting.

The Oakland Tribune, April 11, 1943

News Notes:

Adam Lewis is with the Engineers section of the Army at Fresno.

Alexander Borges is with an anti-aircraft detachment.

The Alvarado school trustee election takes place May 21st. Mts. W.S. Robie deserves to be reelected.

“Nowadays, with less driving due to rationing, car batteries often fail without any warning,” declares Joe Langdon of the Mobilgas station. This is because most cars aren’t driven enough to keep batteries fully charged, or they stand idle so much that sulphate forms rapidly on battery plates and put them out of commission.

Ray Soares, manager of the California Pine Box Factory, has a fine bunch of machinery busy on making 200,000 boxes for the U.S. Navy. His plant is in a fine big warehouse across the tracks from the Southern Pacific depot. He has four ladies among the crew of employees, all doing a fine job.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 16, 1943

Another Meat Rationing Story?:

Either meat rationing has driven someone to desperation here, or has led to the taste for exotic entrees. Mrs. C. M. Anderson, whose home is located on Whipple Road near Alvarado, has reported that someone shot one of her peacock’s dead and wounded another. She told sheriffs deputies that she saw a young Mexican cut across the plowed field, shoot one peacock dead and seriously wounded the other. The man fled when he saw Mrs. Anderson, leaving both birds behind.

The Oakland Tribune, April 19, 1943

Alvarado Post Air Raid Tower:

Joseph Jacinto Jr. serves almost 500 hours on the Air Raid Tower. That young man, Joseph Jacinto Jr. has a great future, judging by this remarkable record at the Alvarado Observation Post, where he has served between 400 and 500 hours. So also has his pal, Frank Pinto, another equally fine fellow.

Mrs. Joseph Jacinto Sr. has 100 hours there, Joseph Jacinto Sr., 200 hours. Even little Betty Jacinto is an expert on reporting when keeping her folks company at the post, because one day she efficiently reported 100 airplanes observed. It was on a Sunday.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 23, 1943

Alvarado Boy Writes from the Army:

Dear Sir:

I have been on this rock for a year next month and I longed and missed lots of news from our hometown, but I didn’t realize it before until this day. I think it wise to get hometown news like most of the boys here in Hawaii. I have been in that town for the last eight years and it seems tome that it’s now my birthplace to me. So please send me every copy of the Alvarado Pioneer and I’ll certainly appreciate your kindness.

But you can count me as one subscriber and let me know the price to subscribe for a year.

Respectfully yours,

Francisco Macahilas
18th Infantry CO. K
April 12 1943

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 23, 1943


A call for increased plantings of sugar beets in Alameda County was issued this week by Herbert W. Young, chairman of the county AAA committee, who declared that earlier reports of farmers intentions to plant showed a prospective acreage below the level necessary to supply the nation’s needs for the coming year.

“Although sugar beets is not one of the crops of which an increased production is asked in 1943, plantings at about the same level as last year will be necessary if our needs are to be supplied without diverting ships badly needed to transport men and supplies to the fighting fronts,” Young said.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 23, 1943

News Notes:

Raymond Perry is home visiting in Alvarado after being at an Army camp in the Southern part of the U.S. for about 9 months. His wife is Mrs. Catherine Perry.

Donald Flores, pharmacists mate in the Navy near Jackson, Mississippi was on furlough visiting here last week. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flores.

Frank Machado, inspector of the local sanitary district, is busy as usual on his duties. He was ill for a few weeks with ptomaine poisoning. Keep up the good work.

Mr. & Mrs. M.P. Goularte of Smith Street is celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary next Wednesday, April 27th.

Emilio Re of Alvarado has two brothers in the army. They are Edward at Camp Beale and Frank Re at Fresno.

Everett Alameda, who has been stationed in the army at Oregon for about months, was visiting his folks, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alameda of V Street.

John Cardoza Jr., stationed at Oregon with the Army, was on furlough here for three weeks. He came home to attend the baptism of his baby, now 2 months old.

John Pine, formerly of Alvarado, and Virginia Enos of Newark are to wed at Newark on Easter Sunday at 2 pm.

The happiest wishes to Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Vargas on their wedding anniversary held the past week.

Patricia Noia celebrated her 4th birthday Saturday at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Seraphin Noia of Granger Avenue.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. William Harper (nee Winifred Santos), a baby boy at Hayward Hospital a week ago. Mr. Harper is in the United States Armed Forces.

This week the Alvarado boys who left for the Army at Monterey were: Manuel Silveira, Joe Brune and Eugene Pine.

