Louie Ramirez Dies:

Funeral services were held Monday morning for Louie Garcia Ramirez with mass at St. Anne’s Church. Mr. Ramirez, 19, was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Ramirez of Alvarado. Ramirez died at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Oakland. He was a native of Madera and is survived by the parents and the following brothers and sisters: Irene, Sarah, Dora, Lupe, Jesse and Leo of Alvarado and Private Robert Ramirez of Camp Roberts, Calif.

The Hayward Review, March 2, 1943

News Notes:

A meeting on Monday night, March 8th of all deputies and Air Raid Wardens at 7:50 pm will be held at the Alvarado Grammar School.

Nearly 100% attendance is the fine record of the Alvarado Firemen at the weekly gatherings. It occurs on Thursday nights.

Principal James Wasley and helpers issued 1,066 No. 2 Ration Books to the local people. This was 300 short of the expected issue.

Ensign James Wasley, Jr. is now spending the weekend at home after studies in dentistry at Affiliated Colleges in San Francisco.

Thursday and Friday from 1:30 to 8:30, Mrs. Ewing a government representative, has put on a fine course for local women. It instructs them in the use of Ration Book No. 2. Her course has not only taught them efficient use of stamps in the book, but she has also instructed them in home canning, home drying and kindred subjects.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 5, 1943

Air Raid Tower News:

Mrs. Corinne Munger and Miss Flora McKeown report progress in filling the list of watchers at the Observation Tower on the Alvarado Grammar School Grounds. The response to the appeal in the Pioneer for watchers was appreciated. There are a few watches wanted from 2:00 am to 6:00 am now.

Among the new ladies are Mrs. Layton and Mrs. Wallace. Some of the new men are Manuel Silva Jr. our blacksmith, and William Machado, Anthony J. Vargas, Walter Fasolis, James Busch, Edward Fantuzzi, Matt Machado and Manuel Benites Machado, son of the garage man. Also new are Mary Silva and Muriel Jacinto.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 5, 1943

Angellea Silva Dies:

Angellea L. Silva, of Alvarado, aged 77, died at her home on Hop Ranch Road two weeks ago. She was the mother of Mrs. Manuel A Avila and Mrs. Joe Serpa of Tracy; Mrs. Tony Dutra of Hayward, and the late Antone Silva Jr. and Lawrence Silva.

The Oakland Tribune, March 16, 1943

Farm Home Dept:

The annual St. Patrick’s card party of the Alvarado Home Farm Department will be held on March 17th at 2 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Anna Rose on Santos Road, Centerville. The public is invited.

The Oakland Tribune, March 16, 1943

A Meat Rationing Story:

And now comes the meat-rationing story that tops them all. Deputy Sheriff Richard E. Condon on patrol in Southern Alameda County when he spotted a car weaving in an erratic manner on the highway near Alvarado. “Hmmm,” muttered Condon, “a drunk driver, and at this time of the day.” He waved the car to the side of the road and then approached the driver with the intention of issuing a citation.

“Pretty bad job of driving,” Condon said in opening the conversation.

“Oh, I didn’t notice; you see I’m hunting for meat,” the man replied.

Hunting meat, a likely story, Condon thought, and then he glanced in the back seat of the car. There sat two streamlined greyhound dogs, and beside them four dead jackrabbits.

The driver explained, “I just drive down the highway until I see a rabbit, then I release the dogs and they catch it and bring it back to me. Beats standing in line at the butcher shop and the meat is good.”

The Oakland Tribune, March 16, 1943

People Who Worked on Building Observation Tower:

Names of persons helping to erect and maintain the observation tower at Alvarado.

Donation of the frame of the tank for bottom of the new tower, Manuel Silva, Creek Road. Men who helped tearing down of the tank, Joe Maciel, Charles Baird, F.E. Machado, Manuel Rose, Frank Silveira, Seraphin Noia and Martin Rose.

Names of those who helped erect the tower:

Manuel Goularte, Joe Maciel, A. Jardine, Clarence Flores, Charles Baird, Manuel P Rose, F.E. Machado, Manuel Silva, Jr., Frank Goularte, Frank Dutra, Joe Lewis and George Davis.


Andy Anderson, Charles Baird, Manuel S. Hendricks Sr., Manuel Silva Jr.

Linoleum Layers:

Manuel Goularte, A. Jardine.

