Around Town:

Mrs. E. James is confined to her bed having been ill for the past few months.

Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Ford of Alameda were guests at the Ford home on Christmas Day.

Mr. & Mrs. Ballhache of Fitchburg, Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Humphreys of Alameda, Mr. & Mrs. A. Dees and Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Ralph of Alvarado spent Christmas Day on the Lowrie Ranch just out of town.

Mr. & Mrs. August May spent Christmas with Mrs. May’s mother, Mrs. E. Decoto.

Mr. & Mrs. Lampher and daughter, Ruth, of San Anselmo spent a few days at the Richmond home.

Wendell La Franz spent a few days last week with his mother in Oakland.

Miss Mavis Scribner went up to Centerville Tuesday to attend a party given by Miss Anna Lowrie that evening.

Miss Ethel Foley, who has been teaching in Napa, received news of her appointment as teacher of the Sixth B grade in one of the Napa schools.

Miss Maude McCarty spent Thursday in San Francisco.

Miss Ruth Blair is spending this week at the Scribner home.

Mrs. S. Aftergut moved onto the Mowry Ranch in Irvington Tuesday, where new sanitary cattle barns have been built.

Miss Helen McCarty is spending a few days of this week in Niles with her sister, Mrs. A. J. Rutherford.

Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Rose have returned from San Francisco, where they went to spend the holidays.

Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Fox of Sacramento are spending the holidays with their relatives, Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Rose.

The Oakland Tribune, January 3, 1915

Man Suffers Broken Leg:

Ernest Hardy, an engineer, was taken to the Emergency Hospital from Alvarado last night with a fractured leg, which he sustained when he fell from the steps at the Salt Works. Dr. Emerson set the injured leg.

The Oakland Tribune, January 4, 1915

Warm Springs Post Office:

An attempted burglary and robbery was foiled at the Warm Springs Post Office this morning by Postmaster Joseph Brown. Residents of the town were awakened by the noise and gave chase to the suspects as they disappeared into the darkness of the night.

This appears to be the work of the same gang that has struck throughout the bay area in the past year including a daring attempt at Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, January 15, 1915

Turtle Farm:

Joseph Berger, a guest at the Hotel Oakland is in the East Bay is looking to start a turtle farm. He says there has been good success in the east and mid-west raising turtles for pets.

Marshland, such as that at Alvarado, he declares is the best for growing turtles. Turtle eggs are incubated and the small turtles are kept in boxes for a time, and then turned loose on the marshes. When big enough they are trapped for the market. The eggs are laid in sand boxes, collected and incubated in the sand.

The Oakland Tribune, January 17, 1915

Around Town:

Mrs. Dees has been on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Lou Allguire was a visitor in town this week.

Mrs. J. M. Scribner spent Tuesday in Centerville.

J. H. Ralph is renovating his house on Church Street. E. M. Tainton and family will occupy it when it is completed.

Miss Cassie Christensen was the guest of Miss Mavis Scribner over Monday night.

Mrs. B. H. Ford entertained the “At Homes” on Monday.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dees spent Sunday in Oakland.

Miss Ethel Foley of Napa spent Sunday with her parents.

The Oakland Tribune, January 31, 1915

Boil Water:

The Board of Health for the city of Alameda recommends that all water in the city be boiled before usage. Owing to our recent heavy rains the water is muddy and that in order to settle the sediment the liquid should be boiled before being used.

Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Alvarado are served from the same water source and the Alameda health officer’s states that these other cities should also follow the boiling of water before usage.

The Oakland Tribune, February 16, 1915

Around Town:

Mrs. A. May entertained the Birthday Club at a luncheon on Friday of last week. “500” was the past time of the afternoon. Mrs. F. C. Harvey won first prize and Mrs. E. M. Foley drew the consolation prize.

Miss Olive Andrade was hostess Saturday afternoon to some friends. Games were played and at a drawing contest a prize bookmark fell to Miss Ethel Moffitt and the consolation prize, a Japanese workbag, was awarded to Miss Minnie Andrade. The table was prettily decorated with cupid hearts in honor of St. Valentine. Those present were the Misses Edith & Hazel Lorenzo, Miss Ethel Moffitt, Misses Wanda and Thelma Kiebotz, Miss Hilda Silveira, Misses Edith and Mamie Andrade, and Miss Olive Andrade.

