Granger Road Widened:

Supervisor George Hellwig of Alvarado deserves much credit for getting the Board of Supervisors to improve the Granger Road leading to the Southern Pacific Station at Alvarado. This week the County road crews put a fine lot of hard rock on the road after the property owners had given rights of way last month to widen the road two feet on each side.

Property owners who deeded land bordering on the street that deserves credit for the public spirit and cooperation are: John Varni, Warren Hendricks and William Jacobsen. Granger Road has been accepted as a County Road, which means that from now on it will be kept in good condition by the County Maintenance Crew. A palm tree near the Hendricks place will probably be removed soon to make the width correct.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 1, 1943

Alvarado Cauliflower:

The large trucks go from Hayward to Alvarado and Centerville for use in icing the vegetables sent east over the S.P. Company’s fast express cars to Chicago and New York. Alvarado cauliflower is now being shipped from Hall Station with Union Ice sprayed over the top of the crates of luscious cauliflower to keep it fresh through the eastern trip.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 1, 1943

Southern Alameda County Business Directory:

Manuel B. Machado, Alvarado 28J

Filipino Luneta Social Club, Smith Street, Alvarado 73

Hellwig Meat Co., Levee Street, Alvarado 68

Halfway House, Conchita Mata, Proprietor, Alvarado 6

George Bros., “General Petroleum,” Alvarado 34

A.J. Cadero, ALVARADO 34

M.J. Andrade, (STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS), Alvarado 35
Langdon Mobil Service, Alvarado 34
J. Yabut, (Richfield Products) Alvarado

Alvarado Theater, Spanish and American Shows

Alvarado Repair Shop, 1594 Smith Street, Alvarado 72

Manuel B. Machado, Alvarado 28J

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 1, 1943

News Notes:

Ruth E. Hellwig has been named as executrix of the will of the late Erle Hellwig.

Alvarado’s representatives at Washington Union High School have shown such outstanding leadership that that Ernie Machado, son of Matt Machado, has been given great honors. He was elected president of the California Student Body Federation.

Another Alvarado young lady has been honored by being elected secretary of the Washington Union High School senior class. She is Miss Lorraine Alameda of V Street. Among the graduating class in June from Alvarado are: Ernie Machado, Lorraine Alameda, Roslyn Daviner, Walter Fasolis and Eileen Wilson. Miss Wilson is the daughter of E.J. Wilson, agent of the Alvarado S.P. station.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 1, 1943


Holly Sugar Company is shipping its refined sugar as fast as it made to San Francisco; some three carloads go by S.P. daily, being stored in San Francisco by Holly Corp., under government protection. Four carloads are manufactured daily at Alvarado. There are still many beets left in the field caused by the rain making it difficult to harvest. At Mulford Gardens in San Leandro are 3,600 tons of beets yet to be harvested. There are 7,000 tons yet to be harvested in Logan’s district (Alvarado) and 5,000 tons expected by the end of the season from other sections. The season will be stretched out until February, with only two thirds having been harvested.

The Hayward Review, January 5, 1943

Ernie Machado:

Ernie Machado, son of Matt Machado of Alvarado, has been given great honors. He was elected president of the California Student Body Federation, which comprises pupils in all parts of Alameda County. Ernie Machado will preside as president of the CSF when it meets in the East Bay. Miss Lorraine Alameda is the secretary of the senior class.

Among the graduating class in June from Washington High from Alvarado will be: Ernie Machado, Lorraine Alameda, Roslyn Daviner, Walter Fasolis, and Eileen Wilson. Miss Wilson is the daughter of E. J. Wilson, agent of the Southern Pacific Railway station.

The Hayward Review, January 5, 1943

Classified Ad:


For Sale: Alvarado, 5 acres, best vegetable land. Four room house, barn, well; $7,000.

Box M227256, Tribune.