Ladies in charge:

Mrs. Corinne Munger and Mrs. Annie Baird.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 19, 1943

Local Red Cross:

Robert A. Blacow, manager of the local Central Bank at Niles has been made a director of the Oakland Chapter of the American  Red Cross. This is the first time that the Oakland board has named more than one director for Washington Township. F. T. Dusterberry is also on the board from Washington Township.

Canvassing for the 1943 Red Cross roll call and war fund is now being made and in the township, contributors being asked to double the amount they gave last year, if possible. Checks may be mailed to town chairman: To J. R. Blacow at Alvarado, campaign chairman; Loren Marriott at Centerville, Treasurer; or F. T. Dusterberry, to save time and gasoline for those making donations.

The Oakland Tribune, March 21, 1943

Richard Munger Pays Tribute to Mother:

Lieutenant Richard Munger of Alvarado dipped his big plane as he signaled from the sky last Sunday to his mother of Alvarado. Mrs. Corinne Munger waved her handkerchief in recognition of the high tribute he paid her before leaving on his destination. Munger enlisted in the Air Corps last April after graduating from the Washington Union High School and completing two years at the University of California. The youngest of three sons of Mr. And Mrs. Milton Munger of Alvarado, Richard is the brother of John, with the Pacific Telephone Company at Hayward and Milton Jr., a Berkeley civil engineer. Both are also U.C. graduates. A sister is Mrs. Robert Munger Whipple of Davis.

The Alvarado pioneer, March 26, 1943

100-Hour Pins Awarded:

The Government officials of the U.S. Army had a part in awarding the awarding of 100-hour pins to Alvarado people last Thursday in the recognition of person spending 100-hours manning the Alvarado Observation Tower. Those receiving the 100-hour pin awards will be printed next week.

Persons previously award the pins were:

Hilda Allegre W.B. Emery H.L. Eudy
George Harvey William Hooper Joseph Jacinto
Joseph Jacinto Sr J.M. Logan Sally Logan
Manuel C. Lemos Robert Lemos Aurora Lewis
Isabel Martin Corinne Munger Andrew Moffitt 
Wallace McKeown Melvin Peterson Frank Pinto
Antoinette Pinto Marjorie Re Manuel P. Rose
Joseph A. Rose   Mabel Rodgers Joseph Roderick
Floyd Scott John Smyrl John Silva 
Angie Vargas James B. Wasley Jr Peggy Wasley

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 26, 1943

News Notes:

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goularte are the very proud parents of a new baby son. George Douglas is doing very nicely.

Frank George, wholesale agent for Mobiloil and Mobilgas in Southern Alameda County, was proud when his dog Flash was accepted by the Army on February 3rd.

A lot of credit should be to Mrs. Mary Rivers of Alvarado for being so active. She has recruited 16 Alvarado women for the Red Cross bandage work at Centerville. Among these women are Mrs. Mary Rivers, Mrs. Mike Gardetto, Mrs. Hubert Jacinto, Mrs. V. DeVincenzi, Mrs. Joe Lewis, Mrs. F. Silveira, Mrs. Charles Baird, Mrs. E. Borges, Mrs. A. Perry, Mrs. J. Utile, Mrs. F. Machado, Mrs. Anthony Lee, Mrs. M. Perry, and the Misses Angie and Josephine Borges. Mrs. Rivers is very proud of the two stars in her window.

Eric Ruus of Tennyson appreciated the response of the Alvarado Fire Department with the fine fire truck and efficient firemen at the recent fire, which saved his house. The tank house and barn were beyond saving when the firemen arrived, but timely work kept the flames under control.

The Alvarado Pioneer, March 26, 1943

OPA Cites Local Butcher:

The Office of Price Administration Tuesday filed an injunction in San Francisco against George P. Hellwig doing business as the Hellwig Meat Co., in Alvarado.

The Hellwig Company was charged with exceeding meat quotas by 80% in the quarter ended December 1942, and in the amount of 82,914 pounds of meat in the period between January 1st and March 12th, 1943.

Stanley A. Weigel, OPA official, stated this action is part of the follow-up of OPA’s drive against black market operations on the West Coast. Now that meat rationing is in effect, sale of meat under legal rulings is more important than ever.

The Hayward Review, March 30, 1943

Hellwig Meat Co.:

George P. Hellwig and his partner, John Brugge, doing business under the firm name of the Hellwig Meat Company at Alvarado today were charged by the OPA with exceeding wholesale meat quotas.

The OPA today asked the U.S. District Court at San Francisco for a restraining order against Hellwig and Brugge to prevent possible further violations.

The Oakland Tribune, March 30, 1943