Mr. & Mrs. August May entertained about 50 friends at their new home Saturday evening with a masquerade. Prizes were awarded for the best character, George Beebe, fancy costume to Mrs. Edwin Richmond, and best comic costume to John Ralph.

Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Humphreys of Alvarado were guests at the Ralph home Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Mueller and children of Newark spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. W. S. Robie.

F. B. Granger and family were Sunday visitors of the F. C. Harvey family.

Robert Richmond was an Alvarado visitor this week.

Mildred & Edith Meyers of Alameda came up Saturday to attend the party at Mrs. A. May’s.

C. Graul spent one day this week in San Francisco.

Mrs. N. Ballhache of Fitchburg and Mrs. O. Barth of Berkeley came up last Friday to attend the birthday party at Mrs. May’s.

Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Rose Jr. were San Francisco visitors Wednesday of last week.

The Oakland Tribune, February 21, 1915

Alvarado Precinct:

Polling Place: IOOF Hall

Inspector: Joseph S. Secada

Judges: E. S. Harvey, O. J. Emery

Clerk: A. A. Lee

The Oakland Tribune, February 25, 1915

Around Town:

William Richmond and family of Richmond spent Saturday and Sunday at the Emery home.

Mrs. E. M. Tainton brought her baby, Milstead, home from San Jose Thursday.

Mr. & Mrs. T. E. McCarty and daughter, Helen, were in San Francisco Saturday at the opening of the fair.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dees spent Monday in San Francisco.

Miss Irene Drew of San Francisco spent the holidays with her aunt, Mrs. P. G. Lowrie.

Mr. A. Norris was a visitor in San Francisco for a few days last week.

E. A. Richmond was tendered a surprise party Monday in honor of his birthday.

Miss Ruth Blair of Newark was a visitor at the Scribner home over the holiday.

The Oakland Tribune, February 28, 1915

Around Town:

Lillian La Montagne, who was badly burned last week, is improving rapidly.

Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Robie spent one day last week at the exposition.

Miss Ruth Chase of San Jose is the guest of Mrs. E. M. Tainton this week.

J. H. Ralph spent Tuesday in San Francisco.

F. C. Harvey and family accompanied by Miss Mildred Nauert and Mrs. W. S. Robie motored to Niles to visit the California Nursery.

Russell Robie spent Saturday at Jewel City.

Robert Richmond of San Francisco was a visitor in town Sunday.

Miss Maude McCarty entertained friends from Oakland Sunday.

Mrs. A. J. Rutherford was a visitor at the McCarty home Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Mueller and children of Newark were visitors at the Robie home.

Mr. & Mrs. F. C. Harvey and Miss Mildred Nauert motored to San Francisco Tuesday.

The Oakland Tribune, March 7, 1915

Classified Ad:


Lost: Brown mare, scar on face, about 1100 pounds, 8 years old, lost or stolen from Alvarado.

Notify: F. C. Harvey, Alvarado

The Oakland Tribune, March 12, 1915

Around Town:

Mrs. W. R. Robie and Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Robie were visitors at Jewel City Saturday and Sunday.

A. Norris attended the Esperanto dinner in Oakland Sunday evening.

Mrs. O. Barth entertained the Alvarado Birthday Club at her home in Berkeley on Monday at a luncheon. The afternoon was spent playing “500”. Mrs. E. M. Foley won the prize.

C. Graul attended the races at Jewel City Saturday.

George Wolfe and wife have moved into the Beebe cottage on Granger Avenue.

Herbert Jung, Mildred Jung, Charlotte Jung and Mavis Scribner attended the Presbyterian Sunday School Convention in Oakland Sunday.

F. B. Granger and family were in town Sunday.

Charles W. Jones moved into town Saturday.

Mrs. T. E. McCarty is one of the voices in the big chorus at Jewel City.

Mrs. Mattie La Franz and daughter, Ada, were visitors at the Ford home, the guests of Wendell  La Franz on Wednesday of last week.

Mr. & Mrs. George Hellwig were visitors in San Francisco Sunday Night.

The Oakland Tribune, March 14, 1915

Liquor License:

Ludwig Hansen, Alvarado

The Oakland Tribune, March 15, 1915

Around Town:

Miss Genevieve Ford and Miss Helen McCarty attended the baseball game between Hayward and Washington high schools at Niles on Saturday.

Tony Vargas, who has been laid up for time with rheumatism, is out and about again.

Mr. & Mrs. James Logan attended the fair St. Patrick’s Day.