Emilio Castro of Alvarado will sell to Cruz Figueroa, also of Alvarado, his place of business known as “Gallito’s Place” on the corner of Maiden Lane and Levee Street in Alvarado.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 23, 1943

Girl Scouts:

Organization of Alvarado’s first Girl Scout Troop has been completed with 15 girls prepared to receive their second-class awards. Their first hike is to be made on May Day. Leader of the troop is Mrs. Anelda Hulse. Officers are Barbara Diangson, Secretary; Betty Silva, Treasurer; Delores Santos and Betty Diangson, Color Guards. Ardis Hulse, 14, daughter of Troop Leader Mrs. Anelda Hulse has won the curved bar, highest award of the Girl Scouts. She is a student of Washington Union High School. Teachers at the Alvarado Grammar School are serving on the sponsoring committee. Girls from age 10 to 14 are eligible to join.

The Oakland Tribune, April 25, 1943

New Ground Observer Chief Named:

Joseph Jacinto, Sr., local grocer, 49, has been appointed chief observer of the Alvarado Observation Post for the Fourth Fighter Command. He succeeds Frank Machado who resigned because of other civic duties and illness. Jacinto has served more than 400 hours at the post where plane spotting is a family affair. Mrs. Jacinto has put in more than 100 hours and even Betty, 11, assists her mother in the tower.

The Oakland Tribune, April 30, 1943

News Notes:

Beatrice Fields recently announced her engagement.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto visited her sister, Mrs. Brown of Burlingame on Sunday.

Andy Gardetto is delivering the Tribune alone now that his brother, Walter, has joined the service.

Frank Gaspar is walking again after four years of having no use of his legs. He is responding to his new medical treatment.

Alvarado Postmaster Genevieve Dutra will attend the Alameda County Postmaster’s Ass’. Meeting to be held at the Hotel Alameda next week.

Major Charles R. Nauert of Los Angeles made an official trip to San Francisco recently. He is with the Amphibian Corps of the Armed Forces.

Walter Fasolis, son of Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gardetto, joined the Navy. He is leaving Thursday. He is to be stationed at Idaho.

Joseph Silva, employee of the Holly Sugar Company at Alvarado and resident of V Street, went to the hospital to have an injured nerve muscle in his neck operated on.

One by one all the buildings of Alvarado are being connected with the Sanitary District. The latest is the SDES Hall.

Here are five Alvarado boys employed at the Hayward Poultry Producers Ass’n. They are: Manuel Rose, William Machado, George Roderick, Emilio Re and Joe Pimentel.

Seraphine Noia is employed now at James Graham Co. plant at Newark, which is busy with defense work.

Mrs. Lena Dutra, formerly of Granger Ave. of Alvarado, has undergone an operation the week at Peralta Hospital. She is now back home and we hope she continues to improve.

Delinda Pimentel and her husband were given a housewarming Saturday night. This happy young couple were in their new residence near the Bell Ranch Bridge. Delinda used to captain the local Alvarado Ladies Drill Team. Those in attendance were: Mr. & Mrs. Joe Goularte, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Goularte, Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Re, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Maciel, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Silva, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Ed Owen, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Serpa, and the Misses Jeannette Goularte and Laverne Medeiros.

President Frank Machado has given out seven wallets to departing Alvarado men to the Armed Forces on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Alvarado; two of the boys are the Paniagua boys whose folks reside in the old pioneer Hellwig home; also Mr. Norman Silveira, Joe Brune, Frank Lewis and Walter Fasolis.

Mrs. Bill Dickie of San Diego was in Alvarado Sunday calling on her grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Flores. Mrs. Dickie (nee Ruth Flores) is also the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Flores of Oakland and also the niece of Mrs. Frank Machado of Alvarado.

Anthony Alexander attended the Firemen’s meeting last Thursday with a full pack of cigarettes. There were 13 firemen attending the meeting and some of the boys were worrying about the unlucky number until Joe Dutra’s hound showed up making 14 present, so nobody had to go home.

Some months ago when the firemen were moving the scrap metal from the schoolyard in the wet weather, the fire engine got stuck in the mud. Joe Avila was urged to use his equipment to haul it out, and this he did. Sorry we forgot to thank Joe sooner.

Frank Machado is doing a fine job collecting dues for 1943 memberships in the Alvarado Chamber of Commerce. He signed present members Alvin Silvey, Emilio Castro, Joe Silva, Antone Borges, Gerald Gamardo and Seraphine Daviner.

Cyril Flores, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flores, arrived this week from Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas to visit his folks. He said he enjoyed the fine wallet from the Chamber of Commerce of Alvarado.

Henry Heitmuller (husband of the former Oscarina Nauert) made a notable contribution to the Alvarado Grammar School Scrap Metal Drive (sponsored by the Alvarado Fire Department) by donating an Acetylene Generator.

Hubert and Joseph Jacinto Jr. both went to San Quentin Sunday, but they got back all right. They were only playing baseball with the Three Brothers Team of Pinole. These two sons of storekeeper, Joseph Jacinto Sr., seem to have become sparkling semi-pros. The Sunday before they went to Mare Island Navy Yard to play.

The Alvarado Pioneer, April 30, 1943