The Oakland, January 8, 1943

Scrap Iron:

All those persons who sold scrap iron at the time of the last Scrap Metal Drive and wish their money for same are asked to turn in their receipts to the Alvarado Fire Department as soon as possible and they will receive their payment. Receipts can also be turned in any time at A.A. Lee’s store on the corner of Smith & Watkins Street.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 8, 1943

New Boy Scout Troop:

Two new scout troops and one new cub scout troop was formed in Southern Alameda County last year to lead the area in growth. Alvarado and San Lorenzo added the new Boy Scout troops.

The Oakland Tribune, January 8, 1943

Alvarado Fire Department:

Regarding the response of the Alvarado Fire Department, with its new fire truck, at the Mt. Eden Presbyterian Church fire, Chief M.G. Riggs of the Hayward Fire Department gives the Alvarado Fire Department credit for their fast response and efficient work. Alvarado Fire Chief Jim Wasley’s weekly drills with his firemen have borne fruit, and their cool nerve under fire at Mt. Eden helped save the adjoining buildings. We are proud of such fine efficiency at the Alvarado Fire Department’s first call to duty.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 15, 1943

News Notes:

A new Doctor at Niles Dr. (Lyle) Buehler has been attending many cases in the Alvarado area and has filled a need on account of other doctor’s going off to the service.

Joe Lewis Jr., who was in the service in Idaho, has been transferred to Oklahoma for further study in the Aviation Ordnance Department.

The Alviso School Faculty: Mrs. Elsie Madruga, Principal; Mrs. Marie Dutra and Mrs. Edith Wasley, Teachers.

At the Alabam Café at San Lorenzo Junction and East 14th St., Alvarado Fire Chief James Wasley and about seven firemen and Fire Commissioner Joseph Lewis, attended the Alameda County Fire Chief’s meeting on Thursday night.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 15, 1943

War Secrets:

If you know what ship a sailor is on, or what company or regiment a soldier is with overseas, then you know a military “secret,” the Office of Censorship in Washington warns.

This secret ought not to be published. This is why:

A general needs to know the strength of his opponent; how many men, how many guns, ships, planes there are in each theater of war.

The Nazis and the Japs want to know this thing about our forces. Their agents assemble the information like this. From one paper an items reveals the 600th Infantry is in Australia; another, the 206th Tank Battalion is in North Africa.

Add hundreds of these bits of information together, and our enemies have a too accurate estimate of American military strength.

These are OUR soldiers, Americans all of whom we endanger by these “little slips.” This is not a ‘blackout’ on the news about our soldiers. Considerable latitude in reporting personal experiences gives the enemy little military information, if the troop units and the ship names are kept secret. But in articles about soldiers and sailors and in the addresses for them, don’t give away their fighting units.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 15, 1943

Range Patrols:

Range patrols, established by stockmen in the Southern end of Alameda County to prevent cattle thefts expected from the result from the meat shortage made their first arrest Friday last. Five men were taken into custody for shooting at livestock from a county road in Mocho District, Niles Canyon.

The Hayward Review, January 12, 1943

New Arrival:

To Mr. & Mrs. Elvin A. Rose of Alvarado, January 7, a son, Daniel Anthony, seven pounds 7 ounces.

The Hayward Review, January 12, 1943

Chamber of Commerce:

The Chamber of Commerce has had some 14 members join the armed forces of our government. When they do this the local boosting body gives them a valuable wallet, and a cheery good bye, to remember it by. President Frank Machado originated the idea, and has personally presented the wallets to each man as he left home.

The Hayward Review, January 21, 1943

Howard Robie:

Howard Robie, 25, grandson of Mrs. Walter Robie of Alvarado has been commissioned a Captain in the Coast Artillery and has been stationed for several months in the Canal Zone in Panama.

The Oakland Tribune, January 22, 1943


The rain-swollen Alameda Creek reached flood stage near Alvarado and hundreds of acres of farmland are under water, but agricultural directors said that it would help rather than hurt the farmers. They said the water could be particularly good for the cauliflower crop and would help grazing land, orchards and plants newly set out.

The Oakland Tribune, January 23, 1943

News Notes:

This Saturday, January 30th, the St. Anne’s Church ladies will hold a Cooked Food Sale at Alvarado. It will be held t John Ralph’s store. It is for a good cause. Come and buy a nice cake.