Mrs. William Churchman of Fruitvale was the guest of Mrs. E. M. Foley Friday.

Mrs. J. H. Ralph entertained the “At Homes” Friday of last week.

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Rutherford of Niles spent Sunday at the McCarty home.

Miss Mavis Scribner and Miss Jennie Logan spent Saturday and Sunday in San Jose.

W. Laplante and C. Graul were visitors in Niles Saturday.

Mrs. B. H. Ford entertained the “At Homes” Monday.

Robert Richmond of San Francisco was a weekend visitor in town.

Miss Helen Lyle spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in Berkeley.

Melvin Nicoll, formerly from Alvarado, was renewing old acquaintances in town Sunday.

J. H. Ralph spent Tuesday in San Francisco.

The Oakland Tribune, March 28, 1915

Opium Den Raids:

Four Chinese were arrested last night in raids at Mt. Eden and Alvarado on Chinese Opium Dens, and were lodged in the county jail on charges of violating the Harrison Anti-Drug Act. They were released on bail this morning. The four men under arrest are Tom Yung, Yee Him, Lee Mow and Lee Chung. All are farm laborers.

The Oakland Tribune, March 30, 1915


Mrs. Fred Wiegman has extended a cordial invitation to the Hayward Frauenverein, to be her guest at the June meeting.

The Oakland Tribune, April 3, 1915

Alvarado Murder:

Following a quarrel with an unidentified Chinese woman this morning, Leon Wing shot and killed her in the Chinese section of Alvarado. After the murder the suspect fled from town on a bicycle. The Sheriff’s Office was notified and Deputy Sheriff Joe Soares, David Jones and George Wales hastened to the scene in an effort to apprehend the suspect.

The Oakland Tribune, April 5, 1915

Frauenverein Society to Meet in Alvarado:

The Frauenverein Society will meet on June 2nd in Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, April 20, 1915


Peter Freese of Irvington was married to Minnie Goularte of Alvarado on Friday.

The Oakland Tribune, April 25, 1915

News Note:

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schroeder of Davenport Iowa and Mr. F Wiegman and son, Fred Jr. of Alvarado were the guests of J. Kruse and family of Pleasanton on Tuesday of this week.

The Oakland Tribune, April 25, 1915

Alvarado Shooting:

Seer Wau, a young Chinese of Alvarado who was arrested a short time ago and charged with assault with a deadly weapon upon the person of a Chinese woman, has been released from custody after a preliminary investigation by Justice of the Peace Ralph V. Richmond. Witnesses and the injured woman testified that the shooting, which took place in the oriental section of Alvarado, was accidental and no intent to kill was meant.

The Oakland Tribune, May 2, 1915

William H. Cockefair Dies:

William H. Cockefair, one of the oldest and most respected residents of Washington Township, is dead at Alvarado. The deceased was a native of New Jersey and was 82 years old. Mr. Cockefair leaves many friends who mourn his death.

The Oakland Tribune, May 2, 1915

Lumberyard Owner Disappears:

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of Charles B. Jones who several days ago mailed to his wife in Oakland a bill of sale and deeds to his lumberyard in Alvarado with the announcement that by the time she received them he would be far away. Mrs. Jones conducted a restaurant on Franklin Street near Ninth (in Oakland), while her husband operated a lumberyard in Alvarado, which he purchased a short time ago.

The Oakland Tribune, May 23, 1915

Big Steelhead Caught:

Catches of steelheads from ten to thirty-five inches in length and weighing from five to ten to fifteen pounds have been reported by anglers fishing in Alameda Creek below Alvarado. The high water is bringing extra large fish upstream.

The Oakland Tribune, May 29, 1915

Around Town:

Miss Olive Jacinto of Sacramento is spending a week with Mr. & Mrs. J. Jacinto.

Mrs. J. G. Rose Jr., is spending a week in San Francisco.

Master Willie Oliver of Hayward is spending two weeks with Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Rose.

Mrs. W. S. Bable entertained a guest from Alabama on Saturday and Sunday of last week.

Miss Beryl Farley, who has been attending San Jose Normal School, will graduate this June.

Mrs. O. J. Emery and daughter Orma, spent Wednesday in Oakland.

Mrs. P. G. Lowrie entertained Mrs. Jackson of Alameda, Mrs. Ballhache, Mrs. E. M. Thornton

and Mrs. J. H. Ralph at a luncheon on Wednesday.