Inspector Frank Machado has given good service in acting as inspector of the Alvarado Sanitary District. He reports that 90 connections to the sewer have been made. It is in use and satisfactory too. More connections will be made when the wet weather ends.

A committee of four fireman selected about $250 worth of furnishings just installed in the social room of the Alvarado Fire Department Assn. The committee was comprised of Fire Chief James Wasley, two ass’t chiefs, George Davis and Anthony J. Vargas, and Fire Commissioner Joe Lewis. The bought card tables, curtains, chairs, a magazine rack, rug, etc. We hope in the future they will hold an open house of their quarters in the Firehouse.

A short wave radio costing about $200 will be bought in a week or so. When there is a fire reported to the Alvarado Telephone Operator, she has the right to sound the siren on top of Sam Dinsmore’s Store, and this warning brings an immediate response from our volunteer fireman.

The public is invited to the Alvarado Grammar School on Thursday evening February 4th for a viewing of the movie, “Midway Battle.” The movie is free and the hopes are for a large turn out. Edward Schnaar, of the District Attorney’s office Oakland, will host the show.

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 29, 1943

Ground Observer Tower Donors:

President Frank Machado, of the Alvarado C of C, this week made a fine showing in securing $200 in cash from local Alvarado businessmen. On the committee assisting Mr. Machado are Charles Baird, E.J. Wilson and Manuel P. Rose. Following is a list of persons and businesses that have made donations to date:

Fred Wiegman, $30 Matt Machado, $5 Manuel P. Rose, $5
F.E. Machado, $5 Henry Dutra, $5 Manuel Goularte, $5
J.C. Wasley, $5 A.J. Vargas, $5 Sam Dinsmore, $5
P. Carrillio, $5 J.E. Lewis, $5 E.J. Wilson, $5
M.A. Silva, $5 Miss McKeown, $5 J. Binder, $4
D. Diaz, $5 John H. Ralph, $5 Joseph H. Priego, $5
Manuel V. Machado, $5 Joe Jacinto, $2.50 Central Bank Alv., $20
Peter L. Decoto, $5 Mrs. August May, $5 Antone Santos, $5
John Menezes, $1 John Varni, $10 Joe Perry, $1
Manuel J. Andrade, $2.50 John J. Bettencourt, $5 Ramiro Machado, $1
F.C. Harvey, $5 E. Naharro, $5 Gregory Perry, $2.50
Joe Langdon, $2.50 Frank George, $5 Felix Diangson, $1.50
Concha Mata, $2.50 Analito Corillo, $1 Ed Le Bon, $5
Alvarado Vegetable
Growers, $10
Helen Marquez, $2.50
G.B. (Bocci) Gualco, $5
Alvarado Vegetable
Growers, $10
Emma Kelly Deleon, $2.50

The Alvarado Pioneer, January 29, 1943

Ground Observer Tower:

The Alvarado Chamber of Commerce has approved a plan to build an eighteen-foot high tower in Alvarado to guard against the intrusion of Japanese airplanes. J. C. Wasley, John Ralph and E. J. Wilson are on the building committee. A $30 donation from Fred Wiegman started the funds for construction. The cost of the tower is estimated to be $270. The tower will enclose an eight-foot square glass enclosed room with a six-foot catwalk around the outside.

The Oakland Tribune, January 31, 1943

Alvarado Fire Department:

Yearly organization of the Alvarado Fire Department has been completed with the following officers elected: J. C. Wasley, Chief and President of the Fireman’s Club; Anthony J. Vargas, Vice President; Clyde Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer; Tony Alexander, Sergeant-At-Arms. Other active firemen are George Davis, Anthony Rogers, Joe Dutra, Edward Fantuzzi, Clarence Flores, Charles Baird, Mike Gardetto, M.F. Silva and M. E. Perry. Serving as commissioners are Fred Wiegman, John A. Ralph, A. A. Lee, Joe Lewis, and Fred Joyce.

The Oakland Tribune, January 31, 1943