Little Milton Avilla spent the week with his grandmother in Byron.

Mrs. E. M. Tainton entertained a number of friends at her home on Saturday last.

Mr. & Mrs. T. E. McCarty left for Gilroy Hot Springs on Thursday where the many friends of Mrs. McCarty wish her a rapid recovery of her health.

The Oakland Tribune, June 27, 1915


The Oakland Water Company has concluded to put iron pipes in place of its wooden flume across the Alvarado marsh, and this week placed an order with the Francis Pipe Works for the necessary material. A force of about twenty men is at work at the plant to get the pipe out.

The Oakland Tribune, July 30, 1915

Liquor License:

Alfred Anthony Lee and J.G. Rose & Son from Alvarado have applied to liquor licenses.

The Oakland Tribune, August 3, 1915

Panama Pacific Exposition:

Visitors the Panama Pacific Exposition Oakland Tribune booth at the Palace of Liberal Arts included F.W. Wiegman of Alvarado.

The Oakland Tribune, August 7, 1915

Around Town:

Work is to be completed by the fifteenth of this month on the new dairy of John Lemos to be erected on the May property. The new dairy will be one of the most elaborate in the township.

Martin J. Loftus was a visitor here from San Francisco this week.

A. T. Andrade was a visitor to San Francisco Wednesday.

Frederick G. Courtenay will be a visitor here on business. He will look over the dairy situation.

The Oakland Tribune, September 5, 1915


School children yesterday blew the whistle and threw in the beets that started the sugar factory at Alvarado in operation, after it had been closed down for two years. The factory will be kept running for 100 days without a break. Superintendent Williams invited the young folk to start the work remarking that in their hands would be the future success of the industry.

The Oakland Tribune, October 10, 1915

Around Town:

Mrs. George Chamberlain spent one day last week in San Francisco.

Mrs. F. Youngblood is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. B. H. Ford spent Wednesday of last week in the city.

Mrs. Fred Moses and children of Newark were the guests of Mrs. Muller on Thursday of last week.

Miss Cassie Christiansen of Irvington spent last week with Miss Mavis Scribner.

The Oakland Tribune, October 24, 1915

Liquor License:

Walter Sherman, Alvarado

The Oakland Tribune, November 1, 1915


With the planting of 9,000 acres of sugar beets the refining plant of the Alameda Sugar Company at Alvarado is undergoing extensive improvements to cope with next year’s increased output. The acreage of beets dealt with at the mill is a record and employment will jump to 250 men. The Alvarado mill will handle the main output in the future and the company has dismantled its mill at Woodland and moved the machinery to Alvarado. The war has created an extra large sugar demand and is responsible for the local activity.

The Oakland Tribune, November 28, 1915

Bank Robbery:

After nearly three years, one of the yeggman who on April 13 dynamited the safe in the Bank of Alameda County at Alvarado has come to grief. It is the belief of Sheriff Frank Barnett, who declared that Frank Smith, alias Lederer, who was shot at Turk and Polk Street in San Francisco last night, was the man who planned the robbery.

Smith was shot by a man who drove up to the curb in an automobile and fired at him as he was going downstairs into a café. The assailant escaped with his companion in a car. That the man who did the shooting was a former pal of Smith, who sought revenge against him, is the belief of Sheriff Barnett.

A confession obtained from Smith in Sacramento in January 1912, relates the plans made for robbing the Alvarado Bank. At that time, Smith related, he had reported to his friends that the job was impractical. But a few months later the robbery took place in exactly the way Smith had planned.

Five men entered the small town in an automobile and after cutting all communication wires, worked for more than two hours, standing off alarmed townspeople with revolvers and rifles while seven charges of dynamite were placed in the safe. A small amount of money was obtained, but the yeggman were not able to reach the $27,000 in gold due to the inner door becoming wedged. They finally drove away under a fusillade of bullets.

Smith is known as the “Gentleman Yegg” and has a long criminal history in this country. He was generally the “mechanic” in safe cracking jobs.

The Oakland Tribune, December 18, 1915

News Note:

(From The Mountain Democrat, Placerville, California)

Professor T. E. McCarty, a former well known official of this (Placer) county, has been under treatment for stomach troubles for several weeks at the Placerville Sanitorium. He is principal of the grammar school at Alvarado and will return to duty after the holidays.

The Mountain Democrat, Placerville, California, December 25, 1915